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reviewed March 31, 2015 has grown into one of the most successful OCR software companies around. The company’s dedication to providing top quality, reliable products has earned it the trust of over 30 million customers from all around the globe. ABBYY software can translate or transcribe anything from a PDF to an ancient scroll into an editable digital format.



Retyping information from a book, business card or image file can waste a worker’s valuable time. Optical character recognition software, or OCR software, is designed to help users seamlessly convert a document into editable text or tables. is an international software company that specializes in OCR technology and language translation. The site provides individuals and businesses all around the world with fast and accurate text recognition software. - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

About was founded back in 1989 by David Yang and prior to 1997 was known as BIT software. Initially, the company specialized in creating user-friendly dictionary software, but later grew to include OCR applications. has four headquarters located in the U.S., Germany, Ukraine and Russia, and over 30 million people from across 150 countries currently use the company’s products.

The software sold by is some of the most well respected OCR software available on the market. ABBYY has won over 240 industry accolades for its superior products. Most recently, the company has received the PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for its FineReader 12 Pro software, and was also named ‘One of the Top Ten Must-Have Apps for Small Businesses” by the U.K. Telegraph.

Customers can find a wide variety of software available for purchase through With ABBYY data and document capture software, users can easily convert physical print, photos or PDFs into editable digital files. Three popular products are available for direct download through the website.

ABBYY FineReader online converts scans and PDF documents into Microsoft Word or Excel format and is the company’s most popular software program. ABBY Cloud OCR-SDK is similar to FineReader, but is instead available to customers in a cloud through web API. This makes the application ideal for use with mobile devices or for high volume projects.

ABBYY Lingvo is the software originally sold by the company, but is no longer just dictionary software. Lingvo is also available for online download and provides customers with both dictionary and translation services. The software helps users to understand foreign words and expressions, hear the correct pronunciation for phrases in different dialects, and shows how words can be used correctly in a sentence. Lingvo is a helpful tool for anyone who deals frequently with reports or studies in foreign languages. - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

The Best Features of offers top quality text recognition software to customers all over the globe. The OCR technology developed by the company is highly accurate, and can recognize even abnormal typefaces or distorted images.

Prospective customers can try out many products for free with a trial download offered through ABBYY FineReader offers site patrons a 10-page trial, while ABBY Cloud OCR-SDK offers 50 pages for free. Once a customer decides to buy a product, they can save money by entering promotional coupon codes at checkout.

ABBYY Lingvo online also offers many free services, even for visitors that aren’t a registered ABBYY user. Along with its translation and dictionary tools, Lingvo also provides access to a live cross-platform community. Individuals from all over the world can visit the Lingvo Live forum to ask for help with a translation or to provide an accurate translation for someone else. The Lingvo community is the ideal place to find information about a language’s slang or colloquial terms. - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

The website also offers customers a unique add on feature for its products called the ABBYY Screenshot Reader. This application allows users to easily convert a screenshot into a text or table format. The Screenshot Reader can save workers time by eliminating the need to retype digital information, which in turn can save companies a significant amount of money. This software is able to handle over 160 different languages. Customers can receive a complimentary copy of the Screenshot Reader with the purchase of select products including the Professional FineReader 8.0 and beyond, as well as the FineReader Home Edition 10.0 and Express Edition 9.0. - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

Customers can follow on its social media pages to learn information about new and popular products or the latest ABBYY news. Along with maintaining active profiles on Facebook and Twitter, the company runs a blog through WordPress that posts helpful business articles such as how to go paperless or advice on increasing efficiency.

Perhaps the most useful educational resource provided by is its YouTube channel. Here, customers can find training videos on how to install different software programs and how to navigate an application’s interface.

Criticism of - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers software is some of the best available on the OCR market, providing quick and accurate transcriptions of printed media and digital files. Although it is capable of handling abstract fonts and distorted pictures, ABBYY software has some trouble handling handwriting. If the penmanship is clear and each separate letter is distinct, then written characters can usually be recognized. Most of us don’t tend to write like this, though, and the average adult’s handwriting is translated into gibberish.

Although ABBYY OCR software can have trouble reading written words, programs rarely has difficulty recognizing typed text. Due to its exceptional performance, software purchased through tends to be more expensive than many of its counterparts. Upgrades for registered ABBYY software users are pricey as well. Customer Support

The customer support team at can be reached at 14 different offices and 4 headquarters located all around the world. For customers in North America, support can be reached by email at and by phone at (409) 457 9777. A full listing of the emails and phone numbers for offices in other countries can be found on the contact page. - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

Frequently Asked Questions - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

Pros of

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  • Fast, accurate and reliable optical character recognition
  • Free trials
  • Lingvo Live forum
  • Screenshot Reader
  • Educational resources
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Cons of

  • Expensive
  • Upgrades are not free
  • Difficulty recognizing handwriting

Why Should I Use - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers

Since its beginnings, has grown into one of the most successful OCR software companies around. The company’s dedication to providing top quality, reliable products has earned it the trust of over 30 million customers from all around the globe. ABBYY software can translate or transcribe anything from a PDF to an ancient scroll into an editable digital format.

There are many other OCR software platforms available to customers, including programs that come free with the purchase of a scanner or cheap applications available for mobile devices. While these rudimentary text recognition options may be acceptable for small jobs, they often can’t handle complicated tasks. software is ideal for high volume, professional OCR work. It can handle multiple files at once and completes work quickly to prevent unnecessary time waste. ABBYY software is also some of the most accurate available on the market, and is able to pick up on unusual text and images better than the more basic OCR programs.

ABBYY software is also ideal for multilingual work. For companies or individuals that must frequently translate documents, OCR applications can simplify and streamline the entire process. ABBYY software can not only turn the document into an editable file, but can also recognize and translate that file into dozens of languages. sells products that can help individuals and business to streamline data storage and management procedures. With the company’s reputation for fast and reliable OCR software, it is no wonder that ABBYY is a leader in the field of text recognition technology. - OCR, PDF, ICR and OMR software providers Review
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