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AlpineTrek is an extension of The company was founded in 2006, in South Germany by two passionate outdoor sportsmen who couldn’t easily procure all the items they needed for their pack.


If you love outdoor adventure, AlpineTrek provides the apparel and gear you need to get started. The website is clean, easy to navigate, and focuses on new items and top rated products.  Customers can select from over 120,000 products, ranging from clothing, shoes, and gear for climbing and beyond.

Over 500 brands of outdoor apparel and goods are for sale. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Men, women, and children can all find the perfect apparel and gear for an outdoor adventure. Seasoned and novice climbers, winter sports goers, and cyclists alike can all find quality merchandise at an accessible price. Over 750,000 passionate outdoor sports lovers trust AlpineTrek to provide the goods and services they need for venturing the great outdoors.

AlpineTrek provides the perfect online store for avid climbers and athletes, because you can discover the best backpacks, clothing, safety gear, and resource books all in one place. Instead of dealing with frustration trying to find everything you need, and having to shop at multiple stores, AlpineTrek provides a store packed with great products and knowledgeable, friendly staff for customer support. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

About AlpineTrek

AlpineTrek is an extension of The company was founded in 2006, in South Germany by two passionate outdoor sportsmen who couldn’t easily procure all the items they needed for their pack. They decided to create their own company, focused on optimal sourcing of outdoor sports merchandise, quality customer service, and shipping quickly. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

When you want to break free of the monotony, and discover the mountains, go camping, or push the limits of your body, you want a place you can trust to find reliable products. AlpineTrek was created to showcase a clean platform that is easy to navigate, so youth and adults of all ages and skill levels can better equip themselves to enjoy the outdoors.

The 150 employees who work for AlpineTrek all have extensive backgrounds in climbing, camping, cycling, and hiking. Any customer who poses a question for the company will expediently receive an answer that is pertinent, not full of fluff or guesswork.

Best Featured Points

Outdoor sport lovers will appreciate that AlpineTrek stocks assorted goods and gear.

  • Customers can keep abreast with new products and deals via signing up for a recurring newsletter.
  • Climbing enthusiasts can find a wide selection of carabiners, ropes, harnesses, chalk and safety gear.
  • Base Camp is a blog that provides invaluable information for both seasoned veteran and novice outdoor sports goers.
  • Top brands like Patagonia, Marmot, E9, and Canada Goose are among available product lines for sale.
  • Quality footwear for trekking, cycling, and winter sports are available for men, women, and children.
  • On-target price points for merchandise, plus low-rate for free shipping, and top-notch customer service.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts can take part in AlpineTrek Partner Program and earn revenue for recommendations and advertisements. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Products Available

When shopping for clothing and gear on AlpineTrek, you won’t feel lost or confused. At the bottom of every product page, you will find information detailing product uses, recommended items, and things to know. Throughout your shopping experience, AlpineTrek creates a user experience that keeps customers engaged, informed, and builds a relationship of trust. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

AlpineTrek was created to help customers find the best products for adventures in rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, and braving the slopes in winter. Adults are not the only ones who can enjoy some outdoor sports activities, because kids can shop for clothing and gear too. In addition to regular priced items, customers can take advantage of outlet goods available online.


You’ll be ready to tackle the faces of mountains or climb despite the ice, thanks to the gear available online AlpineTrek. You can choose from ice picks, axes, crash pads, and climbing sets. Winter clothing and boots will help keep you warm and protect your step. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

When climbing in challenging patterns of weather, climbers can stock up on pulley systems, ropes, carabiners, and helmets to stay prepared. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Cycling Apparel & Gear

AlpineTrek has an assortment of bike parts for road bikes and mountain bikes. Top brand apparel is available, for a more comfortable ride, improved rider visibility for fewer accidents, and reduced drag. You won’t have to make a pitstop for long when out riding, because you can stow away energy bars and snacks in your backpack, so you’ll be ready for anything. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

AlpineTrek also has tools to maintain your ride and locks to deter would-be bike thieves. Backpacks made to endure lengthy sessions of cycling, are prepared to brave the elements but have room for snacks, tools, and a change of clothes.

Winter Sports Gear

If you love skiing, hiking, camping, or climbing in the winter, you’re going to need to stock up. There are goggles to protect eyes against blinding glares, down coats, and thermal underwear to stave off the chill. When you want to heat the slopes, you’ll be able to find snowshoes, trekking poles, and more all online AlpineTrek. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop


There’s nothing quite like sleeping in the wilderness, and AlpineTrek has you covered, whether you are a party of one or six. Not only will you find quality tents that are spacious and sturdily constructed, but you can pick up tarps, outdoor kitchen cutlery, sleeping bags, and multi-tools. You’ll be prepared to rough it outdoors, and look super suave outfitted with top quality gear. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Youth Apparel & Gear

The heart of outdoor adventures begins when young, and youth can enjoy winter sports, hiking, and climbing alongside their parents and friends. AlpineTrek has kids covered with rain suits, snowsuits, hats, gloves, and pants for multiple sports and weather patterns. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Stay Connected & Informed

Seasoned athletes and newbie outdoor sports goers can all appreciate that AlpineTrek has a fantastic comprehensive blog. Customers can enjoy articles teeming with information on tips and tricks for gear, interviews with athletes, and even discover the perfect geographical location for their next outdoor adventure. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

AlpineTrek was made to support the avid mountain climber and those who love trekking in the wilderness. People who occasionally make time for skiing and winter camping can also enhance their skills and knowledge base, all because of AlpineTrek’s blog. Base Camp is Alpine Trek’s blog that consistently provides you with updated quality information every time.

In addition to Base Camp as a resource for interested outdoor enthusiasts, passionate individuals can readily talk to customer support if they have any questions about their gear or apparel. All of the employees at AlpineTrek make an effort to test out products, offer their honest opinions, and regularly post on Base Camp to pass on information.

Customers recognize this action as an inclusive and human touch from the company. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Be A Partner for Outdoor Sports

AlpineTrek understands that there is incredible value in promoting the outdoors lifestyle. In fact, if customers also maintain blogs that focus on tips and tricks for camping, climbing, or other outdoor sports, they are welcome to join the AlpineTrek Partner Program. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

As a member of the AlpineTrek Partner Program, affiliate members can make extra cash for implanted advertisements, and even personal recommendations for the awesome gear sold at AlpineTrek. There is no cost or risk to be a part of the AlpineTrek Partner Program, and members can take advantage of a recurring newsletter, and email and phone support.

Being a member of the AlpineTrek Partner Program lets outdoor lovers enjoy some monetary perks for their passion.

Shipping & Handling

AlpineTrek works tirelessly to provide customers with a fantastic experience from start to finish. Deliveries go out within 3 to 5 working days, and orders that are a minimum of 50 pounds ships free. Customers enjoy a 30-day guarantee on their choice of purchases, and AlpineTrek offers a 2- year warranty. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Customer Feedback

AlpineTrek received official certification as a Trusted Shop in 2014. Since this company received its certification, it has maintained high marks for customer satisfaction. AlpineTrek nearly has a 5-star rating, with almost 8,000 reviews collected from customers. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Customers have rated AlpineTrek highly for its standard of excellence with the quality of goods sold, customer service, and rate of time for shipping and delivery. The price point for items is affordable, and the selection of apparel and gear is wide to meet various outdoor sporting needs. Both enthusiastic veterans and novice climbers, cyclists, and outdoor sports lovers value AlpineTrek.

Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of AlpineTrek because it ensures quality assurance and connectedness. The company has its contact information posted throughout the website, so customers can reach out to AlpineTrek representatives via email, phone, and fax if they have any questions. An FAQ section is provided on the website, to help customers better navigate their shopping experience. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop

Customers can inquire about their order, get feedback about the gear they want to purchase or voice any concerns. At AlpineTrek, customers are made to feel like they are talking to a trusted friend. This practice is used to make customers feel comfortable about shopping with the company and assists with locating the right product for their needs. - Outdoor gear and clothing online shop
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