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reviewed April 22, 2015 helps businesses to keep track of employees and streamline workforce management procedures. Using this application eliminates the need to use time-consuming spreadsheets or hand written records.


Managers waste countless hours every day creating and updating schedules. Inefficient workforce management practices can cost a company both productivity and profitability. is dedicated to helping companies eliminate scheduling conflicts, improve employee communication, and save managers valuable time. Businesses can easily keep track of schedules, staff members and everything in between. - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

About was founded in 2009 as a way to help small business owners manage their employees. The company has since grown to serve clients in over 60 countries across the globe. ShiftPlanning software helps managers to save a significant amount of time by automating the process of creating and updating schedules. video

Both managers and employees can access services 24 hours a day from any web browser or mobile device. Staff members can remotely set their availability and request vacation time. Real time updates along with email and text notifications ensure that every employee is aware of the schedule to avoid any conflicts. ShiftPlanning software makes it easy for staff and management to communicate without the inconvenience of having to call or come into work. offers a variety of different workforce management services at an affordable rate. Managers can save both time and money by replacing tedious or outdated practices with the streamlined online employee management services offered by The application provides customers with the following services:


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Automatically create conflict-free schedules that both you and your employees can update in real time.

Time Clocking

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Eliminate the need for expensive time clocking hardware with this time clock software that makes it easy to keep track of employees both in the workplace and on the field.


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Easily review and manage payroll data. You can integrate with a 3rd party payroll provider and export data with just a single click.

Human Resources

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Take control of vacation tracking and leave management, train your staff and compare employee performance. - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

Customers will receive access to all of these services with a subscription to any membership. The website caters to businesses of all sizes and charges account holders based on how many employees they need to manage. Customers can choose between purchasing a month-to-month subscription or a 1-year subscription. Those that commit to an annual subscription can save up to $15 per month. offers the following pre-paid annual plans: - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software
  • 1-20 employees: $35 per month
  • 36-50 employees: $89 per month
  • 76-100 employees: $ 135 per month
  • 21-35 employees: $67 per month
  • 51-75 employees: $116 per month

Managers with more than 100 employees can contact to set up a custom plan. The company offers flexible billing rates for large businesses, and is also able to set up accounts for companies that operate in multiple locations.

The Best Features of

Before subscribing to, prospective members are able to sign up for a 30-day free, full access trial. Customers can become familiar with the layout of the website and the different tools at their disposal. does not ask trial members for any credit card information, ensuring that customers will not be automatically billed at the end of the free trial.

Once a manager has subscribed to, he or she can have a new custom schedule set up by the company’s expert technicians. All a member has to do is simply send in a copy of their current schedule, and the ShiftPlanning team will quickly set up a schedule that is ready to go and compatible with the ShiftPlanning application. - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

The website also offers complimentary training services to members. The training program gives managers free access to a representative for one-on-one training and assistance. Members can reach their representative by phone, email, or even set up a screencast. The educational resources available through can help managers to take full advantage of the features that ShiftPlanning software has to offer.

Employees can also benefit from the implementation of services into daily business practices. The application keeps schedules accurate and up to date, allowing employees to easily keep track of any last minute changes. ShiftPlanning software also allows employees to access this information anywhere that there is an online connection 24 hours a day. This leads to less confusion and fewer miscommunications over scheduling. - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

The ShiftPlanning time clock software is also a convenient tool for both employees and managers. Staff can easily clock in and out of the office without the need for any expensive hardware. Offsite employees can even clock in from the field, and GPS tracking can verify their location. Image capture capabilities eliminate the problem of buddy clocking.

Employees and managers are able to integrate the application with many popular social media sites such as Facebook to connect and collaborate more easily. Employees can clock in and out through their social media page or sync the company schedule to their personal calendar. makes it easy for supervisors to manage and keep track of their workforce. Both employees and management alike can benefit from the scheduling and tracking services provided by - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

Criticism of offers a variety of inexpensive plans that managers can choose from based on how many employees they oversee. Customers are able to pay either a month-to-month fee or prepay for an annual subscription. Before purchasing a membership, offers all potential customers a free 30-day trial. A manager can try out the software risk-free before deciding whether or not it suits a company’s needs.

Once a customer decides to purchase a membership, he or she will not be able to receive a refund for a cancellation made before the billing cycle is up. Every purchase made through the website is final. Members also cannot receive a partial refund for a plan downgrade. This allows to keep their prices low, but may be frustrating for companies that need to cancel or downsize an account for any reason. Customer Service

The customer service department is available 24/7 via phone at 1-888-973-6030 or via email at Customers can also reach a representative through live online chat. These services are free to all members. - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

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[+] Does charge a cancellation fee? - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software

Pros of

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  • Free 30 day trial
  • Free custom account setup
  • Free training
  • Live updates
  • Easy integration with popular 3rd party sites
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Cons of

  • No refunds for cancellations
  • No partial refunds for plan downgrades


Why Should I Use - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software helps businesses to keep track of employees and streamline workforce management procedures. Using this application eliminates the need to use time-consuming spreadsheets or hand written records. Managers can quickly and easily create a conflict free schedule that is updated in real time and available to all employees. The application is more intuitive and less expensive than many competing services.

Using to create and maintain schedules can free up to 80% of a manager’s time. Employees take on the responsibility of setting their own availability, including trading shifts or requesting time off. This system is much more efficient than relying on one overworked manager to keep track of all this information. With more time available, supervisors can focus on growing a business instead of micromanaging it. helps businesses all across the world to operate smoothly. The application takes charge of scheduling, human resources, payroll, and time clocking. By using, managers can increase a company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability. - Online Employee Management software and Workforce Management Software Review Review Review

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