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16 Oct 2014

About NordFX

The Forex trading market online is really heating up. More and more companies are starting to sprout up that offer these services. One such company that is worth considering in this area is Founded in 2008, the NordFX Company is growing rapidly and gaining traders all over the world. The company is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Panama and it provides a number of services including:

  • Currency Exchange
  • Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Associated Activities - Online Forex Trading Platform

Since its inception the company has made its main mission to bring Forex trading opportunities to a wide audience of customers. There are a number of features that make trading with NordFX one of the best in the marketplace. Let’s delve further into what makes this Forex trading platform one of the best out there. - Online Forex Trading Platform

Top Features Of NordFX

Although Forex trading online is somewhat new, only coming into existence within the last decade or so, NordFX has been around for six years and this should say something about how well the site performs. Some of the main features of the site include: quick and easy account registration, wide range of account funding options, three types of trading accounts suited to the individual’s needs, small required initial deposits to allow clients to trade with minimal financial risk, minimal spreads, the ability to trade a wide range of instruments, corporate mobility, and a large choice of platforms with which to trade. - Online Forex Trading Platform

When it comes to the NordFX platform, it is overall simple and generally easy to utilize. NordFX actually has a number of platforms which is unique to the space. The reason for this is because the company realizes that everyone learns and trades differently. As such there are 9 types of platforms depending on traders’ needs. Among which is the most popular Metatrader 4 and 5, designed for making transactions and carrying out technical analysis in a real time mode. There is a large set of indicators and graphic instruments that help to carry out technical analysis and on its basis perform trade operations. - Online Forex Trading Platform

There is also even mobile trading which keeps one abreast of their Forex portfolio while they are away from their computer. Mobile trading via MT4 Mobile for PDA and smartphone allows one to place orders wherever you are and manage trades on-the-go. A person would be able to trade anywhere using the mobile versions of the platform. Along with advanced information technologies and qualitative software, NordFX provides its’ clients with high-level brokerage services. - Online Forex Trading Platform

The benefits of the NordFX platform are really endless. The site includes a plethora of services for anyone who is just breaking into the industry and to that point these services are also available and beneficial for even experienced brokers who just need to brush up on their trading skills. NordFX reviews a number of trading tools it offers on its site, which includes free charts and calendars to give users access to essential information to plan their trades properly, as well as online analytics and monitoring to keep users up to date on changes in trends in the marketplace that can affect the value of their investments.

NordFX makes opening an account on their site very simple. In order to open an account users must choose an account type based on the investment they want to make, and then send their information online. Following opening an account, users can fund their account, download trading software and begin trading forex online.

NordFX Prices

No matter your trading level, there is an account type and price to match your need. There is a big variety of trading accounts that offers NordFX. Apart from the “welcome” account, (when a trader gets 8$ from the company to start trading) beginner can open a “demo” account. The demo account is designed for training of beginner traders to trade without assistance and usually is used as intermediate when transferring from demo account to “Standard” account. It’s possible to trade most popular currency pairs with fixed spread and high leverage on accounts of this group. Deposit minimum 5$, 21 currency pairs, Leverage up to 1:500, Level of margin call /stop out 40%/20%. - Online Forex Trading Platform

With NordFX it’s not difficult to get your payday right away either. NordFX provides an easy way of depositing the money to account. Among the possibilities are MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, Webmoney and others. Money transferred via an electronic payment service enters account automatically and becomes available for trading immediately. A trader is able to withdraw the money the same way whenever he likes. With NordFX you don’t have to worry about making sure that you get paid! All it takes is a little trading and the money will start flowing in. - Online Forex Trading Platform

Criticism Of NordFX

Although the company has been around for more than half a decade, and while there are thousands of brokers who speak highly of the service it still does not come without its criticisms. The biggest criticism of the site is the layout of the site is a little bland, boring and too wordy. Although the site has a white background, it is quite text heavy with a bunch of buttons randomly placed throughout. The other drawback is that the site lacks a community forum where users can communicate with other users of the site. This is a detriment since other competitors in the space have this feature and it really helps encourage interaction and boosts trading confidence. Other than the site design and lack of community forum, there really is not much else negative to say about the site since it really overall tackles the Forex trading market very well.

Customer Support - Online Forex Trading Platform

With NordFX platform is extremely considerate to the needs of its users and is available for support and service should anyone have questions or concerns. Through phone, e-mail and live chat users can get in touch representatives and get their questions answered in a timeline manner. A beginner or an expert can count on professional support on-line. There are 10 support languages and NordFX clients can be all around the world. This means that communication is never an issue since there is no language barrier for anyone using the site. In addition, the site is offered in the same 10 languages by simply selecting the language button on the upper right hand side of the screen. A trader can count on quick qualitative help anytime that he/she needs it. There’s no fear here since NordFX is there to help you out anytime, day or night!

Final Thoughts - Online Forex Trading Platform

With the Forex trading market really starting to rapidly take off, it can be difficult for anyone to find that right broker and service that is the best fit. With NordFX you will really be in good hands whether you are a novice or a broker with a little more experience. The entry prices to trade are reasonable, platform is simple to use, customer support is there for you and there is an abundance of educational material to browse through. One of the most important factors of successful trading is choosing the right company to provide services on the Forex market. The advantages of NordFX brokerage house are countless but the biggest one is reliability. There’s not much reason to look elsewhere when selecting the right Forex platform. Take the time to visit today and you’ll be on your way to doing some trading and making some good money along the way! - Online Forex Trading Platform

With NordFX you will really be in good hands whether you are a novice or a broker with a little more experience. The company is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Panama and it provides a number of services including currency exchange, brokerage, asset management, financial advisory and associated activities.


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