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Whether you are looking for gear or apparel for running, hiking, or braving the rain and snow, has you covered.


If you’re enthusiastic about climbing mountains, exploring the great outdoors, and looking great while doing so, is the right place for you. Men, women, and children can all find durable and fashionable clothing designed for trekking, cycling, climbing, and winter sports. Campers and backpackers will also be delighted by the offerings of too. offers a wide selection of apparel from top brands like The North Face, Marmot, and Patagonia. Each category of clothing has ample descriptions, so customers can easily discern which items best suit their needs. Enthusiastic lovers of the outdoors can find the best outerwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories for exploration and play. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Instead of being forced to shop around at different venues for clothing, gear, and information, provides all three in one place. Customers can grab tents, lighting, care products, and camping furniture. After picking up a coat for winter hiking, you can also select from navigation tools, snowshoes, and trekking poles.

Whether you are looking for gear or apparel for running, hiking, or braving the rain and snow, has you covered. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

About was founded in 2006 by a passionate man and his dog, both of who love climbing and the outdoors very much. Created to serve customers 100% online, operates at the site of a former textile factory.

After receiving the German Founders Award in 2009, and growing from a company of one man and a dog to over 100 employees, continues to provide stellar service and products for outdoors enthusiasts. has shipped out over 1,000,000 orders, and has received accolades for its customer-focused business. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

At every step of a customer’s shopping experience, works to assure product quality, deliver expertise on mountain sports, and receives glowing reviews for their efforts. All of the employees at have a background in outdoor sports, ranging from ice climbers to avid trekkers.

The company blog for regularly keeps customers updated with professional assessments of how products perform in the wild so that you can trust your purchase. utilizes their team of buyers, directors, logistics, and customer service team to provide the optimal customer experience, so many other companies strive to give. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Top Features has one of the broadest selection of apparel and gear for mountain sports and the great outdoors. You’ll be satisfied with a purchase from this company for more than a few reasons.

  • The warehouse stocks over 75,000 products from over 220 manufacturers of sporting goods.
  • Climbing enthusiasts will love that they can find over 130 harnesses and over 200 carabiners.
  • Employees at are professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who test the products sold.
  • Orders ship quickly within 24 hours, and ships free if minimum purchase amount of 50 Euros.
  • Base Camp blog provides updated information on tips and tricks for using gear outdoors.
  • Customers have the option of sending an invoice for payment, credit rating depending. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

What Is Base Camp?

Base Camp is a fantastic feature of for novice and expert climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. Customers can enjoy perusing a database of information regarding outdoor sports. There are interviews with seasoned athletes, recommendations on gear and how they are best used and maintained. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Ideal locations for trekking, skiing, hiking, and camping are all covered, so you can feel more prepared to venture into the great unknown. Tips and Tricks sections are a great way to get acclimated to gear, and how to troubleshoot in a pinch. Continually, provides a user experience that feels like you are always with a best friend guiding your journey.

Mission Statement

At you don’t feel like you ever alone when selecting gear, seeking advice, or confused about what you are buying. Since makes it a point to carry only high-quality brands of apparel, tools, and accessories, you can make a wise selection with confidence.

The whole vibe of this mountain climbing gear company is to create a platform that is welcoming, customer-service focused and inspires interested parties to feel the same passion and excitement that the founder has for outdoor sports. It can seem daunting at first, mapping out where to climb, what to pack, and what gear is most appropriate for trekking in the elements. makes things easy. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Product Selection prides itself on its vast array of apparel and products for climbing, camping, and other outdoor sports activities. The inventory continues to grow regularly, and the employees routinely test the products sold, and knowledge is readily dispensed to customers so they can better enjoy their purchases. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

No matter what type of product you want to purchase, lengthy descriptions detail product recommendations, and give an overview of their use. You will feel like you are speaking to a welcoming friend, who wants to provide you with advice on choosing great products for a fun time hiking, trekking, or climbing in the elements.

Mountain Climbing

A deep and profound passion for mountain climbing spurned the creation of, and the company’s products certainly reflect that drive. Both novice and seasoned climbers will be more than satisfied by the selection of helmets, harnesses, climbing ropes, shoes, and carabiners. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Climbers who enjoy traversing the ice or boulders have specialty equipment at their disposal too. Ice picks and axes, chalk, and crash pads are all provided for a safer climbing experience. Dedicated staffers are more than happy to offer their product and climbing knowledge, to help customers select the best option for their lifestyle. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Winter Sports

When it comes to winter sports, it’s not solely about staying warm and looking cool. provides avid winter sports fans with goggles, helmets, and packs. Whether you are into snowboarding, skiing, ice climbing, or trekking on snowshoes, you’ll find the right equipment for your next adventure. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Make sure to stay layered with thermal underwear, before donning a pair of comfortable pants, and a down jacket. Sleeping bags made just for winter weather are available, so you won’t freeze when temperatures drop.


After you make your choice of a road bike or mountain bike, it can be challenging figuring out the best gear to grab for riding safely. makes it easier and more accessible for you to find bike parts, helmets, lighting, and apparel that enhances your visibility and is comfortable yet stylish. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

You will find an assortment of bike locks to protect your cycle from theft, backpacks that are slim but durable, and attractive clothing that fits your body like a second skin. If you need to stay fueled while on the go, you can choose from energy bars and snacks to stay powered up and healthy. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking


If you love to go backpacking in the woods, or trekking about the mountains, has the gear you trust to keep you prepared. You’ll find a wide selection of outdoor cooking implements, GPS devices, multi-tools and knives, and camping furniture. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks are all made tailored for the fluctuating elements, so you’ll be ready for rain, snow, or wind. Water bottles will keep you hydrated, care products are available in case of a mild injury or bug bite, and books and maps help you navigate the terrain.

Wild Child at Heart

Exploring the great outdoors and getting into climbing is not solely for adults. Youth can find apparel and gear that will help make hiking, camping, or cycling more comfortable. Children of all ages can select from snowsuits, rain suits, trekking pants, and down jackets. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Safety is important for children at because the company makes sure to stock helmets, goggles, gloves, and other products for braving the elements. Getting kids excited about exploring the natural world, challenging their bodies, and appreciating outdoor sports is essential. Children can enjoy climbing, hiking, and camping alongside their parents in style with ease. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Shipping & Handling

At, an earnest effort is made to provide fair prices for shipping, with no hidden fees or padding. Customers have their items shipped expediently to their door typically within 24 hours by DHL. It is best if customers can pay and process their order before 2 pm to take advantage of prompt shipping. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

It is easy to procure goods from, because customers can pay via Paypal, Credit Card, make prepayments, or even send an invoice to pay after inspecting products received. If there are any questions, concerns, or other needed information, customers can contact customer support via email, phone, or fax.

Customer Satisfaction received official certification as a Trusted Shop in 2008. Since then, it has maintained a rating of nearly 5 stars because of its superior customer service and products. The price point for products is more than an affordable investment in outdoor sports, and customers enjoy buyer protection via a 30-day money-back guarantee. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking

Customers can also take advantage of signing up for a newsletter offered by, so there’s no missing out on the latest inventory, sales offers, and other pertinent information. Postive customer experiences is paramount. - Outdoor shop fur bergsport, klettern and trekking Review
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