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reviewed May 7, 2015 searches through dozens of the most popular online ticket retailers to bring guests all of the top results in one convenient location. The website works on a range of devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.



It’s exhilarating to see your favorite performer live in concert or to support your home team at a game, but attending live events can be expensive. Spending time searching for the best deals on seating can become a hassle. is a ticket search engine that is dedicated to helping customers quickly find seats to live events at unbeatable prices. Guests can search for the best deals on sporting, concert and theatre tickets.

About was founded in 2009 and operates out of New York. Customers can easily find tickets by artist, team, event or venue. searches through dozens of the most popular online ticket retailers to bring guests all of the top results in one convenient location. The website works on a range of devices, from desktop computers to smartphones. SeatGeek customers are able to quickly and easily find a seat with the best view for the lowest price.

The Best Features of

Signing up for a account is completely free. Members are able to sign in using their email address or can easily connect using Facebook. Creating a account helps fans to stay on top of upcoming concerts, games or events. The website offers a tracking feature that notifies customers about upcoming events in their area. Members can easily follow their favorite team or artist and even receive personal recommendations for similar performers. customers also receive email updates alerting them to any changes in ticket prices so that they can purchase at the optimal time. offers a simple, user-friendly search function that makes it easy to find the best deal on a ticket to any event. Customers are able browse upcoming events in their area or search for a specific ticket by team, artist or venue. Interactive maps with 3D views make it easy for patrons to find the perfect seat without having to worry about an obstructed view. - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine
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The Deal Score System is designed to help customers shop smart and make informed purchasing decisions. The website analyzes thousands of ticket listings based on factors such as row location, expected sightline and historical ticket prices for a given team or artist to calculate each Deal Score. Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 indicating a prime seating option. Scores are conveniently color coded, with red signifying an awful deal and green signifying an amazing deal. The Deal Score makes it fast and easy for customers to find the best bargains on live event tickets. patrons that want to create their own ticket search engine app can take advantage of the SeatGeek API. App developers can easily tap into the dataset of live events in America to get information on everything from the exact location of a venue to average ticket prices for a performer. This eliminates the need for developers to compile their own dataset, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine

Developers that choose to use the SeatGeek API gain free access to a wealth of data and documents that will help their users to easily search for live event tickets. Customers that use the developer’s app can try a broad search or find events, performers and venues that match specific search criteria. The SeatGeek API provides a number of useful services, including:

  • Geolocation: Users can find events close to their physical location.
  • Sorting and filtering: Shoppers can search for tickets based on specific criteria such as date, time, price, venue or artist.
  • Score Values: App users can see scores for each result that have been calculated based on the popularity of the venue, team or artist in question.
  • Recommendations: Users are able to input a team or performer and find similar recommendations based on information stored in the dataset of live events.

App developers that use the SeatGeek API drive additional sales through and help to boost the website’s profits. Because of this, rewards all partners that develop an app using the website’s API. Developers receive 50% of revenue generated by their users, which averages out to an impressive $11 earned per sale generated. - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine
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For more information about upcoming live events, news and the latest promo codes, customers should visit one of the company’s official social media pages. is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Members that follow SeatGeek on its social media pages can also read interesting articles about their favorite artists or teams.

Criticism of is a ticket search engine, but does not sell tickets directly. All orders are purchased through a third party vendor, meaning that has very little control over what happens after an order is processed. The company claims no responsibility for the actions of third party distributors, and is unable to offer returns or refunds. Unfortunately, a handful of members have had issues with unreliable or unscrupulous ticket vendors. Customers should always be wary of what third party organization they are purchasing tickets through before submitting any payment information.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine

Q: Does have a mobile app?

A: Yes, customers can download the free mobile app for Android or iOS devices. You can easily send a download link to your smartphone through the website.

Q: Why do the tickets I purchased have someone else’s name on them?

A: Many tickets purchased through have been re-sold by the original buyer, and it is common to receive a ticket with someone else’s name printed on it. This will not affect whether or not you can enter an event. The ticket’s barcode is the only information that is required for entry.

Q: I purchased two seats to an event. Will they be next to each other?

A: Yes, all tickets on that are part of the same listing will be adjacent to each other. If two seats will not be next to each other, you will be alerted in the seller’s notes. - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine

Pros of

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  • Tracking feature
  • Email notifications
  • Deal Score System
  • SeatGeek API
  • Social media presence
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Cons of

  • Unreliable third party vendors


Why Should I Use - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine is committed to helping customers find the best seats at live events for the lowest prices. Customers can easily search through dozens of popular ticket retailers to find unbeatable deals. The user-friendly search function allows shoppers to sort through tickets based on team, artist, venue or price. members can save money on seats for anything from a sporting event to a Broadway musical. account holders can take advantage of the website’s handy tracking feature. Members receive alerts about the hottest events and deals in their area. Customers can easily track their favorite artists or teams and even receive notifications about any changes in ticket prices. This feature helps SeatGeek members to snag the lowest prices on seats by purchasing at the optimal time.

The Deal Score System also helps customers to find the best deals on tickets to any live event. This feature analyzes thousands of ticket listings to come up with an accurate score for each ticket based on price and seating quality. An expensive seat with an obstructed view, for example, will receive a much lower Deal Score than an inexpensive front row seat. The Deal Score system helps shoppers to gauge the quality of an offer at a glance.

By searching for tickets using the ticket search engine, customers across America can save money on tickets to concerts, sports games, theatre performances and other live events. is dedicated to helping members find seats with unbelievable views for the lowest prices. - The Web's largest Sports and Concerts Ticket Search Engine Review
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