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TomTom has a huge, diverse selection of merchandise. The website makes it easy for buyers to find the items that they want. Shoppers can search by category, price, or the name of an item. Shoppers can also browse specials, new arrivals, daily deals, top sellers, and products on clearance.



The Internet has helped consumers benefit from the global economy. Buying items from places like China, where TomTop is located, was practically impossible just a couple decades ago. Today, consumers are connected to international businesses that can give them lower prices on the items they want to buy.

TomTop has been meeting the needs of global consumers for over a decade. There are several advantages to purchasing certain types of goods from Chinese companies. It is important, however, for consumers to research their options before spending money. Reading reviews like this one should help you decide whether you want to buy from TomTop or whether you would prefer a different wholesaler. - Online China wholesale retail store


TomTop is a wholesale company located in China. The company formed in 2004 to make Chinese products easily accessible to global consumers. TomTop joined forces with Alibaba Group in 2006 as a Gold rated supplier. Alibaba Group owns and manages several ecommerce sites, including Taobao and China Yahoo! TomTop is also registered as an Alibaba Recommended Merchant, a Verified PayPal merchant, and Verified McAfee website. - Online China wholesale retail store

These affiliations help the website offer reliable services to consumers across the world. As the economy becomes increasingly globalized, could start to disrupt companies that try to sell similar items at higher prices. This could drive more buyers to the Tomtop site while forcing other retailers to keep their prices as low as possible.

Top Features of

TomTom has a huge, diverse selection of merchandise. The website makes it easy for buyers to find the items that they want. Shoppers can search by category, price, or the name of an item. Shoppers can also browse specials, new arrivals, daily deals, top sellers, and products on clearance. They can also browse items by price. - Online China wholesale retail store

TomTop uses a point system to help customers save even more money. Shoppers get points for joining the website, signing up for the TomTop newsletter, writing reviews, and referencing products in YouTube videos. There are a lot of ways to accumulate points. 100 points is worth $1.

Perhaps the best part of using TomTop, though, is that the site sells these products at such low prices. - Online China wholesale retail store Prices sells goods at prices that are competitive within the Chinese consumer market. That means consumers in many American and European countries can save a lot of money by choosing to purchase goods from foreign suppliers.

TomTop’s prices are pretty similar to the prices of other Chinese wholesalers. The key is to find the specific item that you want to buy. Not every website will have the same items for sale. Even similar items may have important differences that should affect your buying decisions. - Online China wholesale retail store

While TomTop has great prices, you should always compare prices and items with those sold by other websites. You may find that TomTop has the lowest price on a product you want.

Criticisms of

Items shipping from China can take a long time to reach other countries. That’s the biggest complaint that you will see from international shoppers. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that international shipping and customs agencies have been able to solve. Packages are often kept at international borders for inspection. Depending on the country, this can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. - Online China wholesale retail store Customer Support

Do not expect TomTop to offer the level of customer support that you would get from most companies located in your country. Several factors can make it difficult for customers to get the support they want. Language barriers and time zones, for instance, make it nearly impossible for TomTop to answer questions by phone. The company’s website does not even list a phone number, so don’t bother trying to contact anyone by phone. - Online China wholesale retail store

The company has several active profiles on prominent social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you have a general question, you may want to send a message via social media.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Q: What payment options does accept?

A: accepts PayPal, Western Union, and international transfers.

Q: How long does it take to receive a shipment from China?

A: That depends on several factors, including where you want TomTop to ship the package. Expect to wait at least two weeks. In some cases, customers have had to wait over a month to receive their packages. Long delays are usually the result of customs holds. Once a package leaves TomTop’s shipping center, the company does not have any control over how quickly it reaches customers.

Q: Is it safe to purchase items from Chinese companies like TomTop?

A: Countries set their own regulations, so it is possible that Chinese products will not meet your expectations. Always read product descriptions to make sure you are comfortable with the items you plan to buy. If the product description does not address your concerns, contact TomTop or search for the item on another website.

Q: Is it legal to buy products directly from China?

A: Yes. Most developed countries regularly trade goods with China. Individual consumers also have the right to purchase items from companies located in China.

Pros of Buying From

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  • TomTop offers free shipping to practically any location in the world
  • TomTop accepts a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, Western Union, bank transfers, major credit cards, and Worldpay
  • The company has a huge selection of popular consumer goods, including clothes, small electronics, and smartphone accessories
  • Daily sales offer diverse products for less than 99 cents
  • TomTop’s forum lets customers share information with each other so they can make smart purchases
  • Mobile apps let buyers purchase items on the go - Online China wholesale retail store

Cons of Buying From

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  •’s location in China can mean that it takes several weeks for certain items to reach customers in foreign countries. Customers who do not receive their shipments within 45 days can get refunds
  • Some customers complain that it is difficult to get refunds for lost, damaged, or malfunctioning items ordered from the company
  • There is always some level of risk when buying items from foreign wholesalers since customers have little legal recourse. This is true of practically all companies located outside of North America and Europe. There is no reason to think that TomTop is a bigger risk than similar companies operating in Asia.

Conclusion - Online China wholesale retail store

TomTop’s extremely low prices make it an appealing option for shoppers who like to buy items online. Understand, however, that shipping can take quite some time. If you need a product sent to you quickly, then TomTop is not the best option for you. If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks as long as you save money, then you just might fall in love with TomTop.

There are concerns about buying items from a wholesaler based in China. The customer service is not great and language barriers can make it difficult to understand exactly what a product offers. These are the risks you run by purchasing products from a wholesaler located outside of your country.

Overall, TomTop has good business connections indicating that it is a reliable company striving to do its best. Considering that the prices are much lower than those offered by European and American sellers, you have to expect some risk. The risks, however, do not seem malicious. Most customer complaints are either outside of the company’s control or are the result of misunderstandings.

If you want to buy fun items at low prices, you should visit TomTop to see if it has the right products for you. - Online China wholesale retail store Review Review Review

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