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reviewed October 15, 2014

Teamwork Project Manager is web-based project management software for freelancers and small teams. It brings a rich feature set into a simple project management software. The standout features are found within team collaboration and email integration capabilities. The pricing is also very competitive and the plans provided really allow you to pick the best plan that is right for you and your needs.



About Teamwork

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to work together in a group with people but don’t have the time to meet face to face as much as you would like? Team projects can sometimes be a hassle, especially when it comes time to compile all of the work that each individual is responsible for. Typically group projects work by dividing up the workload and making sure that each individual is responsible for a specific piece of the project.

With everything happening on computers nowadays, it truly is the digital age so it makes sense that there would be a solution to combat the trials and tribulations of digital collaboration. Luckily, there are now entire websites that are designed to help make it easier to work in groups. One such website is

Teamwork Project Manager is web-based project management software for freelancers and small teams. Each project can be set up to have:

  • Milestones
  • Tasklists and tasks
  • Messages between team members
  • Group editable documents
  • File sharing
  • Time tracking - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

Teamwork Project Manager brings a rich feature set into a simple project management software. The standout features are found within team collaboration and email integration capabilities. Since its inception, Teamwork has really grown to be one of the best project manager sites online today. Let’s delve deeper into some of the distinctive features that make a website that should be strongly considered. - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

Top Features Of

One of the standout features of Teamwork is the central file storage system. Though most project management applications have file management features, what makes Teamwork different is that you can access all of your files from a central location. You can still attach files to tasks and access files from tasks, but you can also get to your files straight from the files tab. This is a big plus for anyone who is looking to bring their entire file sharing into the single application where project management is happening.

Teamwork gives you a lot of cool collaboration features that you won’t find elsewhere. They won’t make or break your project management experience, but for certain groups these features could be a huge benefit. Messages and sharable notes are a couple of examples that make Teamwork a standout in the area of collaboration. - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

What also is nice about the website is that Teamwork has email integration features that allow your communications within the application to occur simultaneously via email. Not only can you communicate through email, but you can also create tasks through email too. This is especially nice when you are on-the-go and away from your computer since it allows you to e-mail directly from your phone wherever you are in the globe. - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

Lastly, one of the newest updates to Teamwork is the services integration with Google Drive. When you enroll with the service you are going to find complete Google Drive integration within Teamwork. You can link documents to your projects and your tasks. You can also share and create new Google documents within Teamwork itself. If you are a power user of Google Docs, you will appreciate Teamwork.

Teamwork Prices

TeamWork offers a basic free personal plan so you can try it out yourself without any cost. Business plans start at $24 for 15 active projects with 4 GB storage and go up to $149 for unlimited projects with 50 GB storage. All plans have a 30 day free trial and come with unlimited users and clients and this even includes the free personal plan. The latter means that you can create an account with a test project and invite as many users as you want to use the full functionality in a real world scenario. - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

There is also a free, never ending, fully featured plan. It includes 2 projects and 5 MB of storage. Plans are limited by projects and file storage space. All plans allow for unlimited users and companies and what is even better is that discounts are available if you pay annually instead of monthly, so it pays to pay upfront!

Criticism Of

There are a number of positive benefits to working with, however the service does not come with its share of cons. First of all, although Teamwork has a lot of features, some are a bit on the low-quality side when it comes to functionality.

For example, the way task management is handled can be slow and inefficient which is a common problem among online project management software. You have to click on tasks individually in order to edit them, and there is no fast way to edit a large group of tasks. On top of that, there is no subtask feature, which is also a problem for many. - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

It’s also not so easy to import tasks into the Teamwork system. Without the ability to import tasks, there is no easy way to add a large volume of tasks to Teamwork. That might not be a problem if you are doing a low volume of task management. For many, however, tasks are used for large initiatives. Moreover, if you like to go granular with your tasks, you will find the lack of importing to be frustrating. This could really be easily improved upon by the Teamwork team should they have the desire.

Customer Support - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

The service that provides to its customers is really first-rate. They are all about pleasing the consumer base to make sure that all of its users’ needs are met to their fullest. The support lines are available through telephone, e-mail and live chat. Typically the support team gets back to those who get in touch with them within 12 hours, which is really quite the stellar response time.

What is also nice is that you can tell that the team is genuinely concerned about the feedback, and those who have provided feedback in the past have even said that they have seen their feedback implemented on the site. Exceptional customer service means talking and listening to your customers, and Teamwork customer support passes that test with flying colors.

Final Thoughts - Online Task Management and Project Management Software

The Teamwork product is definitely one that should be sought after for those who are constantly working with others and feel the need to have a centralized interface where everyone can collaborate freely. You can really see that the designers of the Teamwork interface have done their homework since the site is really developed with the users in mind. Some key features of the product include a defensive design, and just overall a slick interface.

However there are a few bugs and a few UI annoyances, but there are also so many other applications that TeamWork has done a very good job with so it’s not really an issue. The pricing is also very competitive and the plans provided really allow you to pick the best plan that is right for you and your needs.

What really is a difference though is that TeamWork offers you to host the platform yourself. While it can be necessary for a few, most customers would want to put up their own server when they can put their data in the cloud and stop worrying about data backup, safety, performance etc. Therefore, it’s really nice that Teamwork takes away all of the hardships that come with hosting such a platform. In short, the site is really worth checking out if you know that you are going to be working on some serious group projects. So don’t wait any longer, visit today! - Online Task Management and Project Management Software
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