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reviewed November 30, 2014

Sheet Music Plus has music from over 1,000 publishers, and feature music sheets from every style of music, talent level and instrument. They offer sheet music for many different songs, including songs from famous movies, holiday songs and songs by famous artists.


They also offer music sheets for different ensembles, including choirs, concert bands, orchestra, string quartets, handbell choirs, marching bands and brass quintets. Searching is made easy as everything is Quality sheet music at an affordable price is important for any musician. While there are many online shops that sell different pieces, in this review, we’ll look at Sheet Music Plus and discover what makes it stand out from the others. With a claim that states they offer the “world’s largest sheet music selection,” they do offer a massive collection of music sheets at affordable prices. Whatever your music level or instrument, Sheet Music Plus has the music for you. - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

About Sheet Music Plus

Sheet Music Plus started in 1997 with a desire to offer musicians a wide range of sheet music that is delivered fast and with quality customer service. They have music from over 1,000 publishers, and feature music sheets from every style of music, talent level and instrument. Sheet Music Plus is designed for all musicians. If you are just starting out and looking to learn the piano or another instrument, Sheet Music Plus can help. However, if you are a music teacher at a high school or a choir director at a church, they also feature the music sheets and accessories you need. - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

When you shop at Sheet Music Plus, you know you are shopping with a trusted source. They offer knowledgeable customer service because all their representatives are trained musicians with music degrees. They understand the struggles and experiences musicians face. Plus, you can trust what you’re buying at Sheet Music Plus because they publish user reviews, good or bad, so you know what fellow musicians are saying.

Top Features of Sheet Music Plus

The number one feature of Sheet Music Plus is that they offer sheet music for many different songs, including songs from famous movies, holiday songs and songs by famous artists. In fact, they claim to have the world’s largest collection of sheet music. They offer sheet music for many different instruments. Some include:

  • Guitar
  • Piano/keyboard
  • Folk instruments
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Vocal
  • Percussion - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

broken into instrument category, and there is another category for genre and an A to Z listing.

In addition to selling physical sheet music, Sheet Music Plus sells digital print sheet music. The benefit is a reduced price and you gain instant access to the music, but you’ll have to print the music yourself. However, when you purchase the digital format, you do have the ability to view the titles on your iPad with their free Sheet Music Plus Digital Print Viewer app. - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

Sheet Music Plus also offers special music sheet products, including Fake Books, CD Sheet Music, Play Along, Collections/Songbooks and Score and Part Sets. On top of that, they offer Teach Yourself sheet music, which allows you to learn the song as you go. They also offer instructional DVDs to help teach you how to play your favorite instrument.

To accompany your sheet music, they offer many accessories, including:

  • Sheet music folders
  • Music stands
  • Guitar stands
  • Accompaniment CDs so you can hear the song
  • Cases/carrying bags - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

Lastly, Sheet Music Plus offers many guarantees. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for some reason, Sheet Music Plus has a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee. As long as you return the product within 30 days, you’ll be refunded the price of the item and the shipping costs if the return is due to a defect or mistake on the part of Sheet Music Plus.

While shopping at Sheet Music Plus, your transaction is 100 percent safe. They use VeriSign digital certification technology to keep your information safe and encrypted. If an unauthorized person does use your information, Sheet Music Plus will refund you. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you may be responsible from your bank for any fraudulent charges that do not exceed $50. However, if your information is stolen after shopping at Sheet Music Plus, they will reimburse you for any of the $50 for which you are liable.

Sheet Music Plus Prices

Sheet Music Plus offers many different products, so it would be impossible to list the price of every product in this review, but we’ll give you an average on some of the most popular products. In most cases, expect to spend anywhere between about $2.00 and $20.00 for most of the top selling physical sheet music. However, depending on how many songs are included and the rarity of the piece, some music sells for higher. Some other popular product prices include:

  • Most of the top selling Teach Yourself Sheet Music, on average costs about $20 to $25
  • Most of the top selling Digital Print Sheet Music, on average costs about $5 - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

Sheet Music Plus, constantly has different sales occurring, allowing you to save 20 or even 40 percent on some music sheet products. Plus, they have a low price guarantee. If you find the same product somewhere else for less, send them an email within 30 days of the purchase. Sheet Music Plus will adjust the price or send you a refund for the difference.

Criticism of Sheet Music Plus

Sheet Music Plus offers many great products, but one thing that we just didn’t like was that they don’t offer all their music in a digital format. Today, people want things fast and easy, and digital sheet music meets that need. While their digital inventory is growing every day, they don’t have all their music in digital format. - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

Another criticism of Sheet Music Plus is that some of their more expensive sheet music doesn’t provide much information. Since you’re spending thousands of dollars on sheet music, you’d think they would provide more information on what you are getting. In fact, one of the features Sheet Music Plus says makes them stand out is that they provide in-depth item descriptions. That simply isn’t the case with these more expensive items.

On top of that, in the Top Selling Vocal section, they offer a product for just under one million dollars. Worse, when you look at the information, it’s all generic, including “Title” for the title and “Composed by Composer.” Clearly, this is a mistake, which is very unprofessional. Plus, you can actually add it to your cart.

Customer Support - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

You’ll find the Customer Support section on the bottom of any page on Sheet Music Plus. There, you can check the status of your order by entering your order number and email or zip code. You can also contact Sheet Music Plus via email, phone or fax. Representatives are available to answer questions Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. If you are sending a comment/question via email, there are different address to expedite your question.

If you have a frequently asked question about digital prints, there is a FAQ. It can answer all your questions about accessing your digital print and troubleshooting any problems you may have. If you are from an institution like a school or church and buy your choir or band sheet music from Sheet Music Plus, there is also help regarding creating and using an Institutional Account.

Final Thoughts - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection

Whether you’re just starting out, in a band or the director of a choir, Sheet Music Plus is a great resource. They offer a huge selection of music with a guaranteed low price, so we definitely recommend shopping with them.

However, just be careful when buying more expensive sheet music because there is little information. Other than that, Sheet Music Plus is a goldmine for any musician. - World's Largest Sheet Music Selection
Sheet Music Plus Review Review Review

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