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22 Nov 2015

Lovely Wholesal is an online wholesale store from China with Impressively low prices, wide selection of products, plus sized clothing and secure payment methods including PayPal and Western Union.



Lovely Wholesale is an online retail store based in Shanghai, China. The store was started in 2011 to give people all over the world access to fine products made in Asia. Since countries in Asia can manufacture their products less expensively than those in North America and Europe, Lovely Wholesale can outcompete most other stores. - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

Top Features of Lovely Wholesale

I think Price is probably my favorite feather of Lovely Wholesale. Since there’s a section below that discusses price, though, I won’t list it here. I’ve included several things, though, that make Lovely Wholesale a good option for me.

Plus Sizes - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

I’m a fairly large girl, so I’m always looking for stores that have awesome plus size clothes. Unfortunately, most of the clothing stores where I live in the United States don’t seem very interested in selling clothes to women my size. I don’t know why. There are plenty of us, and we have money to spend.

Lovely Wholesale isn’t discriminating against us. The company knows that women of all sizes love beautiful clothes. Just because my body doesn’t look the way some people think it should look, doesn’t mean that I don’t like nice clothes. I love clothes that are made well and look good on me. Lovely Wholesale gets that.

Big Catalog

I want to shop at a site that offers diverse clothing options and styles. It seems that a lot of websites focus too much on a specific style. I don’t like that. I want more.

Lovely Wholesale gives me more.

The company literally has thousands of items for sale. These include:

woman dress red

Women's clothes
Women’s clothes




Accessories - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

Lovely Wholesale even sells cosplay costumes. I’m not really into that kind of dressing up, but isn’t that awesome. I love that I can buy so many types of clothes and accessories at the same site. It sure beats giving my payment information to a bunch of websites. These days, you can never be too careful about who you give your personal info to.

Free Shipping Items - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

For the most part, you have to pay for your order’s shipping. Considering how inexpensive Lovely Wholesale’s items are, you will still save a bunch of money even after you pay the shipping fees.

Lovely Wholesale, however, has a whole category of items that it calls Free Shipping. All of the items in this category will ship to you for free. You don’t have to pay anything other than the product cost.

Just because these items get lumped into the same category, doesn’t mean that they are all the same. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Free Shipping has a lot of diversity. It’s almost like a smaller, even more affordable version of the website.

I’ll give you a short list of Free Shipping products that I have bought, just to give you an idea of this diversity:

  • Some headbands
  • A ring
  • Several earrings
  • Two shirts

All of these purchases shipped within 24 hours of my order. They were really cheap, the shipping was free, and Lovely Wholesale got it in the mail as soon as they could. Isn’t it obvious why I keep shopping there?

$5 Good Advice - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

I always find weird flaws in websites. I’ve worked as a designer, so I guess I’m just trained to spot those little details.

Normally, this doesn’t get me anything other than frustration. With Lovely Wholesale, though, I can submit my advice and get $5 for my effort. Once you have the $5 coupon, you can apply it to any of your purchases, or you can choose to buy any of the items specifically listed as $5.

I don’t know if many people take advantage of this. Nor do I know exactly how Lovely Wholesale decides whether advice is good. What I do know is that I’ve gotten plenty of free items for nothing more than telling Lovely Wholesale what I think. - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

Lovely Wholesale Prices

Lovely Wholesale has really cheap prices. That’s the main reason that I keep buying from them. That and I think the clothes are really cute. If you start buying from this company instead of the retail stores in your area, you will absolutely save money. There is just no way a brick-and-mortar store could match these low prices.

Lovely Wholesale also makes it easy for you to pay for your purchases. I use PayPal because I already had the account well before I started shopping with Lovely Wholesale. The website’s PayPal button will also let you pay with a credit card, if you prefer that. Personally, I think it’s best to just use PayPal. That way, you give websites less information about yourself. - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

Although I have never used it, I know that Lovely Wholesale also accepts payments via Western Union and Money Gram. If you don’t want a PayPal account or you don’t have a credit card, then I guess this could be a good option for you.

Recently, Lovely Wholesale started giving 8% off to customers who pay with Western Union. They seem to like that payment method. The 8% discount helps offset the fees that you would have to pay Western Union.

Criticisms of Lovely Wholesale

I do have a criticism, but I’m not sure it’s even worth mentioning here because there is nothing Lovely Wholesale can do to improve. Still, I think you should know it. It wouldn’t be fair not to say something just because it isn’t the company’s fault.

Like a lot of companies that ship items from Asia, Lovely Wholesale orders take quite a while to reach the United States. Even when the company ships your order within 24, it will still take at least five days to reach your house. In some cases, it can take more than a week. - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

I know that Lovely Wholesale ships orders quickly. Since I know that, I’ve decided that customs must be at fault. I have a feeling that either China, the United States, or one of the many countries in between is way too concerned about poking around in boxes. Come on, I order from this company all the time. Is there a good reason to hold a box of dresses and earrings? Aren’t there more pertinent things customs can do?

But, this is the reality of the situation, and it’s probably not going to change.

For that reason, I would not recommend using Lovely Wholesale to buy anything that you will need within a couple days. Yes, orders sometimes arrive earlier than you expect, but it’s completely unpredictable. If you want a new skirt for a party this weekend, I would suggest going to a store near you. Ordering online (especially from a company located on the other side of the planet) probably isn’t the best option. There’s just too much of a chance that your order won’t arrive in time.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s a pretty minor complaint, especially since it isn’t Lovely Wholesale fault. I just order things in advance so I never have to worry about shopping at the last minute.

Lovely Wholesale Customer Support - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

Lovely Wholesale’s customer support center is open Monday through Saturday, 24 hours a day. So, they’re only closed on Sundays.

You can contact the company via Live Chat, submitting a ticket, or using Facebook. I think they’re also available on Skype, but I don’t use Skype.

I can only remember contacting customer support once. Something I ordered had arrived slightly damaged. In fact, the whole package was damaged. It obviously had a rough trip across the ocean. I submitted a ticket and someone from Lovely Wholesale got back to me within 24 hours. They apologized and helped me get a refund. They didn’t even want the damaged item back. I think they didn’t want to bother with the shipping.

So, my experience was pretty good. If they meet all of their customers’ needs that well, then I can’t imagine anyone being unsatisfied. - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

Pros of Using Lovely Wholesale

thumbs up
  • Impressively low prices
  • Wide selection
  • Plenty of plus sized clothing
  • Strong customer services
  • 8% discount for paying with Western Union
thumbs down

Cons of Using Lovely Wholesale

  • Orders can get delayed in customs


Conclusion - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price

I buy almost everything online these days. Over the last year, I can only remember one or two times that I bought clothes in a real store. Despite this, I have a closet stuffed with everything from elegant gowns to cute tops. I know how to comparison shop online. The proof is bulging out of my closet.

I think this makes me someone who can pass judgment on whether an online store is good or not. And I absolutely think that Lovely Wholesale is a very good store.

Is it the right store for you?

That, I cannot answer. You’ll have to consider what I’ve written here, visit the website, and decide for yourself.

If you share my preferences, then I feel confident recommending Lovely Wholesale to you. - Buy women's fashion, shoes, dresses and more at wholesale price Review Review


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