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30 Sep 2018

Society6 (s6) is an online company that primarily acts as a talent hub especially in nurturing artists and their creativity. The company’s primary purpose is “fostering an international community comprising of incredibly talented creatives”.


More so, s6 as an online company, its heart lies deep in the work uploads of various artists who regard Society6 as the home of their success. The artists who are from different corners of the earth are responsible for uploading original works without any alterations whatsoever.

To safeguard the welfare of the artists, this company reliably pays them from every purchase. In fact, despite the sales, empowerment is another core objective of Society6 when delivering its promise. For purposes of this realization, s6 often sells the original work uploads from every artist as part of the 30+ premium consumer goods.

A look at their website inventory reveals other additional features that many believe to be behind the company’s success. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Features of Society6

Apart from the stunning refund policy on offer, there are other top-notch and unbeatable features that you cannot afford to miss as both an artist and a member. Check them out and you will understand why nearly all artists are in love with society6. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Enhanced flexibility

From the intuitive website in place, one can become part of the s6 team as either a member or an artist. Note that there are benefits associated with each of the two categories. As a member, you will undoubtedly subject yourself to premium reaps like discovering and supporting the favorite artists, exclusive deals receipt, and other offbeat new designs from society6. The ability to save and organize your favorite visual inspirations and eventually the bit on super checkouts.

On the other hand, any artist wishing to become part of the extensive s6 team is subject to the following advantages.

  • The fulfillment, printing, and an irresistible international shipment of orders
  • As a new artist, you can supposedly avail your artwork for sale without ado.
  • An endless pool of visual inspiration
  • Huge numbers of fanatic artists who visit s6 on a monthly basis thus acting as mirrors to the upcoming artists. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Integral communism

Powered by members and artists from different horizons, s6 enjoys the aspect of communism. It is more than a marketplace that is of course under the umbrellas of creativity and cordial interactions amongst the various artists. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Site Navigation

As the number grows so is the demand. In the recent past s6 has witnessed an increase in the number of newcomers something that they cannot take lightly. More so, rumors have it that their product line is experiencing a gradual growth. This becomes quite difficult for new work uploads from the newest artists to surface on their site. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Due to such claims, s6 has responded with a site upgrade that majors on straightforward navigation. So, how true are the claims? Well, below is an outline explaining the facelift in details.

Thanks to the site upgrade that the company’s blog is accessible from their website. Even though s6 has been empowering its artists in other ways, the blog is going to become a game-changer. Here everyone surfing through their page will get free access to view their killer content. Surprisingly the blog content is all-inclusive that artists need not look for art love elsewhere. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

If probably, you had tried accessing the company’s discover feed from their website you should be in a position to give the annoying experience. Nobody could gain access without logging in using the correct credentials. Nevertheless, to lift the burden, such restrictions are now out of place. Everyone including the non-artist lovers is now free to discover great artworks and read deeper into the benefits of joining s6.

Like never before a mere surf on the company’s site reveals alternating and new picks of artists as well as their collections. Believe it or not, this is a new feature that places artists especially new ones in departments. For customers, this is the greatest for them considering that they can find any design that they may have missed. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Artist Studio

With a lot of surety, one could comfortably define society6 as a home of artists. To some point, this is true but again there is one feature that brings them together. A while back, the company lacked a feature to hold together their new brand art, product uploads, and a publishing system. For some time now, the complexities are no longer there with their artist studio that is yet to take off fully. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

In the preceding studio one could upload, check, reconfigure, and they repeat before uploading any art successfully. This was the breeding ground of mishaps between the s6 uploader and the external tools. To reduce this, the newly upgraded artist studio allows a direct sizing and positioning of key art files within the browser. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Products Offered at s6

As a potential customer interested in buying products from s6, you will have a wide range of options. From the current inventory, you will not miss various categories. They include art, home, tech, women, men, tapestries, throw pillows, iPhone cases, t-shirts, coffee mugs, throw blankets, and many more that may be included because of the growing popularity. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Note that all the products are the producible on-demand basis for purposes of shunning wastages and solidification of the company’s sustainability. Apart from the assured high quality, buying a product also guarantees you production, packaging, and shipping. Here are some top products. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

T-Shirts Including Long Sleeve Ones, V-Necks, and Tank Tops

This premium collection is undoubtedly one that forms the softest and smoothest t-shirts. For additional comfy, they are all made using 100% Airline and ring-spun cotton. The available styles and sizes (midi, mini, and maxi) are for both men and women all of which are printed using the famous Direct-to-Garment (DTG) technology. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories


The exotic pillows from society6 are of around four categories including types.

One is the throw pillow, which primarily is of 100% spun polyester poplin fabric. Such pillows are available in sizes of 16”, 18”, 20”, and 24”. Remember that all of them are cut and sewn using hands.

The second batch is that of outdoor throw pillows. This category usually serves the outdoor purposes and thus the pillows therein are entirely different. First, they are of the same spun polyester, but in this case, they are usually fade and weather resistant. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Rectangular pillows form another category where they are not any different from the predecessors but are excitingly distinguished. They will often have prints on any two sides with a zipper.

The last type comprising of the floor pillows, which are seemingly the most distinguished. They are the cushiest with an additional bar tar to prevent rips and oozes from penetrating inside. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Society6 Pricing

S6 is a serial seller of various products. Therefore, the price will vary significantly, as one can see from the main website. Take for example the most likely price tag of $22 for a tote bag. From the basic sales, the company and the artist must get their share cut. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

However, this is in accordance to some basic arithmetic often used in analyzing the profits before the releasing the payments. This is precisely in line with the stipulated profit margin that is always 10%. Apparently, this excludes the art print category where artists set their own price and thereafter arrive at an average margin. On the same note, it is equally important to outline the accepted modes of payment. They include PayPal, VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories


S6 rarely publishes details of its operations. However, the debate as to whether Society6 is a legit company or a scammer seems not to be ending any time soon. From the sampled reviews, the opinions of various customers seem to be dominantly negative. Of course, starting from the inner circle some people including the members and artists believe that the profit share is not fair enough. Speculations point that the price tags of various goods are not reflective of the end shares.

Customer Support

For customers seeking clarification or wishing to file complaints, they can do so directly from the main website. You will receive assistance for seven days a week within 8 hours after posing a query. Also, note that this is only from 6 a.m. to 10 pm (Pacific Standard Time). In case of any mishap with this channel, do not hesitate to leave them an email or call directly using the given contacts. Remember to keep in mind the F.A.Q page that is available for prompt or the so-called obvious queries. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Conclusion - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories

Being at the middle of controversy does not imply that Society6 is incapacitated. The artists might be having different views depending on their cooperation with this art-centric company.

It’s never too late to try a new venture. In fact, with the increasing popularity, there is a green signal ahead. Therefore, try your luck by selling your designs and creativity via society6. Customers are increasing and it seems that this might be the only open leeway for future success in the artwork. - Art prints, phone cases, mugs and accessories Review Review


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