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18 Sep 2018

One of the most popular online M2C retail stores is . Patpat has been featured on numerous blogs and even in a Huffington Post article. is recognizable as one of the leaders in the mobile M2C industry. The goal of this review is to provide you with an overview of the company, let you know what the company sells, and cover all the unique features and offers Patpat has available to their customers.

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When InterFocus Inc., was founded in 2014, they desired to create a website that was both social media driven and provided products for busy moms at low prices. This desire led them to create is one of the largest and most popular M2C online retailers. Based in the United States, works directly with product manufacturers to bring women’s clothing, baby and children’s clothing, as well as home décor and storage to families at discounted rates.

InterFocus Inc.’s desire to be social media-driven has helped establish their popularity. has not only a standard Facebook page but also a separate Facebook page dedicated to customer reviews and a Facebook Community page. The Patpat Community page has over 4.4 million members.

Patpat also has an active Twitter account, Instagram account, and Pinterest page. Their Twitter account has over 1,000 followers, and their Instagram has over 5,500 followers. The Patpat Pinterest page boasts 2.1 million viewers each month.


Very few online retailers can boast the followers that currently has. Having such a substantial online presence means they are easy to contact with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Now that you know a little bit about the company itself let us look at the products the company sells.

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When you initially look at the Patpat website or app, it appears that they sell women’s and children’s clothing. However, a closer look reveals they offer much more.

For women, has clothing in traditional sizes, plus sizes and maternity. They offer jewelry, purses, hair accessories, and even makeup accessories and bags. Patpat also provides a small selection of feminine hygiene and healthcare products.


The children’s clothing options are a divide between babies/ toddlers and kids. The baby/toddlers section offers not only clothing and accessories but also diapers and diaper supplies as well. Their cloth diapers come in a variety of colors and styles, including one with a 3D cotton panda face on the back.

The kid’s section of the site offers boys and girls clothing sized by age group. The clothing goes up to age 14. Shoes are available in sizes categorized as infant, toddler, little kid, and big kid. A size chart is handy for all clothing and shoes listed on the website. The size chart lists U.S., E.U., and U.K sizes.

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A special feature on the website is their line of matching outfits. You can find outfits for mother and child, father and child, or the whole family. There are matching pajama sets, swimwear, outerwear, and regular clothing. They even have family sets of Halloween costumes.

Another unique section the website has is the “home and storage” section. This section consists of:

The Home and Storage section is one of the most fun parts of the store to explore because they offer so many unique and useful items. You can find silicon film that looks like a bear’s face, unicorn birthday party décor, wall-mounted toothpaste dispensers, and sandwich cutters that turn your sandwich into the shape of a dolphin. There are so many things to find in this section.

As you are probably beginning to see, is much more than just an online clothing store. In addition to their wide array of products, they also have special offers and deals.

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Offers has many great offers for their customers. The first offer we want to cover is their Daily Specials. At 6 am every day, the Daily Specials get an update, and the sale begins. The items featured in the Daily Specials are up to 70% off the original asking price. You can even see what the upcoming specials will be.


They also have flash sales where a limited amount of specific items will be on sale. Once the limited amount sells, they remove it from the flash sale page. Flash sales begin at 11 am each day.

Any purchases over $35 are eligible for free shipping. If the item arrives and you decide you no longer want it or it does not fit, has a 14-day return policy. Once they receive your return, they will issue a full refund to your credit card or PayPal account. mentions several times on their website that they dedicate themselves to providing safe, quality items. In the spirit of this notion, Patpat has a product recall section on the site. All recalled items are eligible for return for a full refund.


In addition to their already low prices, flash sales, and daily deals, also offers many discounts. All customers receive 10% off their first order. If you download the app, you get an additional $5 off coupon code.

There is a referral program too. If your friends download the app using your unique referral link, they get the $5 off coupon code, and you get an additional $5 off coupon code when they make their first purchase.

The final big offering we need to mention is the Facebook giveaways. The giveaway prize is different every time, but it usually involves either items or gift cards. The most recent Facebook giveaway was for a $100 shopping spree.

With all of these great deals and offers, you are probably wondering about the general pricing of items.

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As mentioned before, since is an M2C retail shop, they can offer their items at a lower price. Since the website has such a vast inventory, it is difficult to list a price range for everything (especially the home and storage), so we will focus only on the most popular items.


The cheapest baby/toddler items are socks and some rompers selling for around $5. The site does have some higher end items priced as high as $125. The pricing runs the same for the kids clothing with t-shirts being the cheapest items.

The women’s clothing section has t-shirts starting at $6.99. Outerwear items are the most expensive, running as high as $80. Dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts vary in price, but none are above $57.

The matching outfits are probably the best deal. You can get a set of matching pajamas for a family of four for only $15. The most expensive matching items are jackets and dresses which run about $45.

There is a clearance section for the clothing, but not for the housewares and storage. The clearance advertises being up to 80% off.

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Criticisms of

criticism.pngYou are probably wondering now if this company is too good to be true. Patpat has a massive following on social media and numerous posts from happy customers modeling their new clothes. However, there are some complaints on websites like about Patpat.

The complaints about the company include items never arriving, not being able to contact customer service, and items being of poor quality.

There seems to be a much higher quantity of people who love and their products than there are people who dislike it. We messaged Patpat on their Facebook page and received a reply within a few minutes.

So, it is hard to say how founded the complaints are since they seem to be few and far between with no pictures or proof provided.

Customer Service

PatPat-CustomerService.pngIf you do have a question or issue, there are multiple ways to reach customer service.

The first way to contact their customer service is via phone. Their phone number is listed on the website in multiple locations and listed on the Facebook page.

You can send a message to Patpat through their Facebook page, their Facebook Community page, or the Facebook reviews page. Their Facebook pages say they usually reply within one day, but we found the reply to be much faster.

You can always Tweet @patpatshopping through your Twitter account or message them on Pinterest.

Lastly, you can reach their customer service through email at

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PatPat-ratings-4point5.pngOverall, Patpat’s pros far outweigh any cons in our opinion. Patpat has a vast selection of items for sale, many of which are unique and fun.

The prices the company offers are reasonable, and we are very impressed by their extensive social media presence. It is a lot of fun to see all the pictures and hear from the happy clients on the Facebook Community page.

We hope this review has given you a better idea of what has to offer. This M2C company seems to have a lot to offer, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this company.

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