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20 Sep 2014

About OptioNow

In recent years binary trading has become one of the fastest growing actions performed on the Internet. As such, there have been a number of binary trading platforms that have started to sprout up. OptioNow is one of the many online trading platforms that people have turned to in recent years to help them build on their own financial future.

Founded by a group of retail ended entrepreneurs and capital market dealers with a combined expertise in both online and offline trading, OptioNow provides the best possible Binary Options trading experience for online traders. 
The easy layout of the site gives traders thorough information regarding their investments and helps them through the bidding process. Even if something goes wrong and traders want to cancel their bid, they can do so quickly using the “cancel” option.

The OptioNow platform is dedicated to providing positive trading experience to the users. You can arrange the trading platform as per the assets that you would like to trade and the platform includes such features as:

  • Currency pairs
  • Commodity
  • Index
  • Stacks
OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

Users can trade without any confusion, as they will be clearly given reports about the time span related to the expiry hours and the potential positive returns on a regular basis. There are special indicators to denote the position of the market and the corresponding plus as well as minus buttons to trade with.

This binary options trading provider is one of the very few binary options brokers that is leading the forefront with the superb offering it provides traders in the financial markets. Let’s delve into some of the key features that makes it one worth checking out!

Top Features Of OptioNow

In an industry that is constantly evolving and one that can sometimes be intimidating or challenging to navigate especially for beginners, OptioNow really makes the process run smoothly. The platform is relatively straightforward to use compared to its peer set. It is simple as well as easy to be used by the traders of all categories. Novice in the trade as well as the pros will be finding it to be an easy platform to use profitably.

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

There are more than ten thousand demonstration accounts for the platform which is certainly a big number compared to the peers in the trade. It is possible to pick from the different forms of trading, viz., high or low, the one touch trading, the boundary trading which is usually executed well inside the option now platform.

For those who might be used to any other platforms for doing your binary options trading, then this can be really simple to trade with. There is a short tutorial for the newbies to understand the concepts easily and effectively and use the platform efficiently for better profits.

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

Whether a user is new to the binary trading marketplace or would simply like a refresher, OptioNow also has a section of the site dedicated to educating users on the best practices of trading. Educational documents are available in the form of e-booklets as well as video training tutorials. A team of professionals are also always available with market insights also assists traders. These instructors can give advice on the best times to trade and will even help trade during one’s first or second trading session.

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

Apart from the ease of use and educational resources, the OptioNow trading platform does hold a couple other surprises. The system offers a range of different trading options so people can work in the way that they find most comfortable, and most profitable.

The main trading area that makes the system one worth checking out is touch and go trading, which is where one can simply indicate whether or not he/she believes that an asset will manage to reach a predetermined price. Rather than selecting whether a particular asset will rise or fall in price by a predetermined expiry, the user can choose whether a specific price will be reached or not. In simple terms will the asset touch the line or not.

OptioNow Prices

The minimum deposit on OptioNow depends on the method used in funding the account. With credit cards and e-wallets the minimum is $250, with wire transfers the minimum is $500, and with Moneygrams or Western Union the minimum is $1500.

There are also five different levels at which one can buy into the service. On the lower end the service requires a commitment of $400 – $1000 and on the higher end the elite membership starts at $100,000 to get in on the action. Each account type also comes with a different level of benefits.

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

Regardless of the account selected, OptioNow brings timely signals and professional market analysis for traders to help them make informed decisions. Safety of investment is ensured through SSL encryption algorithms. Funding can be done using Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, E-Wallets, etc.

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

With OptioNow investors can expect returns up to 85% of their investment amount. The actual returns will vary according to the type of assets traded and their expiry time. Even if one happened to be unlucky, there is still the prospect of a 10% to 15% refund of the original amount invested from OptioNow.

Criticism Of OptioNow

There are a number of positive attributes that OptioNow provides to its users. There are still areas that the service needs to work on though. For starters there is no demo account available, which does not allow users the ability to test drive the service prior to signing on for a membership. This may change as the industry starts to take off since many other competitors in the marketplace currently offer this feature. In order to stay relevant and competitive, OptioNow should add a demo.

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

Lastly, the system does not seem to cater to anyone who does not speak English. Right now the service mainly caters to the United States and therefore is only available in English. There are no signs of whether or not the service plans to roll out internationally, but if it does foray into other markets it will need to offer additional languages.

Customer Support

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

The brokerage firm claims that it nearly never closes; therefore, wherever customer may be, OptioNow is just a phone call away. Also, as it constantly update the website with unique, daily and weekly market commentary and provide up to date economic calendar release information, traders benefit a lot.

For the convenience of their clients, the service provides multiple ways of contacting the support team. Customer support can be obtained with the following methods: Live chat, e-mail and phone. As mentioned previously, the company also has experts on hand to guide new users through the trading process. Through these options, the service really allows its users to get to know the staff of OptioNow.

Final Thoughts - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

With a number of binary trading platforms on the Internet it can definitely be overwhelming and difficult to select the right one. Experienced pros in the binary options trading can be found in the OptioNow platform to be a great resourceful tool. Such a unique best platform can fit in ideally for any level of traders.

The platform is easy enough for those with even basic knowledge about the financial markets to use but yet it also provides enough options so that the experienced traders can participate in trading in this lucrative market. No doubt, with their efforts, OptioNow will continue to expand the market share as more and more traders discover the advantages of trading with them. So make your way to so that you can open your account, make your first deposit and make your first five trades today!

OptioNow - Online binary option trading platform

Founded by a group of retail ended entrepreneurs and capital market dealers with a combined expertise in both online and offline trading, OptioNow provides the best possible Binary Options trading experience for online traders.


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