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23 Dec 2016

Internet marketing tools help people advertise their business online. They work to improve customer relationships and gain leads. An all-in-one SEO platform can help a company gain the attention they need. This exactly what businesses will get through

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools


Link-Assistant works to help companies with SEO optimization. This includes allowing them to find sites that are relevant to link to, as well as those that include links to competitors. Sites that are already linked back to the company website, and sites that meet keyword search terms, can also be discovered easily using this software.

Generating a link directory is another common goal provided by Link-Assistant. It works to gather all potential websites that are safe to link to, and creates a directory of the information so it can be utilized as the company sees fit. It pulls email addresses as well, so these other sites can be reached out to in order to create a link partnership.

Powerful keyword research, content optimization, and accurate ranking are what is offered from this site. Companies can utilize this to become fully optimized and ahead of the business. Several software options are available to ensure each business receives the exact results they desire.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

Top Features of

There are a handful of top features users can enjoy from

User Perks

The site offers user perks. These are special deals provided to site users who sign up for the tools and software available through Link-Assistant. The exclusive discounts include percentages off yearly subscriptions to other helpful sites, saving money on signing up to these sites, and free credits toward site use. Up to 20 offers are available at any given time that Link-Assistant users can take advantage of whenever they desire.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Users can purchase the software available through Link-Assistant without having to worry about it working for them. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that ensures anyone who is not satisfied can get their money back. This makes it more worthwhile to purchase, as there is a window of opportunity to try out the software and see if it truly works, before sending it back in if it does not meet a company’s needs.

Six Months of Free Search Algorithms

The software works to gather the latest data from search engines across the web. Continuous software enhancements are made to ensure this algorithm is always working accurately and pulling the correct data needed. The information can then be stored as projects online using Powersuite Cloud. The search algorithm is free for six months. After that, users can spend $19.95 per month on basic tools to keep the algorithm updated. This works for the Professional version. The Enterprise version requires a $39.95 for the algorithms to continue working efficiently each month.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

Bug Fixes and Improvements are Free for Life

Bugs may develop within the software, and improvements may need to be made. When these changes happen, the software will be updated, and anyone who owns previous versions will receive the updates for free. All improvements and bug fixes will be free for life to ensure a software program that works well, always.

Free Version

While there are two main types of software available for purchase, there is also a free version. This allows customers to try out some of the software’s features at no cost. Users can simply input their name and email address, and links to the free downloadable software will be emailed to them immediately so they can begin checking it out.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools Prices

There are two main software options available to choose from, SEO Powersuite Professional and SEO Powersuite Enterprise.

SEO Powersuite Professional

Originally $499
on sale for $299
This professional software works well for anyone who owns a website. It is high quality, yet not too extensive to where it is difficult to understand. The reports on this version are printed with watermarks, but all data is still highly readable. Cloud storage is for up to 20 projects. There is a task scheduler included, a history of backlinks, link management, an unlimited number of keywords, and much more.

SEO Powersuite

Originally $1199
on sale for $699
This software is intended for agencies and other professional SEO companies. The reports are printed with no watermarks, making all information easy to read and understand. It also offers white-labeling reports for clients, automatic scheduled report delivery, exporting data to html, txt, or csv files, and cloud storage for up to 400 projects. All of this is paired with the features of the professional software option.


$199 for Professional, $399 for Enterprise
BuzzBundle is a separate software option available through Link-Assistant, unrelated to the previous software options. There is a free edition that can be downloaded so people can try it out before they buy the full version. This software monitors social media platforms and and manages information on these sites. This also comes included with user perks, and has a six-month maintenance plan included with search algorithm software. After the six months, an additional plan will have to be added to keep the algorithms up to date and working efficiently. Companies can promote their brands and track competitors easily using BuzzBundle.

Criticism of

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

The main criticism of is in reference to the prices. Many argue that they should not have to pay a fee for the software, and then continue to pay each month in order to keep it working. Once the six month period is up for the free search algorithm, the software no longer works efficiently. Users must continue to pay each month in order to keep it running. While this is a small fee for many businesses, some have a hard time spending the money. This is a situation that people will find with most SEO companies. Regular payments and plans are going to be needed in order to keep search algorithms and up to date and working with the times.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

Customer Support

There are a variety of methods available for getting in touch with support staff. A customer care section is included on This area provides a FAQ section where a variety of the most common questions are answered prior to purchase. This includes things like what is included in the toolkit, how to upgrade the free license, and whether or not there is a charge for bug fixes. There is also a knowledgebase, including questions that customers regularly ask while using the software. This includes things like whether it can be installed under a guest user on Windows, how to receive an invoice, how it is installed, and creating a new project in LinkAssistant.

A learning center is even available. It shows video tutorials to walk customers through the software tools. The videos include an introduction to the software, steps for creating a project, starting link-building outreach, and much more.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

Those that still need assistance can submit a support ticket. Customers can select the question most related to the problem they need assistance with, such as question and software use, billing, error in software, lost license key, partner/affiliate question, or feature request. Click the blue next button will open up a section where further details can be provided. This includes name, email address, the specific product being discussed, and a message related to what the precise question is. Once the ticket is submitted, a customer service representative will be in touch shortly.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

Anyone that would like a more immediate response can utilize the live chat feature offered from Link-Assistant. The chat opens up in a new window. Users should include their full name and email so a copy of the response can be sent there afterward. It is also best to provide a full question so the chat assistant spoken with can respond promptly. He or she will ask additional questions in order to fully understand the request, and provide the customer with the information they need.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

A forum is also available, where customers can receive help from others in the community. A variety of people are regularly available in the forums to answer questions and provide helpful feedback. General discussions of the software, specific product details, announcements, and more are available on the forum. Customers can read through the previously asked questions from others, or submit their own question to see what responses they get.

Social media is also a popular method for getting in contact with customer service. Using the Facebook page, Twitter account, Google +, or LinkedIn of Link-Assistant, customers can send a message and reach out to support staff to have their questions answered promptly.

Final Thoughts

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools

An easy-to-use toolkit featuring important SEO techniques for businesses is what is offered by Link-Assistant. Backlinks, reports, and rankings are all provided for complete SEO optimization for a site.

While a basic SEO version can be downloaded for free, companies that truly want the business for their business can purchase an advanced software program through Link-Assistant that will keep them at the top of their game.

Link-Assistant - All in One SEO Software and SEO Tools offers powerful keyword research, content optimization, and accurate ranking data. Companies can utilize this to become fully optimized and ahead of the business. Several software options are available to ensure each business receives the exact results they desire.

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