Gear Best Review

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5
reviewed November 4, 2015

Gear Best is an online store establish in 2006 to sell a variety of gadgets at cheap prices. In my search to find a low-cost supplier, I discovered Gear Best. I had never heard of the company, but I was certainly impressed by the prices.



I’m a self-proclaimed geek who loves to take apart gadgets and (try) to put them back together. That can quickly become an expensive hobby. It’s certainly not something that my parents encouraged when I was a kid.

As I got older and started having to pay for the things I destroyed, I realized that I might want to find a cheaper way to buy the gadgets I love. I still enjoy taking things apart to see how they work. And while I have gotten a lot better at putting them back together (and even improving them when inspiration strikes), there are still some failures on my workbench.

In my search to find a low-cost supplier, I discovered Gear Best. I had never heard of the company, but I was certainly impressed by the prices. I was a bit wary at first, mostly because I didn’t know Gear Best or anyone who had bought items from them, so I made a small purchase. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

I was satisfied with my experience, and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

In this review, I’ll detail some of the reasons that I like shopping with Gear Best. I’ll also touch on some criticisms that I have heard from other people.

My hope is that this review will help you decide whether Gear Best is the right supplier for you, whether you are a tech-obsessed geek like I am, or just someone who wants to save some money on the latest electronics and gadgets. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

About Gear Best

Gear Best is an online store establish in 2006 to sell a variety of gadgets at cheap prices.

Top Features of Gear Best

Here are some of my favorite things about shopping with Gear Best.

Impressive Catalog

The thing that has always impressed me about Gear Best is how large and diverse its catalog is. You expect a big company like Amazon to offer thousands of items, but you don’t always expect that from a smaller company.

Gear Best blows that stereotype out of the water. Some categories on the site include:

Tablet PCs
Tablet PCs

Cell phones
Cell phones

Networking cables
Networking cables


Auto accessories
Auto accessories


While I tend to focus on the gadgets and technology, Gear Best also has watches, men’s clothing, and even sports equipment. Not being a particularly athletic guy, I doubt that I will ever buy sports equipment, but I like having the option to buy it from a company I already know and trust. - Best online gadget and electronics deals


A lot of the products sold through Gear Best are made by companies that I’m not familiar with. You can still find brand name electronics, but there are also some names that you won’t recognize.

One of the first things I bought from Gear Best was a tablet PC. It’s about the size of an iPad Mini, but it was from a company that I had never heard of. Normally, I would avoid this kind of product. So, why did I go ahead and take a risk?

Because the tablet was only about $50.

Compare that to a $500 iPad, and it’s easy to see why I was willing to take the leap. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

When my tablet arrived, I was happily surprised to see that it was a quality product. I worried that it would be made from cheap materials, or that it would have a terrible operating system. That wasn’t the case at all. It was made from high quality plastic similar to those made by more popular companies. And it ran on an Android operating system like much more expensive tablets.

Since then, I have made several purchases like this. They haven’t all been exactly what I expected, but none of them have been disappointing.

Considering how cheap some of these items are, I think they are worth the risk. Besides, you can always return them if they don’t meet your expectations. Realistically, there isn’t that much risk at all. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

Buyer Guides

Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide what I want to buy. I start comparing products, and I can’t decide which one is the best. They all have pros and cons, so I end up feeling a little lost.

Gear Best helps solve that problem with buyer guides. Want to learn about some of the site’s top brands? There’s a guide that will help you. Want to learn about some of the newest, coolest products for sale on Gear Best? Just check out the Cool section of the site. It will make plenty of suggestions. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

There are even videos where you can watch other people unbox and test products for sale on Gear Best.

Gear Best Prices

It’s hard to describe Gear Best’s prices. I mean, they are very affordable. That much is easy to say. But I’m not sure that the prices are consistent enough for me to compare them to other stores.

I can, however, say that the Gadgets Deals section of the site has some of the best prices I have ever seen. I recently bought a replacement remote control that was about 60% off the suggested retail price. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

I’m fairly sure that Gear Best has the lowest prices you can find. Of course, you should always do your own comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Criticisms of Gear Best

I couldn’t think of any negative criticisms about Gear Best. Seeing this section, however ,got me curious, so I started looking at reviews other people have written. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

I want to make it clear that the following is not my experience. Still, I read several similar complaints, so I think it’s worth sharing. I wouldn’t want someone to use the site just because I wrote a glowing review. Perhaps I’m just lucky.

Anyway, the only serious complaints that I could find all focused on customer support. There are several people complaining that Gear Best has “the worst customer service ever!” You know how people get all crazy when they’re writing on the Internet. I’m sure these people had bad experiences, but worst ever? They must have never been cable subscribers.

I will say that I have never contacted Gear Best customer support. Perhaps they really are lazy and rude.

I think it’s important to note, though, that I have never contacted customer support because I have never needed to. I have gotten all of my orders in a timely manner. They have always contained the right items. None of them have been in less than perfect shape.

To me, that is the height of customer service. Realistically, I do not want to contact Gear Best’s service reps. I don’t want to spend my time talking to or emailing anyone I don’t know. As long as Gear Best keeps sending me the right orders on time, I’m happy.

Customer Support for Gear Best

You can contact Gear Best by using Live Chat on its website or sending an email. There is an email form available in the site’s Support Center. - Best online gadget and electronics deals

According to the company, customer service reps will reply to inquiries within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

FAQ About Gear Best

[+] What payment options does Gear Best accept?

[+] What shipping companies does Gear Best use? - Best online gadget and electronics deals
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Pros of Using Gear Best

  • Large selection of gadgets
  • Cheap prices
  • Worldwide shipping

Cons of Using Gear Best

  • Some people complain about bad customer service

Conclusion - Best online gadget and electronics deals

Gear Best has become one of my favorite websites. I don’t always shop there because sometimes I need a very specific product that Gear Best doesn’t carry. Most of the time, though, I can find something that’s similar enough to what I want to buy.

If you are an extremely cautious consumer, you might have some bad feelings about using Gear Best. I mean, it’s a smallish company with a lot of products made from companies you have never heard of. Your reluctance is understandable.

If, however, you see an item that you are interested in, I would encourage you to take a small risk and buy it. In my experience, this is the only way to convince yourself that Gear Best is as good as it looks.

I buy a lot of gadgets, so I have spent plenty of time browsing catalogs on numerous sites. So far, Gear Best is the company that I rely on most. - Best online gadget and electronics deals
Gear Best Review
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