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reviewed October 17, 2014

A new brokerage firm to hit the binary options market, so far is making quite a name for themselves. After testing the platform and the withdrawal process, they are one of the best in the business and are gaining quite the reputation in the space.



About Markets World

Binary options’ trading is really starting to take the Internet by storm.

The reason for this is because this type of online trading is so easily accessible and can be done by just about any person with any skillset. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and you can be on your way to trading and buying binary stocks in no time. That said, the number of binary trading websites has really started to take off that it can be extremely overwhelming to choose the best type of website to fit your needs. One of the newer binary trading sites to hit the market is - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

A new brokerage firm to hit the binary options market, so far is making quite a name for themselves. After testing the platform and the withdrawal process, they are one of the best in the business and are gaining quite the reputation in the space. Some of the key reasons that the service is a stand-out is because of the features that it offers including:

  • Licensed and Regulated in Isle of Man, Great Britain
  • Free Unlimited Demo Account
  • $20 Minimum Deposit
  • $1 Trades
  • Payouts up to 95% Per Trade
  • 100% Match Bonus up to $300 - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

MarketsWorld is one of the more complete Binary Options brokers available. They appreciate the importance of traders being comfortable with trading before they actually trade real money. But with so many other brokers on the market, it’s important to really understand what makes this broker one of the best ones to pursue. Let’s delve further into some of the key benefits of using this service.

Top Features Of MarketsWorld

The MarketsWorld trading platform is different from the other platforms in the market. Since they only provide Up/Down Binary Options the platform is very straightforward and easy to use. To all indications, MarketsWorld is a broker well worth a closer look and maybe worth a try. The demo account offer is really a standout feature, and there is also quite the flexibility with trade sizes and deposit amounts. The company is actually regulated, which is a huge plus and adds to the impression that they are a trustworthy place to carry out trades. - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

MarketsWorld offers all main trading assets including major currencies, indices and commodities. The ease of use sets the platform apart from other brokers and the fact that traders can earn up to 95% per trade and the company is regulated in the British Isles provides peace of mind. The platform also allows traders to improve their trading skills by using the real time free demo account pair off with excellent bonuses, that’s why MarketsWorld has gaining popularity so fast lately.

Speaking of the demo account, another nice feature for beginners is that you can trade a MarketsWorld demo account for as long as you like without having to make a deposit. When are ready to trade with actual funds you can do so with a minimum investment, which is nice for those who don’t want to invest with such big bucks. - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

MarketsWorld is so modest that it offers multiple types of binary options. Only the broker that could be very disadvantageous to expert traders offers the standard Call/Putt trade. They might love to be able to trade more sophisticated types of binary options those are not available at this broker. On the other hand, this aspect might be advantages for beginners.

The limited of complicated binary options will help beginners to concentrate on the simplest variation of binary options without any distractions. Brokers usually offer several types of binary options that make beginners confusing and give up. At MarketWorld, traders will be able to train their skills focusing on only one at a time. The brokers promises return rates up to 95%, which is very competitive in binary options industry. - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

MarketsWorld Prices - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

The payout rates at Markets World are quite phenomenal, 95% is unheard of in the industry and they are able to provide this to its customers. Although this offer is only available throughout certain times of the year, the service still plans to keep the rates around 89% which is still amazing.

Using Visa, MasterCard or any other bank debit card, traders can make their payments, deposit and withdrawals easily if the sum transferred is above $2,500. When it comes to withdrawals they are also very fast, spanning from 3 to 5 days. This can be up to a week and more at other brokers. Traders only have to remember to register using real accurateness data in case broker ask for copies of trader’s document to evidence.

Criticism Of MarketsWorld

There’s not much criticism of MarketsWorld in the overall binary trading marketplace. There is much good to be said about the system since it offers a plethora of easy to use services and has proven successful for both beginner and advanced traders. The main negatives about the service are that it focuses more on the international trading market, which can be an issue for those who are more interested in trading within the US market. Also, there is currently no mobile trading platform, which can be a bummer for a binary trader who is looking to keep up with their portfolio even while on the go. This is likely a feature that will be coming shortly as mobile devices continue to strengthen in popularity. - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

Customer Support

MarketsWorld has a customer supporting team that available 24/6 by telephone, and email. Because of the fast nature of binary options, the team is keen on hearing from their customers to improve the trading experience and develops the most suitable environment for their clients. - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

The service also has a live chat function for instant assistance and traders can also get in touch through Skype and as such has a section on the site dedicated to both of these. In addition, the site also includes a frequently asked questions section, which can be beneficial for traders who may have questions that are more common.

The site prides itself on getting back to users within a timely manner and assures that people will receive a message or a call back within 24 hours from when the initial inquiry or request is put into the system.

Final Thoughts - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform

Although, MarketsWorld may not have a huge repertoire of trading tools, they have big plans for 2013 with new developments come on stream. As it stands, MarketsWorld’s platform provides a typical service with fast execution and accurateness of trades, its customer team responded quickly to any question and its process of withdrawals was fast, easy and simple.

The potential 95% returns, easy deposit /withdrawals process and effective makes MarketsWorld become a safe, reliable and regulated broker for both beginners and experienced binary option traders. There really is no reason not to look to tryout the features, especially if you are beginner trader.

Although the service is new to the market, it makes binary trading simple and fast. The service also offers trading in as little as 60 seconds, which is perfect for anyone who needs to trade and make cash fast. The service is also easy to navigate and contains overall robust trading features including graphs and other educational tools. It is clear that the service is trying to stand out in the marketplace by offering certain services and offers that are not obtainable by competitors in the marketplace.

So don’t waste another minute. If you’re looking to get into some online Binary Options trading, should not be overlooked. Check them out, and enjoy trading today! - Online Binary and Forex Trading Platform
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