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21 Sep 2014

About ZoomTrader

Binary Options trading is becoming easier and easier as a number of websites that offer this feature begin to appear on the Internet. With the emergence of online binary option trading, it is becoming more and more critical for traders to understand which platform is best to fit your individual needs. Established in 2012, has already made a name for itself in the industry in such a short period of time. The company’s headquarters are placed in Mahe, Seychelles.

They have made an advanced trading platform offering an extremely expansive portfolio of binary options to its traders. ZoomTrader serves their traders in very nearly 80 nations as a true universal representative, having work places in numerous areas or nations so have the capacity to take after the most alluring assets and impart the data to their clients.

If you’re looking to trade something familiar and exciting from the comfort of your home, ZoomTrader may be just what you’re looking for. The site is one of the most highly regarded Binary Options and Pair Options trading platforms available online and provides one with the option to choose from 100 different trading assets. Not only that but the trading platform is:

  • User-friendly
  • Hassle Free
  • Easily Accessible
ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

From beginners to experts, the service allows for instant access and requires no download and setup whatsoever for the end-user’s convenience. With so much hype about ZoomTrader, let’s zoom into some of the key features that really make this a Binary Options broker that’s worth using!

Top Features Of ZoomTrader

ZoomTrader’s trading platform is powered by TradoLogic web trading engine and it is completely web-based. Having this software creates a lot of thrill for traders to trade as it is stacked with various characteristics and tools that are typically not discovered in other binary options trading platforms or different brokers. For instance traders can browse, Multiple view mode, Single view mode or Classic view mode. . Moreover the charts that are displayed on ZoomTrader supply traders with real time price updates that are led directly from current market scenario laying out a clear picture for their clients.

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

The interface is also quite simple, chic and easy to use. Selections are clearly highlighted and once you have chosen the direction of the trade you will be shown exactly how much you stand to gain including the return percentage. The platform is also unique in how it chooses to present its options. You will be surprise and excite to see their tools that are hardly visible at any other broker firm. Users can opt from a number of view modes such as multiple, classic or single view mode. It offers direct updates from market at their trading screen so you can trade accordingly and fill your pocket as most as you can.

ZoomTrader is also very customer friendly, they offer features like “Close Now” & “Extend Now”, according to these features if you think markets is not running as you thought, then you can close your deal at any certain point. You can even lock your profit or you can even use extend now and extend your expiry date till next expiry period.

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

The ZoomTrader service is a trading platform well worth checking out because the platform provides many tools and resources to traders, particularly those with premium accounts. Most Binary Options sites don’t cater to traders with large bankrolls, whereas this one does, which tells us that they are looking for serious customers. At the same time, they don’t make it difficult for small account holders to trade or withdraw their money.

This broker offer traders a unique way of engaging the market and benefiting even in situations where the market is bearish, which is something traditionally associated with currency trading. ZoomTrader’s best and most preferred strategies are graphs and charts that they offer periodically.

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

These charts & graphs are based on multiple calculations. The company has a dedicated team that goes through various transactions that happened in last 10 to 12 days and then they prepare these graphs that have long been proved themselves a great assistance for traders. This particular strategy keeps in mind the convenience of traders.

Thanks to the ZoomTrader team, users of the service do not have to do much calculation and just after a quick look they will understand how they need to trade to make huge profits. Remember, this strategy will only work if you can understand graphs & charts, but this shouldn’t be an issue since the charts are presented in a very readable way.

ZoomTrader Prices

Opening an account at ZoomTrader is real easy and reasonably priced and only takes a few minutes. After you enter some details your account will be ready for trading, provided that make a deposit for trading funds. While dealing with this broker firm users will get a chance to deal in multiple trades. This broker firm thinks different from other regular broker firms, you can estimate it by the fact that they offer five types of trading accounts such as Mini (minimum deposit $100), Bronze (minimum deposit $250), Silver (minimum deposit $500), Gold (minimum deposit $1000) and Platinum (minimum deposit $5000 or above).

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

Criticism Of ZoomTrader

There is a lot that ZoomTrader has to offer that really would make any Binary Options trader happy to utilize the interface. There still are a few drawbacks to the product that could lead to a little frustration. The biggest con is that you can’t trade after the markets close. There are some binary trade products that allow for this, but ZoomTrader is not one of them.

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

The company also does not offer a refund policy when trying to get out of a money trade. These are drawbacks that many of the binary options platforms simply don’t have. There is also a little bit of a learning curve when trying to operate the platform which can take some time to get used to and as such can really take time to learn. All in all, it will be a worthwhile investment though.

Customer Support

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

To furnish accommodation to its customers, ZoomTrader allows users to view the site in a few different dialects, for example the languages available include: Arabic, Chinese, French, and German. They additionally give client underpin 24/7, for example like Live Chat, online Contact Form and also supply an e-mail address. Then again, traders can additionally contact ZoomTrader the old-fashioned way by means of telephone.

The general consensus on comment and blog sites seem to be that ZoomTrader has been diligent in getting back to consumers in a timely manner. The average response time for e-mails and phone calls is 24hrs and immediately 24/7 for online chat.

Final Say - Online Binary Options Trading Platform

ZoomTrader is really a Binary Options broker that should strongly be considered. The site is very professional and has many break-out features including: various high bonuses, promotional discounts, unique features and their user-friendly and easy trading system makes them better than traditional online binary options broker. Not only that, but although the service has only been around for a couple years it has a superb payout. This broker firm’s average payout is 80%, which is really high for the industry.

The site also ranks high in customer service support, which gives users confidence to trade knowing that help is only a click or call away. So if you’re a trader looking for an exciting new way to diversify your portfolio or create real financial success, then the odds are fantastic that you will fall in love with what ZoomTrader brings to the table. Take some time today to zoom on over to so you can be on your way to some successful Binary Options trades!

ZoomTrader - Online binary option trading platform

ZoomTrader is really a Binary Options broker that should strongly be considered. The site is very professional and has many break-out features including: various high bonuses, promotional discounts, unique features and their user-friendly and easy trading system makes them better than traditional online binary options broker.


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