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reviewed August 12, 2015 has a huge selection of clothes and accessories made for men. The company constantly adds items to its clearance section that makes it easy for shoppers to find sale items at drastically reduced prices.


ReviewsScreenshots is a men’s fashion website that also has a wide selection of accessories and other items (like shaving kits and cologne). The company is run by a group of writers and designers who put a lot of effort into describing products. In many respects, the website feels like a fashion and lifestyle magazine that just happens to sell the items discussed in articles.

Top Features of

The thing I like most about is that it has a huge selection of clothes and accessories made for men. I’m not just talking about accessories like belts and shoes, either. Some of the coolest accessories I’ve bought from the site include a pocket knife and a smartphone case specifically designed so that it doesn’t create cumbersome buldges. also has a large clearance section that makes it easy for shoppers to find sale items at drastically reduced prices. The company constantly adds items to its clearance section. If you’re trying to save money on fashionable clothes made from durable materials, it’s hard to beat - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

If you aren’t sure what you want to buy, then you will want to check out’s buying guides. The site has guides for practically anything you could want to buy. They are great ways to learn more about products, clothing, and accessories that meet your needs. They’re especially useful for men who are just starting to explore fashionable clothes for their professional and personal lives. If you don’t know anything about fashion, start with these guides. - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store Prices

Like most retail stores, features products with a wide range of prices. Some of the items are quite expensive. Others are pretty affordable. The clearance section is always a great way to save money. - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

Depending on your order, you may qualify for free shipping. Most orders over $150 ship for free within the United States. If you buy large items like furniture or skis, though, you will likely need to pay for shipping. charges flat rates for international shipping. Shipping to Canada is just $9.99. Shipping to Australia is a little more expensive at $14.99. Everywhere else costs $24.99.

Criticisms of

I’m clearly a Huckberry fan, but I have one criticism that has always annoyed me about the site: it forces you to create an account just to view the items it has for sale. From a business perspective, I can kind of understand why the company does this. By getting email addresses from everyone who is even a little interested in shopping at, the company gets to expand its marketing campaigns. - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

From the perspective of customers, though, this is a bit off putting. I don’t want to give you my email address just so you can constantly send me advertisements. Besides, companies get my email address when I decide to buy things from them. I think website managers should understand this. Apparently a lot of them don’t. There are a lot of sites that require membership just for the privilege of shopping.

There is an obvious solution to this situation. (Other than just avoiding and other sites that force you to create accounts, of course.) Create an email account specifically for catching spam. That way, you get access to all of the men’s clothing and accessories you could want to buy, but you protect yourself from unwanted emails.

I think I should mention one more criticism even though it’s a fairly minor point. puts its products into two categories: stocked and featured. If you buy stocked items, then they will ship to you within a couple days. If you buy featured items, you don’t really know how long it will take for your order to arrive. That’s because Huckberry doesn’t keep featured items in its warehouse. Instead, it has to contact the item’s brand and have it shipped to the Huckberry warehouse before sending it on to you. - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

This isn’t usually a big deal. Waiting a week or two doesn’t really bother me. It’s not like I’m in desperate need of new clothes. It can be a problem, though, if you’re buying clothes for a special event. If you want to get a new outfit for a wedding this weekend, I wouldn’t recommend buying featured items. There’s too great a possibility that your order will arrive later than you want. If you give it a couple weeks, though, you shouldn’t have any problems. Most orders don’t actually take two weeks to reach you. That’s just a safe window that will keep you from feeling disappointed. Customer Support makes it easy for you to get the customer services you need. I prefer using Live Chat, but you can also call the customer service line at 415-504-3400. The customer service center is open from 9 am until 5:30 pm (PCT) Monday through Friday. If you want to ask a question outside of business hours, then it’s best to use the website’s form to send an email. You should get an answer within 24 hours.

Considering how well’s shopping guides are written, I doubt that many people will ever need to contact customer services. I’ve only had to contact them twice. One time was because I was buying an item for someone’s birthday. After chatting with customer service, I realized that the product description had given me the information I needed. I just didn’t know that there were two different names for the style I needed to buy. The customer service rep could have made me feel silly about this (or sent me one of those Let Me Google That for You links), but he was very professional. It’s not often that you actually learn something from customer service! - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

The other time was because had made a small mistake. Or perhaps one of the company’s suppliers had made the mistake. Regardless, I ordered an item that thought it had in stock. Unfortunately, the company didn’t have as many as it thought. After talking to the warehouse crew, customer service apologized, refunded me my money, and credited me 10% of the order. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the shirt I wanted, but I was happy that went the extra mile to make up for the mistake.

FAQ About

[+] Can I buy a gift card for

[+] Can I return items? Do I have to pay for return shipping?

[+] Can I use the Huckberry website to track my order?

[+] What payment options does accept?

[+] How does keep my credit card information safe?

[+] Do I have to pay sales tax on my Huckberry order? - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

Pros of Using

    thumbs up
  • Diverse collection of men’s clothing and accessories
  • Buying guides help shoppers choose items that match their needs
  • Free shipping for most orders over $150
  • Flat rates for international shipping
  • Strong customer services
  • 30-day return policy

Cons of Using

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  • You have to create an account just to browse items
  • Featured items can take longer to ship

Conclusion - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store

It seems like most fashion sites focus on women’s clothing. They rarely offer a diverse collection of men’s fashion and accessories. I like to dress well, so I was happy to find

I admit that I was a bit wary of shopping for clothes online. It has always been difficult to get the sizes just right. completely changed my mind. I’ve never had any problems getting the right item in the size I order. Plus, I know that I can always exchange clothes if they don’t fit right. That’s the great thing about Huckberry’s 30-day return policy.

While I complain about making me create an account before I even got to browse its selection of merchandise, I’m pleased with my overall experience. The website has so many great products that it will meet the needs of most shoppers. - Online Men's fashion, clothing and accesories store Review Review

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