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16 Oct 2014

SemperPlugins is a decent SEO service that will work to help lift site traffic and help your site become more relevant within the online community. The company’s services are well organized and it makes a very good effort to regularly updating users with new widgets and SEO updates that will help your site perform at its very best.



About SemperPlugins

It used to be that just having a website made a small business or corporation on the cutting edge. Now having a website is a necessity and instead it all comes down to how smart and user-friendly the website is for its users. The Internet has made it easy for any business to have a website or blog. Many small businesses are using the services of WordPress which is beneficial because the service provides many key templates and features that allow for one to easily populate. - Premium WordPress Plugins

However, the issue that many people have with WordPress is that the types of themes available are limiting or too basic. Another big issue seems to be that it can be a challenge to get users to your WordPress blog or website. You cannot go with the logic that if you build a website, users will flock to it because that is simply not the case and if anything it is a little naïve.

As a result, website theme and SEO providers have started to pop up on the Internet in order to rid websites of boring or bland themes and to also help WordPress blogs gain some traction to their website. One such company is Semper Plugins. The company prides itself in providing:

  • Search optimization technology
  • Test before you buy
  • One-click installations - Premium WordPress Plugins

The company really specializes in helping drive users and people to your website. is really an all-in-one SEO Pack that can helps you take advantage of the additional data that social networking sites use to display your site or blog on their networks. - Premium WordPress Plugins

Through the user of a widget, it will help with search engine optimization and you’ll really able to see exponential growth of your website. The protocol that SemperPlugins uses is called Open Graph and is most commonly associated with Facebook who developed the protocol but it is a standard protocol used by many social networking sites. Let’s delve further into why you should be using SemperPlugins if you are particularly interested in growing the user base of your website.

Top Features Of SemperPlugins

There are a number of key features that make SemperPlugins stand apart in the marketplace. Since the company has been around for some time, it has a good rolodex of data and widgets available for purchase. The way that the product works is all through the use of widgets that can be encoded onto a website. Some plugins and themes may also output Open Graph meta tags. One such plugin that does this is the popular Jetpack plugin from the team at This checkbox allows you to disable the Open Graph meta tags that Jetpack outputs so that you can use All in One SEO Pack to control your social meta instead.

All in one SEO pack by

If you are using the Jetpack plugin but want control over your social meta then you should check that box since it will help increase how frequently your site appears in search queries. The Semper Fi Web Design team has put together a great plugin for making SEO even easier with a WordPress website.

The All in One SEO Pack is a plugin that allows users even more flexibility to add SEO keywords, tags, titles and descriptions to their pages and posts. The Pro version has some sweet perks over the free version and you can download the Pro Version directly from the All in One SEO Pack Semper Plugin website.

Next, the all-in-one SEO Pack Pro is the most powerful tool for managing your SEO and can really take your business to the next level. The site is packed full of features and is easy to use, providing every WordPress user with a simple way to improve their search ranking. - Premium WordPress Plugins

You can also download a free Ad-Supported version of the All in One SEO Pack from the WordPress plugin repository which shares some of the features as the pro version but lacks support, API functionality and is limited in its updates. It is actually highly recommend that you upgrade to the paid version if you’re serious about SEO.

Key features of the plugin include the ability to add a site-wide title and description and the ability to format each post, page, article and category according to its post meta. Individual pages and posts are able to have separate SEO keywords, titles and descriptions. It’s definitely worth the jump from the free version to the paid version to take full advantage of all this plugin has to offer. - Premium WordPress Plugins

SemperPlugins Prices

As touched upon previously in this review, the cost for the SemperPlugins packages varies depending on the plugin selected. There are plugins that are available for as low as $9.00 and other ones that cost as much as $39. Their most popular plugin, the ‘All in one SEO Pack’ is priced at $39 but there is an additional charge of $49 for 12 months of support and updates. This allows you to get access to all the updates that would be released during the duration of your membership.

SemperPlugins products pricing banner

The site regularly provides coupons and discounts to captivate and retain buyers. The company offer coupons based on the customer frequency of buying from the company or generally as a marketing strategy to get more customers to their products. SemperPlugins coupons come with up to 75% discount or more. It’s worth keeping an eye out for the discounts and deals prior to a purchase. Signing up for a newsletter or even e-mailing the company for a trial offer is beneficial.

Criticism of SemperPlugins

While it may look like the features that SemperPlugins offers has every possible function, it is to the dismay of many users that some of the functions do not even work or work poorly. Their coding is hard to follow, let alone customization, which means that they often are not easily downloaded and implemented by the typical user. The other main issue that many users of the service have is that the site has a strict policy on refunds and does not allow users to return any of the plugins once they have been implemented, regardless of whether or not they are boosting traffic and performance of a website. - Premium WordPress Plugins

Customer Support

Different types of support offered by SemperPlugins should not overwhelm the user. The company offers support via phone and e-mail. Typically representatives from the company will get back to users within 24 – 48hrs. However, the company’s support teams are not all trained in addressing all widget issues. - Premium WordPress Plugins

Sometimes it takes days to reply a simple question. For enquiries that touch on the widget structure and coding, it may never get resolved as they find it too troublesome to fix them. As such, you may need to continually persevere on a particular issue or inquiry. This is one area of the company that needs to be improved upon and as the company grows in staff and users it will hopefully continue to invest more into customer support.

Final Thoughts - Premium WordPress Plugins

SemperPlugins is a decent SEO service that will work to help lift site traffic and help your site become more relevant within the online community. The company’s services are well organized and it makes a very good effort to regularly updating users with new widgets and SEO updates that will help your site perform at its very best. While the customer service needs to be improved, it still is able to provide a number of high-quality services that really allows your site to grow. So if you’re in need of some more traffic, visit to get set up with an account and the right software. You’ll certainly be glad that you did! - Premium WordPress Plugins Review Review


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