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A world leading global accommodation website, Hotel Club was established in 1996 and provides over 74,000 accommodation choices in over 7,400 cities worldwide throughout 141 countries. Hotel Clubs can also help you get discounts for accommodations at budget motels, serviced apartments, global hotel chains and luxury resorts.



About Hotel Club

Everyone needs a vacation. Taking the vacation is always the best part, but sometimes planning it can be a pain. Planning a vacation is supposed to be thrilling and invigorating. Experts say that having a trip to look forward to is almost just as important as relaxing on the trip itself. While many people tend to actually enjoy the trip once they are on vacation, the hassle that comes with planning a trip can be overwhelming and stressful. Luckily, there are numerous hotel booking sites on the Internet that aim to help alleviate some of the hardships that come with planning a vacation. One such travel-booking site that breaks through the clutter is

A world leading global accommodation website, Hotel Club was established in 1996 and provides over 74,000 accommodation choices in over 7,400 cities worldwide throughout 141 countries.

The site works on a membership basis and as a result there are some key benefits that are only available to members, such as:

  • Booking 12 months in advance
  • Discounts up to 60%
  • Redeemable points for additional discounts - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

A common problem about booking hotel accommodations that being a member of Hotel Club can solve is last minute bookings. If you are a traveler, you know how hard it is to find a good hotel at some places especially during peak season. Hotel Club can find you a place to stay with a discounted rate. Let’s dive into some other distinct features that make this travel site a coveted one for any frequent traveler!

Top Features Of Hotel Club

Although you need to be a member in order to use the Hotel Club website, you will have access to an unprecedented amount of hotels all at your fingertips! The selection of cheap hotel bookings available is from one star to five star properties. Hotel Clubs can also help you get discounts for accommodations at budget motels, serviced apartments, global hotel chains and luxury resorts. Before you decide where to stay, you can even study the place based on Hotel Club’s special destination information and reviews submitted by members. - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

Hotel Club Members earn Member Rewards on every booking which can be redeemed on their hotel stays. Members move up in status as they make more bookings and can earn up to 7% on every booking. Rewards can be spent any time of the year, anywhere in the world. 1 Member Reward is equivalent to US$ 1 and you don’t have to accumulate a certain number of points to redeem them. Members will also get up to 7% back in Member Rewards on every mobile in-app hotel booking, so you can book even when on the go! - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

Hotel Club also offers a Best Price Guarantee. If you book a hotel on Hotel Club, and then find the same room type, in the same hotel, for the same dates at a lower price elsewhere online, we will refund the difference. This is a nice offer for members, since it gives you piece of mind knowing that you will always pay the lowest price possible, regardless of whether the low price is through Hotel Club or not.

Hotel Club services also cater to the needs of the entire world, no matter which culture or geographic region you come from. The site is available in 23 currencies and in 15 languages including: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Thai, Russian and Dutch. - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

Another key feature of HotelClub is that it is able to provide up-to-the-minute hotel rates, which are delivered directly to consumers without any filter or delay. This is made possible through the site’s Promotions Finder search feature. The search feature highlights individual hotel deals and is capable of searching thousands of exclusive hotel offers, which ultimately leads to the best deal possible for the searching consumer. - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

The website is also packed thousands of hotel reviews from other customers, and the site encourages users to post comments on a particular accommodation after your vacation in order to help the overall hotel quality in the community. The site also contains some literature and useful educational resources to help consumers during the hotel booking process. Such material includes: original event articles, points of interest, and travel tips.

Hotel Club Prices

Membership to the site is free and only requires users to enter some personal information upon first sign up. Once an account is created not only are users able to search for deals through the advanced search options, but they can also receive updated deals directly to their e-mail through e-newsletters. - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

The more hotel bookings, the more benefits users will receive. There are three different classifications in membership. Silver membership is what one will automatically receive, Gold membership occurs after 4 stays and Platinum is awarded after 6 stays. Really the only difference between memberships is increased discounts. The more you book, the more you save.

Regardless of membership, all users are able to actively search the site for hotel deals. Prices for hotels do vary depending on a number of factors. Specifically location, time of year, type of hotel and number of rooms all can affect how much it costs for a hotel through the service. No matter the hotel selected, prices for rooms on the site are up to 60% less expensive compared to other sites in the marketplace. - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

Criticism of Hotel Club - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

There are many benefits to using the Hotel Club website, mainly the deep discounts to some of the globe’s best hotels. However, some users of the site have some deep bones to pick with how the site is designed and marketed to users. Since the site’s job is to encourage hotel bookings, there are not too many negative reviews on the site. This is likely because the site receives kickbacks every time a user books a hotel room. As such, there has even been criticism as to how the hotels are rated.

The site uses a 5 star rating system, which can be seen as a little inflated. Certain low-grade hotels are given high star ratings in order to incise bookings. Also, users have criticized the site for not accurately depicting the hotel rooms with the photos that are posted. One user commented that their vacation was ruined because the hotel was drastically different in reality compared to the virtual representation on the site. To this point, users have also complained that they have not received money back if they are not satisfied with the hotel. The site only will provide cash back during the book process.

Customer Support - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online

The site does make it a top priority to make the entire travel-planning experience a success. The site provides users with the ability to talk with a travel representative 24/7. Agents are available via phone, on-line chat or e-mail. There is also a frequently asked questions section on the site, which allows users to peruse through the most common questions asked with hopes that they will be easily answered.

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Even if you only occasionally need to stay in a hotel, or are a frequent traveler, the opportunity that is presented to you right now to get cheap hotels booking is too good to miss. A site that is easy to navigate and overall visually appealing, it makes it easy and almost fun to find the perfect hotel for your next vacation or travel outing. A simple visit to the Hotel Club website will help explain why the site has been ranked one of the best in the category and continues to grow year after year. Up to 60% discount for hotel accommodations is a lot of savings and you get to reap rewards too. So if you’re looking to book your next trip, join today and enjoy the massive membership benefits that it can give you! - Find cheap hotels and accommodation daels online
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