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Since its origin, SteelSeries has introduced cutting-edge products into the gaming industry. SteelSeries created the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the first suspended headset for gaming headsets, and also invented the World of Warcraft mouse.


Since 2001, SteelSeries has been offering some of the most innovative and intuitive products available in the gaming industry. Based out of Denmark, SteelSeries manufactures gaming peripherals and accessories. SteelSeries aims to meet the needs of eSports and professional gamers everywhere. Offering headsets, mice, keyboards, mousepads, controllers, and various other accessories, it is easy to see why this company has made a lasting impact on gamers for over 15 years.

When Jacob Wolff-Petersen originally founded the company, it was originally names Soft Trading. The company launched the Icemat, the first ever glass mousepad, and the wildly popular SteelPad mousemat. After the success of these products, Soft Trading changed its name to SteelSeries in 2007.

Since its origin, SteelSeries has introduced cutting-edge products into the gaming industry. SteelSeries created the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the first suspended headset for gaming headsets, and also invented the World of Warcraft mouse. These, as well as various other innovations, have enhanced competition and precision for gamers around the world.

SteelSeries has focused on the eSports industry for over a decade. The company has sponsored many eSports teams and individuals. After the Evil Geniuses team won $6.6 million at The International 5 competition while using all SteelSeries gear, the credibility of the company became substantially elevated. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

Recently, SteelSeries has joined forces with the top-ranked Danish Counter-Strike team, North. This collaboration is big news for SteelSeries because the partnership will allow the company to deeply explore the crossover that is taking place from traditional sport to eSports.

The association between SteelSeries and North will support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments. SteelSeries has been focusing on connecting gamers with one another so that a sense of community and purpose can grow and flourish. Teaming with North gives SteelSeries lots of credibility in the eSports global community, and should bring plenty of innovative technologies and products.

Gamers aren’t the only people who benefit from this company’s cutting-edge products. Individuals who are interested in sound, video and photo editing also enjoy the precision and ease of use offered by the quality devices. Although targeted to the gaming industry, SteelSeries has created a line of products that are useful for both work and play. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

Top Products of SteelSeries

SteelSeries continues to create new products that will enhance the gaming experience. Since the company launched in 2001, it has launched a significant number of goods. Here is a list of some of the fans’ current favorites.

The Siberia line headset offers the ease of wireless use, and the immersive experience of Dolby surround sound. The Arctis headset series features surround sound and is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile, and VR, and is positioned at a lower pricepoint. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products


Newly, launched, the Sensei 310 series is getting lots of hype surrounding its ambidextrous use. This product line is targeted specifically for the eSports industry and puts great emphasis on its ability to offer unparalleled accuracy. The Rival series has also been receiving a great deal of praise for its ergonomic engineering and its ability to be customized. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products


SteelSeries prides itself on the Apex keyboard line. Keyboards are offered at plenty of different price points. Other than the USB Connection compatibility, the Apex line covers the spectrum of gaming needs. Gamers of all levels are sure to find a keyboard that suits their needs. To see even more information, head over to the SteelSeries website. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products


The QcK mousepad line can offer something for everyone. Ranging from $6.99 to $59.99, SteelSeries currently offers sizes from mini to XXL. The QcK Prism is the most visually appealing of them all. With this particular series, gamers can choose between two different surface types and from millions of coloring and lighting options. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products


SteelSeries is currently offering their Stratus XL and Nimbus controllers. For $49.95, gamers can wirelessly play hundreds of games on their Apple TV with the Nimbus controllers. For $10 more, at $59.99, the wireless Stratus XL can offer up over 2,000 games for Windows and Android. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

A solid differentiation point for SteelSeries is the creating of their backup platform, CloudSync. CloudSync allows users to set up an ID and login so that they can share and sync settings among many devices. The use of CloudSync enhances the versatility of SteelSeries products.

It is also worth noting that SteelSeries has recently teamed up with Targus. Through this new venture, SteelSeries will be launching into the luggage market. The two companies have created a protective gaming backpack that will have plenty of room for necessary gaming accessories, a water bottle, and various other personal belongings.

SteelSeries Prices

For the quality of the products offered, SteelSeries has been able to position themselves with desirable price points. Both serious gamers and the casual photo editors are sure to find goods and prices that are attractive. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

For individuals who aren’t interested in purchasing the latest editions of products, the SALE section of the company website offers some great deals. There are discounts as high as 50% off. For essential accessory items, such as a hard carrying case for headsets, purchasing these items at a discounted rate may be a great option. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

Customer Support

Unfortunately, the consensus seems to be that the significant opportunity for growth with SteelSeries is in regards to their customer service policies and services. If an issue with a product does arise, the return and exchange experience can be slow and frustrating.

There are a few FAQs listed in the Support section of the company website. The questions answered in this portion of the site mainly deal with setting up specific headsets, mice, and controllers. If you are experiencing a particular issue with a product, the FAQ section will most likely not be of any help. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

The SteelSeries website has newly launched a chat feature that looks to be promising. Within a few seconds of clicking on the chat button, a representative from the company reaches out to ask how he/she can assist you. The chat feature seems to address many of the issues that past customers have experienced.

Other than the chat feature, the customer service department for SteelSeries is not very user-friendly. Customers who have issues are not able to call a 1-800 number and speak directly with a representative. Instead, SteelSeries uses a ticket-based request system that can take hours, if not days, to hear back from a company representative.

Receiving your order from this company can also take quite a while, so make sure to order well in advance.

Final Thoughts The most innovative and intuitive gaming products

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of SteelSeries is innovation. If you’re interested in the eSports and gaming, this company seems to offer everything that you need at a fair price.

The products are not only sleek and stylish but also incredibly functional. With over fifteen years of competing for a competitive edge in an ever-changing eSports and gaming marketplace, we highly recommended SteelSeries to gamers and non-gamers alike. The most innovative and intuitive gaming products
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