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reviewed May 21, 2015 offers affordable legal assistance to individuals, families and small businesses across the United States. Members are able to create legal documents, ask licensed attorneys for advice or incorporate a business.


Many of us find ourselves in need of legal assistance at some point in our lives. Lawyers can be expensive, and many people avoid seeking legal assistance simply because of the cost. aims to make the legal services simple, affordable and accessible to all U.S. residents. Whether you’re working through taxes or have been in a car accident, can help to take the stress out of your legal complications. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents

About was founded in 2008 and is based out of San Francisco, California, with an additional regional office in Utah. The website offers affordable legal assistance to individuals, families and small businesses across the United States. Members are able to create legal documents, ask licensed attorneys for advice or incorporate a business.

Clients that sign up for a membership are able to connect with local lawyers across America for cheap legal advice. The Rocket Lawyer On Call program brings talented local attorneys together with clients in need of legal assistance. To date, over 20 million people have trusted to help them solve a legal issue. The company has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and more. members gain access to free legal documents, information and advice. Customers are able to choose between three inexpensive subscription options that cater to the needs of any client. Prospective members can pay a monthly subscription fee or can save over $8 each month by choosing an annual subscription. The packages available through include:


or $84 per year

Solo Plan members can easily make unlimited revisions and copies of a single legal document.

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or $399.95 per year

Premium members can access the entire document library and make unlimited revisions. This plan also allows members to contact an On Call attorney for legal advice.

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or $499.95 per year

The Accelerate Plan is ideal for small businesses seeking legal assistance. Accelerate members, like Premium members, can access the entire document library and connect with an On Call attorney. This option also comes with reduced rates for incorporation services and one year of free access to a Registered Agent for businesses.

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The Best Features of offers clients affordable access to expert legal services. Customers can try out Rocket Lawyer by signing up for a free 1-week trial with no strings attached. This gives customers a risk-free way to experiment with different plans to see which one best suits their needs. By taking advantage of the free trial membership, clients can avoid spending more money than necessary each month. A homeowner, for example, probably won’t get much use out of the business incorporation services included with an Accelerate membership. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents

A subscription to makes everything from estate planning to business formation simple, easy and affordable. Members gain access to a huge library of free legal documents that are easy to customize. All a client has to do is answer a simple set of questions and their legal document will be ready to print, sign and share within minutes. Rocket Lawyer members can create legal documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. All files are backed up to the cloud so that customers don’t have to worry about losing any important documents.

The Rocket Lawyer Legal Dictionary helps customers to understand the law and make better sense of agreements, contracts and other legal documents that they encounter. Clients can quickly find out what a complex legal term means in plain English. The Legal Dictionary helps members to create documents quickly and easily.

The comprehensive Rocket Lawyer Legal Guides can also help website members to create legal documents and learn how to handle legal matters. Clients can find advice on a wide variety of topics, from human resources management to family issues. By using the Legal Dictionary and Guides, customers can be sure that their documents are accurate and legally enforceable. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents

Clients that would like a second opinion on their legal documents can have an On Call lawyer review the completed document. This service is completely free for all Premium and Accelerate members. The company’s network of On Call lawyers is also available to answer legal questions during a free consultation. For more complex issues, Rocket Lawyer members can save thousands on legal advice from licensed attorneys with special, pre-negotiated Rocket Lawyer rates. provides legal assistance for small businesses as well as individuals and families. The website helps clients to incorporate their business in just minutes. Customers simply answer a few questions about their business, and then the experts at do the rest. The website will reserve a client’s business name and even file all necessary paperwork. Ongoing compliance support makes sure that customers take care of any additional compliance requirements in a timely manner to avoid penalties. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents

Small business owners can also provide affordable legal assistance to their employees through Many U.S. employees face expensive legal issues each year such as identity theft, family issues or accidents. For as low as $32 per employee per year, small business owners can protect their workforce by offering them legal benefits.

Criticism of requires that members input their credit card information in order to begin a 1-week trial membership. If the customer forgets to cancel their trial membership before the week is up, they will be automatically charged for a subscription. Customers that do not wish to use services should be sure to unsubscribe as soon as possible to ensure that billing does not continue. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents

A handful of customers have complained that the website has referred them to unscrupulous lawyers. It’s a good idea for a client to investigate any lawyer before hiring them to make sure that the lawyer is able to provide the specific legal help that the client is seeking. Customer Support

Customers can reach the customer support department by calling (877) 881-0947 on business days from 6a.m. to 6p.m. or by sending a short email through the website. Small business owners can speak with an incorporation specialist by calling (800) 518-8976, and can find more information about legal benefits for employees by calling (800) 519-0095. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents

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Pros of

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  • Simple and affordable legal services
  • Free 1-week trial
  • Create legal documents for free
  • Free legal advice from On Call lawyers
  • Incorporation services
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  • Affordable employee legal benefits

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  • Automatically billed after free trial period
  • Unscrupulous lawyers

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Rocket Lawyer’s mission is to make legal services affordable, accessible and simple for clients all across the United States. Website members are able to create legally enforceable documents and receive advice from licensed attorneys completely free of charge. The company caters not only to individuals and families, but also small businesses. is the ideal destination for an entrepreneur that wishes to incorporate his or her small business. Incorporation comes with all sorts of perks, from major tax benefits to personal asset protection. Business owners that use Rocket Lawyer’s services can also protect their employees by providing them with legal benefits. saves clients money while connecting them with licensed attorneys located all across the United States. The website makes it easy and convenient to create legal documents and find legal advice. Businesses can also benefit by taking advantage of Rocket Lawyer’s legal services. is proud to help clients find inexpensive and reliable legal assistance in their time of need. - Affordable online legal services, legal advice and legal documents Review Review Review

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