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8 Apr 2015 provides complete and concise book summaries to business professionals. There are over 1000 summaries on hundreds of different business topics archived within the website’s library.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the world of business and finances. A solid grasp of the industry can help you to climb the corporate ladder and finally reach that promotion that you’ve been vying for. is dedicated to helping business professionals to expand upon their knowledge base and increase their hiring potential. The website provides members with access to thousands of comprehensive and concise business book summaries. - Learn Business books summaries in less time

About was founded in 1999 by three business executives who shared a common goal of helping business professionals to succeed in their field. Since its beginning, the website has grown to include thousands of book summaries across almost 100 distinct subcategories. now has offices in New York, Miami and Luzern and serves clients all over the world. More than 500 reputable publishing companies are partnered with

The selection process by which books are chosen is rigorous. hires a team of expert business writers and editors to go through relevant texts and produce high quality summaries for the website. Some of these staff members have been featured in major business publications such as The New York Times, Fortune, and the Financial Times.

The writing and editing team monitors over 10,000 business books each year, rating each one using specific criteria and selecting only the best 500 titles. This ensures that website members only receive accurate information of an exceptional quality. offers three subscription options that customers can choose from. Each choice gives customers a different amount of access to the website’s services. The packages offered by include: - Learn Business books summaries in less time

Silver Plan

Price: $89 for 12 months

This is the most limited option available. Customers can choose 4 book summaries to download and are sent 26 more throughout the year. Customers can only download PDF, Kindle, ePub and audio files of business books.

Gold Plan

Price: $179 for 6 months or $299 for 12 months

This is the most popular plan offered by Members receive unlimited access to book summaries and can download iOS, Android and Windows files. Gold subscribers are also granted access to free video talks.

Platinum Plan

Price: $999 for 12 months

This is the website’s most comprehensive plan. Members receive the same benefits as Gold Plan subscribers, but also have access to finance reports. - Learn Business books summaries in less time

The Best Features of provides complete and accurate summaries for thousands of business books. Subscribers can get the main idea of an important text in just minutes, saving hours from being wasted poring over large volumes for information. More than 50 new titles are added each month to ensure that there is always a wealth of new reading material.

If prospective members are uneasy about committing 6 to 12 months to GetAbstract’s services, the website offers two free example summary downloads. Guests can get a feel for the layout and interface of the website before purchasing a subscription. If a customer is not satisfied with the website’s services after subscribing, offers a 30-day money back guarantee. - Learn Business books summaries in less time

Once a customer signs up for a membership, he or she will have access to thousands of book summaries in a variety of formats. Gold and Platinum Plan holders can download summaries in almost every format imaginable, from a PDF to a Word document. These members even have access to audio files, which allows for learning in the car or on the go.

If a customer is having difficulty deciding which summary to read, provides a variety of handy tools to help users choose the best title to download. Book Awards and Editor’s Picks are posted regularly to the website to let members know which new summaries contain the most useful knowledge. For each title, a customer can see bullet points of what they will learn and read why the website editors recommend that particular text. Customer reviews and ratings can also shed light on which summaries might be more informative than others.

Subscribers can sign up to receive personalized weekly emails that suggest summaries that are relevant to a particular job field or area of interest. This is another easy way to find title recommendations. - Learn Business books summaries in less time

If a customer has absolutely no idea where to begin amongst the thousands of summaries available, he or she can download a Knowledge Pack through the website. The Knowledge Packs are comprehensive introductions to select business topics and include four handpicked summaries that provide the most useful information for a beginner.

For even more educational resources beyond the thousands of business book summaries available, members can follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. The website posts information about new book summaries that have been posted, along with current business and finance articles.

Criticism of

Girl scratching her head in front of computer offers thousands of reliable and accurate business book summaries, but some professionals and students still find the library to be lacking. Certain bestsellers or popular texts do not have summaries available to subscribers.

There is also a limited selection of subscription options offered to customers. The simplest option, the Silver Plan, is not particularly expensive but only allows customers to choose 4 summaries to download on their own. The only other two options, Gold and Platinum, offer unlimited access to summaries but are significantly more expensive. Additionally, members must subscribe to either a 6 month or year long plan, which may be inconvenient for a customer that only needs GetAbstract’s services for a short period. Customer Support

The customer support team can be accessed by phone during business hours, and the number varies based on what country a member is calling from. U.S. residents should call (305)-936-2626 to reach the company’s Miami office. For customers that don’t wish to contact by phone, there is also an email form that can be filled out and submitted through the website.

Frequently Asked Questions - Learn Business books summaries in less time

Pros of

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  • Free demo summaries
  • 50+ new summaries added each month
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Variety of formats to download in, including audio
  • Book Awards and Editor’s Picks
  • Personalized weekly emails
  • Knowledge Packs
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Cons of

  • Limited selection
  • No short term subscription options


Why Should I Use - Learn Business books summaries in less time provides complete and concise book summaries to business professionals. There are over 1000 summaries on hundreds of different business topics archived within the website’s library. Paying subscribers are able to download book summaries in a variety of different formats that allow them to study on any device, from a PC to an Android phone.

The summaries written by the business and financial experts employed by can help anyone from a casual learner to a business executive to improve his or her professional performance. Even though experts can benefit from GetAbstract’s many book summaries, the website is best suited for students and entry-level professionals.

The summaries and resources provided by are intended to cut back on long hours spent reading and studying by giving subscribers only the most important points of a book. This can be incredibly useful for business students, who often have to read multiple lengthy texts throughout the course of the school year.

By offering members access to accurate and concise summaries, helps business novices and professionals alike to learn more about their field. Those who invest in their own education are capable of reaching any professional or financial goal that they set their minds to. - Learn Business books summaries in less time homepage thumbnail Review


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