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1 Apr 2016 is a company that lets prepaid cell phone owners fund their accounts with secure online payments.


I found Recarga after several unsatisfying experiences with a similar company. I had recently switched to prepaid phones because I wanted to lower my family’s monthly expenses. The problem mostly came from my kids, who didn’t understand that they were running up high bills by using their phones too much. I wanted them to use their phones when they needed them, but I didn’t want them using them excessively. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

I talked to them about the importance of conserving money, but you know how kids are. I decided to switch to prepaid accounts because it would help me keep a closer eye on how much they were spending. I quickly learned that I could also benefit from using a prepaid cell phone account. They weren’t the only ones using their phones too much. I found that I could cut my costs in half by using a prepaid option that helped me control my usage more.

While I didn’t have a very satisfying experience with the first company that I used, I was determined to find an option that would work better. I knew that the prepaid option was best for my family. I just needed to find a company that gave us the services we deserve. After nearly a year of using Recarga, I can say that I definitely found a company that matches my needs. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

Top Features of Recarga

There are a lot of things that I appreciate about Recarga. I am going to write about some of my favorite features in different sections. I think that will be the easiest way to keep focus on the reasons I like using Recarga.

Instant Top Ups

Before I started using Recarga, I was buying prepaid cards that helped keep my phone bills low. Unfortunately, buying the cards was a bit of a hassle. I had to either go to the store to buy a new one or call the card’s hotline to add funds. Even when I added money to my account, it would some times take a few hours before I could use the phone. It was a real bother. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

With Recarga, I have never had that problem. When I top up my account, the minutes are instantly available. That’s the way that I need my phone to work. If I have calls to make, then I can’t sit around waiting for minutes to get added. I need my account credited immediately so I can go about my business.

Just because I want to save money by using a prepaid phone doesn’t mean that I’m okay with delays. Recarga makes it possible for me to benefit from low prices and convenience. It’s the best account funding option that I’ve found so far.

Fund Multiple Accounts

My family has several different types of phones from various providers. This could possibly make funding those accounts inconvenient, but Recarga lets me add minutes to all of their devices from one place. Instead of messing around with a bunch of different providers, I use one account to make sure everyone has the minutes that they need. All I do is enter their numbers, choose how much money I want to add, and press a button to get the job done. It can’t get much easier than that. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

Payment Options

Recarga seems to accept just about every kind of credit card that I’ve ever heard of. I primarily use a Visa, but I also have a Hipercard that I use some times.

No matter which one works best for me at the time, I can use it to add money to my accounts.

More Account Control

I mentioned above that I switched to prepaid cell phone accounts because I wanted to lower the amount of money that I spent on my family’s communication services. I’ll explain a little more of that here to make sure you understand how Recarga gives me more account control.

With Recarga, I get full control over how much money I spend on my family’s cell services. I’ve given them specific amounts that they can use each month. If they go over those amounts, then they simply don’t have access anymore. If they stay under, then I’ll still add more money to their accounts next month. I’m trying to teach them that saving is a good idea and that there are different ways to save by cutting your expenses. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

The good thing is that my kids don’t have access to their own accounts. I control all of it through my phone’s app. I just enter their numbers and payment information to add funds at the beginning of each month. That way, they can’t download a lot of music or use too much data.

I also like that this helps me keep track of what my kids do with their phones. If one of them suddenly spends a lot of money, then I can ask what they were doing. They’re never doing anything bad, but I think it helps to let them know that I am watching. Hopefully that helps them avoid temptation. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

Mobile App Operating Systems

You can add money to your accounts through mobile apps that are made specifically for:

  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android

That should give you all of the options that you need for your phone. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

Recarga Prices

It’s hard to say exactly how much charges for its services because payments vary according to the provider you use. If you use a Nextel phone, then you might pay a slightly different price than someone who uses a Vivo phone.

I can say that my family gets extremely low prices for our minutes. I have a Claro phone and the other three members of my family have Oi phones. There phones are slightly cheaper than mine, but I like mine so it’s not a big deal. The difference in the price is tiny anyway. I would guess that I spend about R$3 more per month than the my wife and sons. It’s not enough money to really worry about. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

What’s important to me is that I’m getting the best possible deal on a cell service that matches my needs. I don’t have to pay additional fees that will make my service more expensive than necessary. In that regard, I can’t imagine that there are many companies that can out compete Recarga.

Criticism of Recarga

I’ve never had any problems with Recarga. Seeing this criticisms section, however, made me wonder what problems other people might have encountered while using the company. I did a quick Internet search to see what they were saying. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

The only complaints that I could find were from people arguing that they wouldn’t use the service because they could just pay for their accounts directly through their providers. It’s amusing to note that these were people who had never even used Recarga. They simply had a reason not to try it so they seemed to think that their uninformed opinions were worth sharing.

What these people don’t realize is that some families have several accounts from different companies. You could fund your accounts by contacting each one, but using Recarga makes more sense because you can do it all from one place. Why would I spend more time than I need to? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

IT would be one thing if Recarga charged extra fees for funding accounts. But it doesn’t. Some people are always talking about things that they don’t know anything about.

Recarga Customer Support - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

I have never had to contact customer support. For practically a year now, everything has worked as expected. I would much rather work with a company that gets things right the first time than a company that needs a lot of customer support services to make up for its mistakes.

I guess you could consider the websites FAQ section a kind of customer support service. In that case, I would have to say that Recarga is quite good. I’ve found answers to every question on that page. It covers everything from payment options to privacy concerns.

Conclusion - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere

I know that you have a lot of options when it comes to paying for cell service. If you’re like me, then you have already discovered that you can save a lot of money by using prepaid options instead of paying monthly rates.

I’m sure that there are other companies out there that work well. So far, Recarga stands out as the best option for my family, though. I would suggest taking a few minutes to visit the website and see whether it offers the services that you need. You might even open an account and give it a try. If you for some reason don’t like it, then you don’t have to add more money to your account. There’s minimal risk involved.

In my opinion, though, I think that you will find Recarga’s services more than satisfactory. - Online Mobile Top up anytime, anywhere
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