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6 Aug 2014 is a multifaceted service that strives to connect retailers and product suppliers of all shapes and sizes to improve the ease at which business is done. It is one of the most useful and helpful tools for those that want to start online retail businesses.

Thousands of manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers are looking for new retail partners each year. At the same time, the actual retailers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to get product. However, it can be very difficult and time consuming to find a successful match on your own.

That’s where comes in – Doba provides a dynamic online marketplace that allows suppliers and retailers to connect. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers


Doba is a constantly expanding business that truly cares about the success of its customers. They are constantly looking for new suppliers and retailers. They provide several tools to help their customers grow their businesses. These include five primary components:

  • Access – Using Doba gets you instant access to over 2 million wholesale products. These products span a wide range of different categories and are constantly growing in number. Doba’s simple interface allows users to connect with products that are a great match rather than manually sorting through them.
  • - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers
  • Research – The team at Doba extensively researches each product and supplier they add to their marketplace. When you use them, they allow you to use this research to select the top selling products or those that align with your retail strategies.
  • Selling – Doba connects retail businesses with suppliers to make the selling process easier. Among these are a number of tools that help retailers better market their products. Doba is also partnered with a number of companies that can help retailers:
    • Design and host websites and online stores
    • Process customer payments
    • Research products and related markets
    • Effectively market products
    • Provide superior customer support
    • Manage a retail business - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers
  • Fulfillment – goes to great length to make sure that customers are satisfied. Their Order Life Cycle fulfillment engine helps ensure that members receive the orders that they pay for. You can easily track the status of your order once it is placed.
  • Education – The folks behind Doba know that a successful business requires a knowledgeable owner. To help improve the success of their members, they offer a wide range of educational materials for users to learn from.

How Works

Doba is in incredibly easy service to use. The first step is finding a product in their catalog that you would like to sell through your online retail shop.

After selecting products, you list them in your store and sell them. The Doba interface makes it easy to upload product descriptions and high quality photos. It is possible to fill an online store with hundreds of products in only a handful of minutes. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

Payment is collected as soon as a buyer purchases one of our products from you. You then log into your account with and order the product that they selected at our wholesale cost. The money that you receive above that wholesale cost is the profit that you make. This saves time by managing orders from a number of different suppliers in one place. It also saves money because you never are going to have surplus product that you can’t sell.

After your order is placed through Doba, the product that the customer ordered is shipped directly to them. You don’t have to waste time or money on the shipping process either. It’s that easy.

Top Products and Features of

There are honestly over 2 million products at to choose to sell on your website. It would be ridiculous to list them all here. Rather, you can head over to the website and search for them based on keyword, category, supplier, brand, and price to find ones that suit your online business.

However, to give you a gist of what Doba offers in the form of wholesale products, they sell knives, iPads, perfume, watches, toys, clothing, makeup, electronics, books, tools, camping supplies, pet products, furniture, sports equipment, and so much more. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

An interesting feature of the interface is their Product Feed. Checking the feed frequently is your way of discovering what new, featured, and trending products Doba currently offers. It is an excellent merchandising tool that allows you to keep your online retail store’s inventory fresh.

Doba’s Push to Marketplace tool makes creating listings a breeze. This feature makes creating and uploading product listings to your website, eBay, or Facebook easy. You don’t have to cut or past anything, from product info to photos. Instead everything is completed automated for you. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

Doba Pricing

Pricing is an important aspect of to look at. Their drop shipping fees (actually ordering the products customers request) are high, but their signup and use fees are low compared to other companies in the field.

The basic plan through Doba runs at $19.95 per month. There are no additional fees in the basic plan. This includes things such as restocking fees for returned merchandise. The fact that Doba does this greatly sets the company apart from other drop shippers. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers offers a neat pricing feature in the form of a wholesale price guarantee. What this means is that if you find the product offered for cheaper through a competing service, Doba will credit you with $120 against your yearly membership fees.

Criticism of

Unfortunately, has received some critical reviews on the Internet. In my opinion, these are unwarranted. I have received nothing but the absolute best service form the company and will continue to use them as my needs dictate. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

Excellent Customer Service

I found Doba’s customer service to be top notch. I talked with a live representative every time I called them. Each of these representatives was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. My questions were answered quickly and efficiently. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

There are also a number of online tools that can make your experience better. They have an online help section, a FAQ, and a number of helpful video tutorials. Oftentimes, you can answer your own questions simply by consulting these tools yourself.

Finally, has a solid layout. The actual Doba interface and associated tools are also intuitively designed. This makes using the service easy and reduces the chance that you will need to contact the company with a question. In my opinion, the best customer service always starts with a thoughtfully designed website. Companies that care about their customers want to make things as easy as possible on them. And the design of certainly shows that they care.

Final Thoughts on - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

At the end of the day, I am highly pleased with It is a top quality drop shipping company that is incredibly easy to use. It has an intuitive interface that is quick to learn. They offer a wide range of inventory management features that make the buying and selling process all the easier.

In addition to these basic tools, their advanced tools are a great addition. They are very helpful at moving more products and increasing your business’s profit margins.

All in all, Doba is the best drop shipping company that I have used. If you have a small business, you need to look into them. They have such a large selection of products and features that it is hard to go wrong with them. - Dropshipping via wholesale distributers and suppliers

All in all, Doba is the best drop shipping company that I have used. If you have a small business, you need to look into them. They have such a large selection of products and features that it is hard to go wrong with them.

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