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15 Apr 2015

An attractive and user-friendly website can help any online entrepreneur to build a respectable web presence. In order to run a successful company, an online business owner must create a company webpage that attracts customers. is dedicated to bringing its customers professional looking website templates and themes at an affordable price. Members can find thousands of unique products created by top designers.

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates

About is an open online marketplace where designers can sell website themes and templates to customers all over the world. Mojo-Themes offers over 2000 different products that have been individually handcrafted by talented designers and developers. More than 120,000 registered members can purchase a variety of different themes and templates, including:

WordPress Themes

Create a fresh and professional look for your WordPress CMS or blog-based website.
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HTML Templates

A simple way to launch a complex website that doesn’t require the use of a content management system or extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS coding.
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Joomla Templates

Transform your CMS or blog-based website using an attractive and user-friendly Joomla template.
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Tumblr Themes

Use an intuitive and flexible theme to create a unique design for your Tumblr page.
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Email Templates

Maintain good customer relations with professional looking email and newsletter templates that work across a wide variety of email platforms.
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PSD Templates

Customize an eye-catching web design and code your own HTML or CSS based site.
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Since its beginning, has quickly expanded to become a popular destination for website designers to connect with customers. The company is currently fine tuning additional programs intended to improve the website’s overall customer experience. The Mojo-Themes team is developing a setup service where a trained professional will install and customize a theme for a customer. This service makes it easy for even computer novices to quickly create a professional looking business site.

The Best Features of

Before purchasing a theme or template, customers are able to view a free demo of the product. This allows them to get a feel for the layout, look and interface of a theme before spending any money on it. All of the products sold through Mojo-Themes are affordable and include complimentary support and free updates after purchase.

Customers can take advantage of coupon codes at checkout to get discounts on popular products. Upcoming promotions are advertised on the company’s official blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed. also posts articles to its social media pages that are of interest to both online business owners and web designers.

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates

Customers can save a significant amount of money by using over many competitors, but that doesn’t mean that sellers are shortchanged. All designers and developers that sell products through are guaranteed to earn at least a 50% commission on all orders. Vendors are given the choice between selling their themes exclusively through and selling non-exclusively through as many sites as desired. Non-exclusive sellers earn a flat commission of 50% on all sales.

Those designers who commit to selling their themes and templates exclusively through are able to earn higher commissions as their sales increase. Exclusive sellers start out receiving that same 50% commission as non-exclusive sellers, but once they hit over 200 orders, they begin to earn 55% commission. With enough sales, exclusive sellers can earn up to 70% commission on their products.

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates also offers both shoppers and vendors the opportunity to earn some extra cash through an affiliate program. All account holders are automatically given an affiliate ID that can be used to create a link or banner on a blog, social media page or personal website. Every time a member directs a paying customer to, he or she earns a 30% commission on that customer’s first purchase.

Buyers and sellers are all able to connect with each other through the forums. Here, customers can find information about different Mojo-Theme products and how to use them, while sellers can organize and collaborate using the Joint Forces forum. aims to foster a tightly knit and supportive community of designers, developers and customers that work together to create better products.

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates

Criticism of allows customers to view demos and screenshots before purchasing a product, but there is still some buyer risk involved when shopping through the website. It is difficult for a customer to get a refund for a theme that he or she isn’t happy with. Refunds are only given in very rare instances where a product is not functioning properly or is advertised incorrectly. If a customer simply decides that the style or interface of a theme is unappealing, then a refund will not be granted.

To receive a refund, a Mojo-Themes member must contact the customer service department and request an investigation of the faulty product. If the company finds something wrong with the product, they will attempt to fix the problem. A refund is only ever approved if the technical team cannot solve the issue in question. Customer Support

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates customers can find the answers to many common support questions through the Mojo-Themes Knowledge Base, available through the Mojo-Themes support page.

If a customer can’t find the answer to his or her question, then the support team can be contacted on weekdays from 8a.m. until 6p.m. (MST) via a webform.

Questions and concerns regarding individual products should be directed towards the seller. The purchase of every theme comes with complimentary customer support.

Customers can reach the seller directly through the product page for help with technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

    [+] Can I purchase a template or theme from without registering?
    Yes, customers can buy products using a secure 1-click checkout via PayPal.
    [+] Which payment options does offer to sellers?
    A seller is able to request access to payments only once he or she has earned at least $50.00. Payments are made on the 15th of each month via PayPal.
    [+] How long do I have after buying a product to download it?
    You can download a product and save it to your hard drive at any point after purchase. If a seller removes the product from the marketplace, then you can no longer download it.
Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates

Pros of

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  • Inexpensive
  • Free demos
  • Complimentary support and free upgrades after purchase
  • 50-70% commission for sellers
  • Affiliate program
  • Community forums
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Cons of

  • Difficult to get a refund


Why Should I Use

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates sells a wide variety of high-quality, professional looking website themes and templates. Buyers are able to choose from thousands of inexpensive HTML templates, WordPress themes and other products. The open nature of the site means that new and innovative designs are constantly being uploaded.

Casual business owners, blog operators and other online entrepreneurs are able to choose from thousands of cheap and attractive themes that can increase traffic to their website and drive up profits. makes it easy to create a professional looking website without any hassle.

Freelance website designers and developers can also benefit from registering with The company offers sellers a minimum of 50% commission on sales, which is higher than many competitors. Exclusive sellers that receive enough customer orders can end up making a 70% commission on all sales. Along with a hefty profit, emerging designers and developers can also gain exposure by selling products through connects talented website designers and developers with online business owners and startup companies. Mojo-Themes vendors can make a profit through commissions earned on sales, while customers can increase their web presence by creating an attractive and professional company website.

Mojo Themes - Premium WordPress, Joomla, HTML, and Email Templates sells a wide variety of high-quality, professional looking website themes and templates. Buyers are able to choose from thousands of inexpensive HTML templates, WordPress themes and other products. Review Review

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