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reviewed July 31, 2014 does a good job of providing job seekers with all of the help they need. In addition to being a great resource for those looking for their dream job, advertisers, publishers, and employers will also find it useful. Connecting job seekers to employers is the main focus for and it shows.


The job board is far from dying or dead, no matter what you may hear. For communicating employment opportunities to people you do not know, there simply is no more effective vehicle. For the employment market, job boards have become the essential channel. Of course, there is no one size fits all tool for distributing information. - online career network and job search platform

Operating on a single technical platform, you have the job boards of, which features thousands of domain names. has distribution in more than 15,000 job boards and hosts another 2,000. To pinpoint whether is right for you or your business, we review it in depth below.


Focused on helping people succeed and grow professionally, utilizes The Career Network. They are helping people build relationships around the globe and changing the way job searching is done. They are doing this by connecting employers and job seekers through over a thousand regional and industry communities and 75 unique career channels. - online career network and job search platform

Members have access to statistics, job search functions, industry and social research, and networking features and have a seven day a week, 24 hours per day online presence. does this by providing members with a personalized online Career Portfolio and powerful communication tools.

As a free job board serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area, was launched on January 1, 1998. To facilitate the staffing process for recruitment and employment agencies, within the year, the company had evolved into the 4Business Network to supply recruiting connectivity and software. The domain was acquired by the 4Business Network in 2000 to help them grow nationally.

The business has only continued to expand, and in 2005, it rebranded as The name change was representative of the corporate image of aiming to deliver service and product offerings that go beyond that of traditional job boards. To recruit talent around the world, now serves as a single point of contact for many United States businesses. - online career network and job search platform

Top Features of

The traditional resume is being uprooted by Acting as a destination to point recruiters and contacts to, creates a visually appealing infographic of your accomplishments, work history, awards, and skills. This gives you an artistic tool in your efforts to stand out for potential employers. Plus, you have a professional online presence by keeping the information updated. - online career network and job search platform

You will love’s Career Network if you like to keep up on all of the latest news, opinions, and trends in your field. In any of the hundreds of interactive talent communities, you can jump into the conversation.

When networking for a job or preparing for a job interview, you can uncover industry insights in these communities, so you can sound more knowledgeable. With the goal of supporting others seeking jobs in their field and sharing information, there are millions of people who use these communities every day.’s personality assessment tool is a great starting point for those who are considering entering a completely different career. This tool helps you identify your ideal job by figuring out what motivates you. Also, to find out what personality type you fall into, you can take the free personality questionnaire. - online career network and job search platform

You receive a Career Mapping Analysis Report and Candidate Personality Assessment after you complete the personality test. This helps you find the career path that is perfect for you based on your personality type. Prices

There are essentially two types of memberships for job seekers: Basic Membership and Premium Membership. Basic Membership is free and includes all of the features outlined above. They also help you with

  • Self-assessment tools
  • Interviewing
  • - online career network and job search platform
  • Job searching
  • Financial services
  • Portfolios and resumes
  • Continuing education

The Premium Membership costs $19.99 per month. It includes everything in the Basic Membership plus a whole host of other features. With Premium Membership, you will have access to the Twitter job feed, which allows you to see the over 200,000 jobs that are posted on Twitter. You will be showcased as being a featured applicant. - online career network and job search platform

Also, with the Premium Membership, you will be able to tailor your resume and cover letter to a specific company by gaining access to full company profiles. This will also help you prepare effectively for interviews. Finally, you will also gain a featured resume listing. At the top of employers’ resume search results, your resume will be featured.

This review is mainly focused on the benefits of for job seekers, but I will just touch on the benefits for employers too. There are many. For just $300 per month, you can access the database of over 30 million candidate profiles. That is a rather small investment when you think about what getting the perfect candidate to fill a position can do for your company!

Criticism of

In order to tailor their application to different companies or industries, many people like to use multiple resumes. Unfortunately, this process is not simple with, since they do not have a multiple resume upload feature. You must re-upload and re-edit for different applications if you cannot upload multiple resumes.

The Career Portfolio and other tools are supposed to compete with LinkedIn. You can apply directly to jobs using your LinkedIn profile. Though they are working on it and will likely launch it soon, at the time of this printing, does not allow you to do this. Consequently, it takes you a little bit longer to apply for jobs. - online career network and job search platform

To find out about other criticism of, I hit up online forums. The vast majority of comments were positive. There were a few people who had some of the same concerns I did. And, there were just a couple people who had scathing words for, but their gripes appeared to be beyond’s control.

Customer Support offers a wide array of ways to contact them. It appears their preferred mode of contact is through web form, since that is the main feature on their Contact Us page. In addition to web form, there is a toll free phone number, live chat, and physical address. If you are like me and want to try to solve the problem yourself before getting someone else involved, there is also an extensive FAQ section.

I tried the web form, since the site was pointing me to it, and I was not disappointed. I received a prompt response by email from a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative. She provided me with supporting documentation for my question and asked to see if there was anything else I needed help with.

It appears the customer support is only available during regular business hours because I did not get an answer when I tried to call late at night and on the weekends.

Conclusion - online career network and job search platform does a good job of providing job seekers with all of the help they need. In addition to being a great resource for those looking for their dream job, advertisers, publishers, and employers will also find it useful. Connecting job seekers to employers is the main focus for and it shows.

With their access to thousands of industry communities and dozens of career channels, is one of the most comprehensive job sites on the web. Professional success and growth are easily attainable with networking features, personalized online portfolios, industry research, and communications tools.

If you are looking for a job, should be the first stop in your search. And, if you are looking to fill a position, you will find to be the ideal place to find the best candidate. We strongly recommend this job site. - online career network and job search platform Review
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