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reviewed December 22, 2016

Dezzal is a woman’s clothing store dedicated to providing a wide range of fashionable choices to meet everyone’s tastes.


Fashion is different for everyone, with each woman having her own idea of what is fashionable and stylish. Typical clothing stores offer some of the basic styles, while online boutiques provide an assortment of style options that ensures each woman gets exactly what she desires. Dezzal is a woman’s clothing store dedicated to providing a wide range of fashionable choices to meet everyone’s tastes. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

About is commited to the customer. The site’s goal is to provide fearless fashion to all women. This fashion brand retailer stocks the finest styles and best brands, in order to bring the current trends and cutting-edge designs to their customers. Diverse, international styles are the focal point of the shop. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

The collection offered at Dezzal is extensive, ranging from formal wear to urban gear, chic outfits to basic leggings and jeans, and even bags and accessories. Exciting wear for young women, and sophisticated styles for older generations are all included.

Dezzal got its U.S. start in 2016, when it launched its global platform. The e-commerce conglomerate has brought together both well-known and lesser known designers to create a fashion empire with an assortment of design possibilities.

A number of clothing options offered by Dezzal are a one-size fit. This size typically fits women from an extra small to a medium. Various designers selling through Dezzal offer their own size options, many of them meeting typical standards, such as offering small, medium, large, and extra large. A 2xl is the largest size typically seen. A size chart is available to allow women to find their size based on the body measurements they input. This makes finding clothing options easier. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Top Products of Dezzal

There are a variety of top products sold by Dezzal that meet every woman’s fashion needs.


An entire collection of dresses is available through Dezzal. They do not only offer basic styles, but instead provide dresses for every occasion. Mini dresses, maxi dresses, sweater dresses, shirt dresses, knee length dresses, work dresses, evening dresses, and more are available. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online


Any outfit can be accessorized with a simple bag. Dezzal provides a number of bag options so the right style can be chosen for every outfit in the closet. Clutches, totes, shoulder bags, crossbody options, backpacks, tassel bags, bucket bags, evening bags, and even wallets and makeup bags are all possibilities. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Flash Sale

French styles, exciting ideas, casual bags, cross style accessories and more are available regularly through flash sales. These sales typically last just a day or two, giving shoppers a chance to receive discounts on some of the trending items at the time. Current sales are shown, as well as the next upcoming options coming up in another day or so. Four days is the usually the longest length of time a sale will last, providing a short window of opportunity for customers to get in on the great discounts. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online


Scarves are in every season. Women can wear them as a simple fashion accessory to help spruce up a look. There are over 300 styles of scarves to choose from on Dezzal. One of the popular options is the cat scarf, which makes it appear as though a cat is sitting on the shoulder. There are long scarves that can drape over the body, and even body scarves that cover the arms and chest completely. There are styles for both warm and cold days. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers are some of the trending fashion items of the time. These one piece items that offer both a shirt and pants in one are made in a variety of ways. There are unique colors and patterns that help set each one apart from the other. Sleeveless shirts paired with full-length pants, long-sleeves paired with capris, and other style choices are all available. Chiffon rompers, denim jumpsuits, cropped styles, and more are included in this selection. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online


What is fashion without jewelry? A number of jewelry items can be paired with an outfit to help accessorize the look and make it even more unique. It can help make a fashionable style that is worthwhile to wear. Dezzal offers more than 1,000 pieces of jewelry to choose from. Earrings are one of the top products in this category, while bracelets, necklaces, and even rings are also on the list. Each piece is unique, featuring different designs and colors that make them stand out. Prices

There is no fee associated with opening a Dezzal account. Anyone can sign up so they can easier access their order history and tracking information. The prices vary from item to item, with average costs ranging between $40 and $80 per piece. There are some that are much higher, reaching well over $100. Sales are at least held regularly to offer discounted items, including the flash sales that just last for a day or so. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Every purchase from Dezzal comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This gives customers an opportunity to see their fashion choices in person before deciding if it is for them. If it does not fit well, or there is a problem with the order, any customer can get their money back if they return the products within the 30 days.

Customers have the opportunity to receive free shipping. When they spend at least $60, free shipping is offered on the order. This only includes standard shipping. Orders of $60 or more will see an express shipping fee of $4.99, which has the items arriving in three to five business days after the order has been processed. Standard orders totalling $59 and below include a shipping fee of $4.99, with orders arriving in five to eight business days. Express shipping for this amount equates to $7.99. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Criticism of - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

The main criticism of is in regards to the sizes. The one-size-fits-all options are only available for women who wear extra small, small, or medium. This is not the average size that most women fit into. While some offerings do say they include large, extra large, and even 2XL, the conversion chart pinpoints these sizes as being closer to 4, 6, and 8. This means only smaller women can benefit from the clothing on this site. For a clothing store that talks about offering something for everyone, they are not including more average-sized women. The site is tailored to smaller women only.

The prices are another concern for some. With the smaller sizes, it is difficult for some to be willing to spend upwards of $50 on one clothing item. There are even dresses that reach as high as $300 on the site. Without knowing much about some of these designers, and not being able to try on an item, it seem that some of these prices are rather high. Shopping the sale items and checking out flash sales when the site has them is going to be these critics’ best bet for making a more affordable purchase.

Customer Support

Dezzal offers phenomenal customer support. Representatives can be reached 24 hours a day in order for customers to receive the care and attention they need. Visit the support center on in order to manage orders, track shipments, check payment methods, learn about product shipping, or consult the warranty and return policies. Those that do not find what they are looking for, or require more specific assistance, can submit a ticket. By providing details for the inquiry, as well as contact information, customers will be able to speak with a representative shortly about their dilemma. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

There is an English Customer Care Team available by phone, which can be reached at +(001)518-772-2117. The helpline number is available from Monday through Sunday, between the hours of 08:30 to 18:00 (UTC +8).

Before sales are made, potential customers can speak to a customer support representative via a live chat platform. This allows women to have all their burning questions answered before they make their final purchasing decisions. There is a list of questions to choose from to make the service faster and more reliable. Questions may include information on products, whether or not an item is in stock, whether something comes in a particular size or color, or how long shipping will take. Customers can also find information related to payment issues they are having with trying to place an order. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Dezzal also has a Facebook page where products are showcased. Potential customers can reach out to customer representative through their page in order to have questions answered. There is a messaging system available, or they can simply leave feedback in the comment section to receive a response.

Final Thoughts - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online

Women looking for fashionable accessories and clothing items to meet their needs should choose Dezzal. A variety of options are available, ranging from sleek and sassy to young and trendy.

This online fashion boutique offers both in-house designers for new styles, and an assortment of deals with brand name designers for fashion that women already love. - Shop for Women's Fashion and Designer Clothes Online review
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