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21 Sep 2014

About OptionWeb

For those looking to trade stocks there are a plethora of outlets on the Internet that can help one achieve this feat. OptionWeb is the 1st Binary Options platform to have obtained the European CySec License, offering its traders highest payouts combined with the security of a regulated website. With OptionWeb, traders have undeniable access to trading, on a whole new level. The service provides users with the ability to trade:

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • And More
OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

Trust and transparency towards its traders is the first rule for this Binary Options broker. Strategic development and planning is the key factor of OptionWeb, making no mistake in satisfying, informing and training its traders.

OptionWeb is an award-winning financial broker trading system that launched in Europe nearly five years ago. Since the trading platform was around since the early days of Binary Options trading, it has already helped thousands of traders carry out millions of trades. OptionWeb has put much effort in the building a trust worthy environment for traders. With transparency and authenticity, OptionWeb also offers low minimum investment amounts dedicated for beginners who are looking for trading on an easy platform with bank backing. Let’s delve into some of the key features that make OptionWeb a Binary Options broker worth signing up for!

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

Top Features Of OptionWeb

User Friendly and simple to use by any level of trader, OptionWeb paves way to discover Binary Options in a professional manner. OptionWeb is the platform to be offering serenity in your trading and security in your deposits and benefits. At first glance, one can see that the trading platform offered by OptionWeb is quite unlike all the other binary platforms that are popping up on the Internet. OptionWeb grants you access to more than 180 tradable assets, with up to 85% of yields and has recently upgraded some of its account with the possibility of getting monthly interest rate (4.5% to 6.5%) based on your trading volume!

In addition, traders have the option to obtain the list of daily prices and intraday prices from the tabs located just below the main trading platform. The prices displayed are quite detailed and even show the percentage change on the right side of the price quotes.

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

Whatever your strategy of the markets may be OptionWeb provides you with a selection of trades to help you make a profit. Choose from the ‘Rise/Fall Trade’ which lets you profit from the market rising or falling, the ‘Higher/Lower Trade’ which lets you profit from the market ending higher or lower than a target price, or the ‘Touch/No Touch Trade’ which lets you profit from the market touching or not touching a target price.

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

The website also provides a number of key educational resources that can assist anyone who wants to use the site. Several types of E-books were written by OptionWeb’s advisors, which help users to make the best of their Binary Options’ experience. The simple motto of OptionWeb is “We win, when you win”. As such, OptionWeb wants its users to earn as much money possible. OptionWeb emphasizes the fact that it will do anything within its ability to help its traders win big time and establish a name for themselves as top traders in the trading industry.

Often, a trading contest is set in place where traders with the biggest winning streak find their benefits doubled by OptionWeb, a great incentive for those traders that really want to make big profits from their trading.

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

Using the OptionWeb platform provides users with the best pricing technology, giving one access to similar rates of return as investors trading in the interbank market. This is a great chance to make more money, in a simpler way. In addition to that the company allows you to control your trading risk, so a trader will know from the beginning what you would win or lose.

OptionWeb Prices

OptionWeb is a flexible broker and allows you to choose among 5 different types of accounts. For beginners, the starter account is achievable with a deposit between $200 and $950, which allows you to negotiate 80 assets. Your first losing position will be reimbursed up $50. This account tier also includes a small course on the platform as well as a great educational e-book.

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

On the higher end there is the gold account, which you’ll achieve once your deposit reaches $10 000. Besides all the features in the Silver account, you’ll have unlimited access to all educational material and be able to add personalized assets.

There are also accounts in-between that vary on price points. Essentially, there is a trading account that can accommodate any individual’s pricing needs. Payment is also quite simple. OptionWeb accepts deposits with bank wire, credit card, and Moneybookers, which you can also all use to withdraw money. Withdrawals over $100 are free of charge, whereas those under this limit will be charged $25.

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

Lastly, OptionWeb is very generous with its welcome bonus that can reach 30% of the initial deposit. The exact amount can be worked on with the company itself. Remember that you’ll be asked to make more than a certain number of operations before being allowed to withdraw the bonus money.

Criticism Of OptionWeb

There’s not much criticism of OptionWeb in the overall binary trading marketplace. As one of the first online binary platforms on the market, there is much good to be said about the system. It offers a plethora of easy to use services and has proven successful for both beginner and advanced traders.

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

The main negatives about the service are that there is currently no mobile trading platform which can be a bummer for a binary trader who is looking to keep up with their portfolio even while on the go. This is likely a feature that will be coming shortly as mobile devices continue to strengthen in popularity.

Customer Support

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

The OptionWeb support team is present 24 hours a day, available to help you make the best of your trading experience, with multiple types of trading options at your disposal, and expirations going from 60 seconds to 6 months.

As with any reputable broker, you have multiple sources of customer service at your disposal: phone, live chat, mail, or Skype. Customer service, as well as education material, is offered in several international languages. With so many options to get in touch with the OptionWeb team, users of the service will always feel like someone is there to guide them should one get stuck in a trading conundrum.

Concluding Thoughts - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

Overall, OptionWeb is the most secure and reliable platform for traders today, be it beginners or experienced. It really is a place to trade if you are looking to make some serious cash. Trades are made in a highly secured environment and users are able to achieve some high investment returns. With its excellent international support, OptionWeb is the right choice. With experienced analysts answering every query, it aces the customer support.

The payouts are also likely some of the highest seen in the Binary Trading industry. Not only that, but the platform has quite the extensive list of assets and a good variety of trade types to choose from. This platform is especially friendly to beginner traders due to the $5 minimum deposit to open an account not to mention the free demo account with $10,000. It is also a strong plus that the system provides their customers with plenty of live charts and tools to assist in making the best possible decisions. So wait no further, if you’re looking to break into Binary Options trading visit and get started today!

OptionWeb - Online binary option trading platform

OptionWeb is an award-winning financial broker trading system that launched in Europe nearly five years ago. Since the trading platform was around since the early days of Binary Options trading, it has already helped thousands of traders carry out millions of trades.


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