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Exness is a universal broker, which works at Forex market and realizes the trading of CFD contracts using trading tools of five major exchangers. What makes Exness stand out is the fact that they not only show that they care about their clients, but they actually prove it by responding to their clients’ complaints and needs.



About Exness

Exness is a fairly new entrant into the Forex arena, and it offers some very interesting trading conditions. The Exness Group opened its doors to the public in 2008 and committed itself to offering its clients high quality trading services in several financial markets. It has come a long way since then and is today a leading Forex and ECN broker. Exness prides itself on:

  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Transparency

It is one of the most perspective world organizations which deal in the area of monetary markets, Exness provides its clients with 24-hour access to international markets with the usage of present-day developments in trading. Exness is a universal broker, which works at Forex market and realizes the trading of CFD contracts using trading tools of five major exchangers.
At present time the Company renders wide range of services for business dealing and realization of effective investments to its clients and partners. While currently it does not offer services to those in the United States, it does have a large number of international contacts. Let’s delve further into some of the key benefits of the Exness service and the top features that make it stand apart in a competitive industry. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

Top Features Of Exness

Upon visiting the website, users will notice how simple the site appears. The design is not all that complex. With a black background, the site certainly won’t win any awards for state of the art or cutting edge design. That said, it does not mean that the site is not conducive to those who choose to use the services. There really is so much that the site has to offer, and this is made clear with the number of titles on the top menu bar as well the drop downs that are included. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

In addition to such a nice landing page and design that is overall crisp and clean, there is a nice currency converter. Here there are a list of different spreads, both their express news and economic calendar that are located on this page.

The search functionalities on Exness are also quite good. Exness is one of the only forex brokers that actually includes a ‘search’ button on the homepage and throughout the site. The search button tends to actually direct users to the appropriate page when utilized. Another feature that sets Exness apart from the others is its ‘commission-free transactions’, which began on February 1, 2014. With this feature it virtually cancels commissions for replenishing trading accounts and withdrawing funds for all payment systems. This ability is certainly unique in today’s market. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

Exness offers both instant and market execution on its trading accounts. Instant execution is best suited for traders that wish to avoid slippage during high volatility periods. Exness limits it’s conflict of interest just on the spread, as it aggregates prices quotes from its liquidity providers and analyzes the open positions of their existing client-base before establishing an ask price. This enables them to offer low spreads and minimum requotes. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

When it comes to the type of account that one is able to open, there are a number of different options. Exness offers tight floating spreads on three different trading accounts: the Mini, the Classic and their ECN accounts. No minimum deposit is required for the Mini account but only 100 positions can be open at one time. Also the spread is 0.3%. The spread in the other two accounts is 0.1% and there is no limit in the amount of positions you can hold. The Classic account requires a $2000 opening deposit and the ECN $300. Trade execution is immediate for all accounts. ECN accounts have direct access to Interbank liquidity.

Funds can also be deposited using a wide variety of deposit and transfer possibilities including Neteller and Skrill. One of Exness’s main advantages is its instant withdrawal of funds using a number of electronic payment systems, providing traders with around-the-clock control of their trading accounts’ funds. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

Exness Prices

Although Exness doesn’t have as many types of trading platforms as some online Forex brokers, the company does take note of the types of clients that they have. The four different types of trading accounts they provide for traders is a prime example of this. There are a number of different types of trading accounts, which make it easy for anyone at any budget level to take advantage of these types of accounts. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

The types of trading accounts are classified as “cent” which requires a minimum deposit of $1.00. This is perfect for those who are new to Forex and just want to get an overall feel of the trading environment. The next account level is “mini” and requires a minimum deposit of $10. This option is really perfect for beginners, but with improved trading conditions.

Moving on to the more expensive options, there is the “classic” which requires $5,000 minimum and the “ECN” which requires a minimum of $1,000. Both of these options are ideal for professional traders who want a trading condition where there is no conflict of interest between them and their broker. These also provide a full range of useful tools and trading facilities. - Reliable online trading on the forex market

Criticism Of Exness

Overall those who use the Exness service really enjoy it, but it still does not come without its share of criticisms and faults. Payment processing is one of the main issues that users have with the site. Although it is fast and efficient with many withdrawals, these are processed without human interaction, which can sometimes be a bother when there is an issue. Of course, this all depends on the payment method used, since there are certain methods that do require attendants. The only other main issue with the platform is that fees are charged for every type of withdrawal. The fees are not big – usually 1% or less, but it does take away a bit from the profits of an individual.

Customer Support - Reliable online trading on the forex market

To ensure that their clients are properly serviced, Exness provides several methods of getting in touch with the support. There are three main ways in which users are able to communicate with the Exness support team. These ways include live chat, email as well as the old-fashioned telephone. From those who have gotten in touch with the company previously, the customer support tends to receive high accolades since the response times are generally very good and the team is helpful overall. The website also provides support in 17 major languages like English, French and Chinese as well as some less common languages such as Arabic, Farsi and Portuguese.

Final Thoughts - Reliable online trading on the forex market

Selecting the right Forex broker to meet your needs can be a challenge. There are just so many online Forex brokers around that it’s hard to know which one really will suit you. What makes Exness stand out is the fact that they not only show that they care about their clients, but they actually prove it by responding to their clients’ complaints and needs. All of the greatness of Exness is clearly evident from some of the feedback that the company have received on some of the Forex brokers review blogs.

Not only that but the company’s customer support staffs actually take the trouble to read the feedback and address the complainant’s concerns. No longer are traders just a faceless account number on a computer screen, but you are able to get the right balance of working with technology and also having a human there should you have any issues. So don’t wait any longer. If you’re in the market for a Forex broker, look no further than! - Reliable online trading on the forex market
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