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reviewed June 11, 2015 offers subscribers access to unbeatable daily deals. The website aims to inspire customers to try new and exciting adventures both in their hometown and in locations around the world.



Going out is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but eating at a restaurant or going to the spa can be expensive. Online deals help customers to experience exciting new activities without worrying about their wallets. is dedicated to saving customers money on trips, outings and purchases while helping vendors and merchants to grow their businesses. Guests can find both local offers or save on vacations and getaways by joining - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more

About was first launched in 2008 and has since expanded to serve over 200 million customers. The website offers subscribers access to unbeatable daily deals. aims to inspire customers to try new and exciting adventures both in their hometown and in locations around the world. Members can browse through a vast marketplace of exclusive dining offers, spa packages, salon deals and more.

Groupon Local Deals help customers to find amazing offers that are located right next to home. Members can discover huge discounts on the best that their city has to offer, from trendy restaurants to hot air balloon rides. Customers can find inspiration for popular singles activities, romantic local dates or fun family afternoons. For discounted tickets to local live venues or events, members can visit Groupon Live.+

Groupon Getaways is designed for travelers that want to make the most out of their next vacation. Customers can find unbeatable deals on food and activities all over the world. Groupon helps members to stretch their vacation budget by saving on both popular tourist attractions and little known local gems.

Groupon Goods offers customers a way to purchase both rare and popular products at heavily discounted rates. Website members can take advantage of exclusive deals on electronics, fashion, home furnishing and more. By purchasing goods through, customers can save well over 50% off an item’s original retail price.

Setting up an account with is completely free and takes just minutes. Account holders can set their location and deal preferences to receive personalized recommendations and email notifications about offers they might be interested in. Members are able to purchase deals immediately with a quick and simple checkout procedure. - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more allows shoppers to view the details of each deal before deciding whether or not to purchase an offer. Customers can see how much they save with each deal, how popular the deal is amongst other Groupon members, and read tips from both satisfied and dissatisfied buyers. Customers can also see whether or not other members would recommend a given deal to their friends. Every offer includes a fine print section that transparently lays out important restrictions such as coupon limits and shipment options to prevent any mix-ups or miscommunications.

The Best Features of members can find exclusive local deals, vacation offers, and discounts on live events all in a single convenient location. Shoppers can even find discounts on popular electronics, clothing, furniture and other products. Customers that order items totaling over $29.99 are eligible to receive free standard shipping. visitors are also able to find free coupon codes every day to use at popular online stores such as Neiman Marcus or Macy’s. - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more

Customers that sign up for a membership with are able to purchase a deal for personal use or gift a deal to friends and family. The company Gift Guide provides ideas and inspiration for seasonal gifts, while Gift-Giving Experts are available to advise customers about last minute options and hot deals in the area. Members that purchase gifts for their loved ones can either send an e-card or print a gift envelope and card for the personal touch.

Groupon members with a popular blog or social media page can earn extra money each month by participating in the Groupon Affiliate Program. Affiliates are able to earn up to a 10% commission on every sale that they drive to the website. Access to a huge archive of dynamic banners, deep links and widgets help affiliates to market the Groupon brand effectively. By keeping track of detailed reporting on traffic sales and earnings, members that participate in the Affiliate Program can evaluate their success and learn how to improve future marketing campaigns. - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more

Groupon is proud to help its members support their communities through the Groupon Grassroots initiative. Customers can make a difference in their neighborhood by starting a campaign, spreading the word through social media, donating to a campaign or becoming a matching donor. Visitors can learn more about the latest campaigns, read advice on how to start and support a campaign, or find out how to win prizes by visiting the Grassroots Blog. saves customers money on local activities, vacations and more while simultaneously helping merchants to expand their customer base. More than 650,000 local businesses use Groupon to reach out to a wider audience. Merchants are able to build deals that attract new customers, bring more travelers to their vacation property, or help to sell live tickets to an event. offers some of the most effective local advertising available to small and large businesses alike. The website delivers a large number of customers to a merchant’s doorstep quickly, effortlessly and with no upfront costs. Business owners that offer a deal through are able to adjust a campaign’s length and customer volume to suit their specific needs and capabilities. This ensures that a business will not become overwhelmed by new customers when offering a promotion. - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more

The customers that campaigns attract are primarily young, college educated and make a decent income, which are the ideal customers for a growing business. Satisfied shoppers are likely to do future business with a given merchant or refer friends and family, helping to create a strong foundation for a loyal customer base.

Comprehensive campaign management tools help businesses to keep track of the success of every campaign and gain valuable customer insights. Free access to expert advice from both professionally written articles and an experienced support team can also help businesses to grow and improve.

Criticism of

A handful of customers that have purchased discounted products through Groupon Goods have been unhappy with the quality of the products. In some instances, these customers have had difficulty returning items that they are not happy with. Customers should make sure to check out the return policy associated with each deal before purchasing any products. Customer Support

Customers can contact the Groupon customer support department on Monday through Friday, 9a.m. until 5p.m. CST by email at or by phone at 1-(888) 375-5777. Merchants that would like to reach a representative can call (888) 582-4354 on Monday through Friday from 8a.m. until 7p.m. CDT. Customers in the U.S. that want to participate in the company affiliate program should contact, while affiliates in the Asia Pacific region can email and affiliates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa can contact - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more

Frequently Asked Questions - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more

Pros of

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  • Customers save money while merchants gain more business
  • Free shipping for product orders over $29.99
  • Free coupon codes
  • Professional gift giving advice
  • Affiliate Program
  • Groupon Grassroots initiative
  • Campaign management tools and expert advice for growing businesses
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Cons of

  • Some customers have been unsatisfied with product quality from Groupon Goods
  • Returns can occasionally be difficult to request and process

Why Should I Use - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more helps millions of customers to save money every day on local deals, family vacations, live events and more. While customers that join Groupon gain access to unbeatable deals, merchants that partner with are able to quickly and easily expand their customer base as their store or company grows. Groupon aims to increase consumer buying power by driving more business to merchants.

Customers that take advantage of the daily deals offered through can save money on anything from dining out to getting a manicure. Groupon deals provide an excellent excuse for customers to find a new favorite restaurant or try out that Yoga class they’ve been eyeballing. encourages members to take advantage of exciting deals and expose themselves to new activities. connects customers and merchants to benefit both parties with unbeatable deals and unparalleled exposure. Customers that visit Groupon can save money on romantic dates, family outings, or simply an evening of solitary enjoyment. No matter where you live, Groupon can inspire you to try new activities and discover exciting venues just minutes from home. - Online site for deals and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, shopping and more Review
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