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30 Oct 2016

Fashion trends can change overnight, leaving you with an outdated look that impresses no one. Keeping your wardrobe up to date can easily break the bank, what’s a working girl to do? To buy the newest fashions at the lowest prices, you need to go online.

There are an incredible number of retailers online to choose from, what you need to do is:

  • Find the most reliable business
  • Make sure they have the widest selection of styles, outfits, shoes and accessories
  • Make sure they have the best prices for high quality merchandise

I did all that for you and found, one of the best sources of high quality, high fashion clothes, accessories and shoes on the internet. is the premier online destination for the most chic and cutting edge fashion. They’re based in California and service a worldwide customer base. - Online clothing and fashion store takes pride in delivering the most affordable luxury fashion merchandise with bargain pricing and over-the-top customer service.

This is a detailed look at this fantastic source for amazing deals.

About got its start right here in the U.S.A. way back in 1996 by Debra Cannon and her daughter, Colleen Winter in Chico California. Back then they called their business LuLu’s fashion Lounge and operated out of a storefront. After 8 successful years they opened Gigi’s Shoe Parlor in Chico.

The shoe store is long gone now and the entrepreneurial mother-daughter team has grown the business into an online fashion retailer located in a massive 15,000 square foot building. employs 90 people and ships an impressive 1000 orders a day. - Online clothing and fashion store has been a steadily growing success in Chico, California. They shipped 248,786 orders in 2010, and then increased sales up to 379,660 in 2011 and their 2013 figures show that they shipped out a monstrous 503,539 orders and almost a million registered members! On a typical day there can be over almost 2 thousand visitors online. has even expanded into their own clothing brand, which they design in-house and have manufactured in Los Angeles. is a 100% American success story providing shoppers worldwide with great fashion and amazing prices.

The web presence was established in 2005 and has continued to grow in popularity every year since.

The Best Features of

One of the most amazing features of is the extremely profitable affiliate program. wants to share their success with you by offering the opportunity to make affiliate sales and earn a healthy percent of the order price.

Share the Love - Online clothing and fashion store

If you love shopping with you can share that love with others buy promoting their online sales to your own audience, and start making money as a fashionistas. Create a following and lead them to the amazing products, fashion and accessories they can find on loves their fans! They’ll make special coupon codes just for your followers, making you the go to girl for up to date fashions at unbelievable prices. Just imagine having a coupon code named after your affiliate marketing blog, the cache is enormous.

Discounts on loves discounts! They love saving you money so much they have an entire section of the website named “sale” and dedicated all the money saving deals they have on high fashion.

Shopping by the Discount

At you can shop by the discount: - Online clothing and fashion store
  • Get edgy fashion at 20% off
  • Rock your personal look with 30% off
  • Buy yourself a new wardrobe at a screaming 50% off
  • Buy your friends a new wardrobe too with an eye-watering 70% off!

Just click on the discount amount you’re interested in investigating and browse the near endless selection of beautiful clothes and accessories that can be yours. is the mega-destination on the web for discount hunters; spend happy hours picking over the possibilities.

Shopping by Category

At the happy bargain hunter can narrow their focus down to shopping great sales by category. Just click on an option:

women's dress
All clothing on sale

The hottest shoes
The hottest shoes

Dresses that will turn heads
Dresses that will turn heads

women's Bottoms
Bottoms that flatter your figure and rock an original look

Accessories to make any look totally your own

Jewelry that will turn heads
Jewelry to set off whatever style you’re strutting - Online clothing and fashion store

Hit the All Sale Link

If you have a spare few hours grab a glass of wine, strap yourself in and hit the “all sale” link. Be transported to dozens of web-pages, each absolutely stuffed with the most incredible products, fashions and accessories you’ll see on sale anywhere.

This is the most tempting collection of the hottest, edgiest and best looking fashion merchandise. Buy a notepad and take notes because you will not be able to keep track of how many must-haves will pass before your eyes.

Free Shipping

You have to go shop at just for the free shipping on orders over $50. Even better; loves shoppers with a free return shipping policy on all orders! Can get any better? The most incredible prices on bleeding edge fashion, a “share the wealth” affiliate program and they even pay the shipping costs for you! - Online clothing and fashion store

The Selection

When you go to an online retailer you want one stop shopping; no one wants to do search after search for that special something. lets you find everything in one location, pay one total price and enjoy the benefits of free shipping and returns.

The Dresses does dresses like nobody else on the web:

  • Super hot little black dresses
  • Contour hugging bodycon dresses
  • Sexy and demure backless dresses
  • Steaming hot cocktail dresses
  • Attention grabbing club dresses
  • Memory making vacation dresses - Online clothing and fashion store

Special Event Wear

Go to to find something to make a memorable occasion into a once in a lifetime event! has a gorgeous selection of the highest quality special occasion fashion:

  • Ravishing homecoming dresses
  • Wedding guest dresses to make the bride jealous
  • Bridesmaid dresses to frame the bride and groom in beauty
  • Formal dresses to turn all eyes toward you
  • Super sexy outfits for that rock’n girls night out

Shoes for Any Fashion Statement

You need something to wear with all those awesome clothes and has it!

Shop the mind-boggling collection of fashion foot-wear available on

  • Flats and sneakers
  • Boots from ankle to over the knee, from flats to high heels
  • Wedges
  • Vegan shoes! - Online clothing and fashion store

Sandals That Make Summer

When it just has to be sandals check out the selection at

  • Flat sandals
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Thong sandals
  • Sandals with heels
  • Even wedge sandals Prices

The prices on are hands down, some of the lowest prices I’ve seen for such incredibly top quality merchandise. Every time you visit the website you’re confronted with the most tempting collection of sales and discounts you’ll see outside of super secret sales outlets. - Online clothing and fashion store

Criticism of

There really isn’t anything negative to say about The only thing about shopping on the website is just how the time flies while you look at all the great fashions on sale. You’ll start shopping and before you know it hours have gone by!

On a more serious note; you really do need to exercise immense self-control when you shop at It’s so easy to completely blow the rent money on outrageous deals. Customer Service

My experience with customer service has always been wonderful. They offer instant online chat from 5 am to 9 pm PST, which will connect you with a friendly representative who will do their best to help you resolve any issues you might have. - Online clothing and fashion store

You want to speak to someone directly you say? has it covered! Great people man the phones from 5 am to 9 pm PST, 7 days a week to talk with you.

Of course you can always email at their sweet email address:

Why You Should Shop - Online clothing and fashion store

If you absolutely need to look fantastic wherever you go, but don’t have millions of dollars for your fashion budget, you have no better choice than to use

If you want to do business with a generous company that is happy to share the wealth with an amazing affiliate program; look no further than

Is free shipping and returns important to you when you be clothes and accessories online? will fit the bill every time, giving you the confidence to shop without risk.

The customer service at is like talking to a close friend; they really try their best to resolve the slightest issue you may have with your order. If you just have a question about something before you buy, they will look up the information for you.

Shopping with is like going to your favorite boutique.

If your favorite boutique was thousands of square feet of fashion, and had a virtually endless selection at outlet prices.

All without having to leave home. got its start right here in the U.S.A. way back in 1996 by Debra Cannon and her daughter, Colleen Winter in Chico California. Back then they called their business LuLu’s fashion Lounge and operated out of a storefront. After 8 successful years they opened Gigi’s Shoe Parlor in Chico.


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