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24 Mar 2016 has all your essential fashion pieces and accessories with the latest styles at great prices. You can shop for special occasion dresses and beautiful jewelry or buy a gorgeous handbag and fashionable sunglasses. Pick up several pairs of your favorite pumps and flats. Coupons that offer deep discounts are regularly posted on

For the truly adventurous at heart, offers opportunities to earn free clothes with their fashion blogger program by simply posting promotional content about their merchandise on your website. You can always find a great deal, hot bargains, and clearance prices as you fill your cart for a truly enjoyable shopping experience while saving money. - Women premium online fashion store

About was founded in 2008 under the original name of as an e-commerce retail site designed to cater to customers in search of women’s fashion apparel. Two years later they launched a site to serve customers in Spain followed by a site for those in France. As grew in popularity and became well known within the fashion industry, their business expanded with the addition of accessories including jewelry, shoes, bags, and cosmetics. - Women premium online fashion store

Several years later continued to reach out to other countries by designing sites to service customers in Italy along with a site for Arab customers. The company underwent an official name change to its current title in 2015. Today is a top retail site for woman’s fashions and accessories that is always on the lookout for the latest trends and designer clothing.

Top Products of offers customers a great selection of fashion apparel and accessories. Merchandise selections include dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. The dress lineup includes styles that range from vintage to special occasion, sexy black, classic white, vibrant floral designs, and light spring styles. Layer on a casual blouse or pick up some lingerie and sleepwear. has leather pants as well as styles in denim and prints. - Women premium online fashion store

The jewelry collections include some beautiful earrings and bracelets along with rings and brooches. Hair accessories and body jewelry are also available. Fashionable shoes include flats, pumps, and heels as well as sandals and boots. You can stock up on all your favorite accessories such as sunglasses and hats. Scarves, belts and handbags round out your fashion apparel lineup. also posts a What’s New page that highlights some of their latest arrivals along with editor’s top picks.

Great Features of

One of the top features on is their bonus point program. Customers can sign up for free by creating an account with Once the new account is set up, will automatically deposit 100 points in the customer’s account. As you accumulate your bonus points you can apply them as a discount toward a future purchase. The perks of’s bonus point program can pay for up to 70% of your purchase order price. - Women premium online fashion store has a fashion blogger program that can help you earn free clothing in return for posting promotional content on your website, YouTube channel, or personal blog. This perk will provide you with between $40 to $200 worth of free fashion apparel each month. Bloggers share their experiences about the clothing sold by by posting photos of themselves wearing their favorite outfits and stylish pieces while including links that direct their site visitors to - Women premium online fashion store Prices

Great deals and fantastic bargains are waiting to be snapped up on Customers can always fine good deals by checking out the clearance and sale pages. Rock bottom prices can be found with savings up to 80% off in the clearance rack. You can grab substantial savings on all your fashion favorites including skirts, dresses, sweatshirts, jewelry, and much more.

The site also has several small popup sale icons and links posted on their site that are like little treasures waiting to be scooped up. offers a coupon that can be applied to your first order when downloading either their iPhone or Android app onto your mobile device. End of season sales are another perk that you can be on the lookout for to save additional bucks. - Women premium online fashion store

For those customers that may not have a smartphone, will give you a discount off your initial purchase when you register on their site and provide your email address. Once you sign up, will email you your special discount coupon. You can redeem your coupon by clicking on the provided link in your email message to see the code along with the expiration date. - Women premium online fashion store

Customer Support

Customers that place an order on and experience problems or have questions can get assistance in several ways. has an online live chat service so that you can communicate with a live person and not use the automated system. It is probably the fastest way to resolve any issues you may be experiencing with an order.

After an order has been placed, customers can navigate to the site and log into their accounts to check the status of their orders. Once you pull up your order, you will have several options available depending on what the problem is that you need help with. Examples of some of the help topics you can choose from include making changes to an order, cancellation, and order status. - Women premium online fashion store

Customers can also use this system to notify support that they received the wrong item or if they want to exchange an item for a refund. If they requested a refund but the amount was incorrect, the system offers the option to have that resolved as well. Merchandise that was received damaged can be returned and you can then either request a replacement order or get your money back.

Connect with stays connected to their customers by linking information about their merchandise and posting promotional offers and coupons on their social networking sites. Check out by visiting their pages for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+.

You can follow on any one of their social sites and like them to get exclusive perks and bonuses. Share the links with friends and family members so they can explore and discover their quality fashion apparel and accessories and get fantastic discounts on their first order. - Women premium online fashion store

Visit’s Facebook page and “like” them to get an exclusive coupon for a bonus discount on your next order. Special offers and promotional sales are regularly posted on their Facebook page with the coupon codes and expiration dates. Keep an eye out for their next great deal.

Twitter for is another way to get fantastic bargains when they post their sitewide promotions and events. Enter in one of their contest giveaways for the chance to win one of your favorite fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe. Check their tweets for news about upcoming fashion shows.

Follow the postings on’s Instagram site to enjoy and follow the gorgeous photos of designer apparel. Their Instagram page also keeps their customers happy with occasional coupons from time to time to help them save some money on their next order. - Women premium online fashion store

Criticism of

There really is little to complain about when shopping on Buying products online is usually much easier with fewer headaches when the company you are making your purchase from is located in the same country as where you live. Customers that reside in other countries may have to deal with any problems that may arise with international shipping. - Women premium online fashion store

Become familiar with the customs policies for your country so you will be prepared in the event that your order gets delayed. Usually this is not an issue when ordering clothing and is more likely to occur when purchasing other types of products such as technology devices. The primary concern you may have to deal with is if your order gets lost during transit or sits in customs for a few days.

Thanks to the innovation of tracking, delivery companies can easily locate your lost or misplaced parcel using the tracking number that was assigned to your package during its initial shipment. Lost orders can always be replaced or cancelled with a follow up refund if you decide that you do not want to place another order at that time.

Final Thoughts - Women premium online fashion store gives customers what they want and that includes regular promotional events and sales so they can get deep discounts and save money on their purchases. Clearance items provide added perks and the opportunity to grab some deals on end of season specials. The mobile apps provide an incentive with their savings coupons. also provides site visitors with ways to make some extra money such as promoting their merchandise and products on their blogs and personal websites. The company has a good support system in place to help customers with any order related problems. Free shipping with no minimum is a top highlight as that feature alone is slowly becoming a rarity among e-commerce retailers. is a great e-commerce site where you can get fantastic bargains on your favorite styles and accessories. - Women premium online fashion store offers customers a great selection of women fashion apparel and accessories. Rock bottom prices can be found with savings up to 80% off in the clearance rack. Review Review

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