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20 Jan 2015

Modern technology has revolutionized the way that international businesses sell products to consumers in several ways. The Internet makes it possible for companies to target consumers all over the world. This is an obvious advantage for companies that manage to maintain operations in places where production costs are made affordable through low tax rates and other incentives. eShakti takes advantage of this by manufacturing products in India and selling them to consumers in North America.

Mass customization technology offers another advantage. By manufacturing each order to the customer’s needs, companies can make buyers happier while keeping costs down. Since companies like only manufacture products after orders have been placed, they do not need to spend much money on warehousing.
eShakti isn’t the only clothing company taking advantage of these technologies, but it definitely stands out as one of the most reliable options for shoppers in North America.

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eShakti currently has operations in New York, California, and Chennai, India. It gets most of its clothing from manufacturers based in India. The word “shakti,” in fact, comes from Sanskrit, one of India’s most popular languages. The word means “power.”


Women who have difficulty finding sizes that fit them well often enjoy buying customized fashion from eShakti. The company specializes in customizing fashion to meet the needs of each buyer. Mass customization technology makes it possible for eShakti to keep prices low while offering unique sizes to customers. In many cases, shoppers can choose from a variety of shoulder and neck cuts, sleeve lengths, waist sizes, and dress lengths.
Shoppers can also choose standard designs that have not been customized.

Click here to visit Prices uses mass customization to keep clothing prices as low as possible. Since clothes are manufactured and customized in India, shipping prices are fairly high, though. Shipping is especially high in Canada, where customs charge higher rates. eShakti absorbs some processing fees, but customers must pay for certain custom duty charges.

Even though shipping is somewhat expensive, the overall price of buying from eShakti is lower than those from other companies.

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Shoppers in the United States and Canada can expect to pay the following shipping charges based on the price of their orders.

  • Orders under $50 – $9
  • Orders between $75 and $99.99 – $11.95
  • Orders between $125 and $149.99 – $14.95
  • Orders over $200 – $24.95
  • Orders between $50 and $74.99 – $9.95
  • Orders between $100 and $124.99 – $12.95
  • Orders between $150.00 and $199.99 – $16.95

Shipping charges are calculated before any discounts or coupons are applied to the price of orders.

Criticisms of

Click here to visit eShakti.comSome shoppers worry that companies like eShakti do not give their workers safe working environments or fair compensation. They may believe that the company can offer low prices because it does not pay workers fairly. This belief often comes from reading reports about poor working conditions in places like Bangladesh.

It’s true that eShakti manufacturers most of its clothing overseas. Its largest production facility is in India. India, however, has fairly strict labor laws that match those of the international community. The laws in India are much more stringent than those in Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, many consumers in North America do not understand the geography of South Asia. Bangladesh is a separate country that has its own labor laws. Avoiding products made in India because of abuses in Bangladesh would be like avoiding American products because of unfair labor laws in Mexico.

It is good when consumers support companies that follow safe, fair labor practices. Supporting the right companies, however, requires some understanding of geography and country sovereignty. In this case, those who avoid eShakti because of labor practices in other parts of south Asia are not promoting fair international labor laws. They may unintentionally harm companies striving to meet the demands of higher regulations that promote the health and financial success of workers.

Click here to visit Customer Support operates its customer services from locations on the east and west coasts of the United States. This makes it easy for American and Canadian buyers to get the services they need. Customers can contact the support centers by phone Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Click here to visit also maintains active profiles on several popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Customers can send comments and questions to the company via those platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Click here to visit eShakti.comQ: What currencies does accept?
A: All orders are processed in USD. Customers can use currencies other than USD, but the money gets converted before payment.

Q: What payment methods does accept?
A: eShakti accepts several payment methods to make shopping easy for international buyers. While the company does not accept checks or cash, it does accept most major credit cards (including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express) and PayPal.

Q: Can shoppers change their orders?
A: Shoppers can change orders until they have been confirmed. Once an order has been confirmed, customers cannot change sizes or shipping addresses. In some cases, it is possible to cancel mistaken orders within 24 hours of confirmation. Customers who wish to cancel orders should contact customer support ( as soon as possible.

Q: Does eShakti assure that transactions are secure?
A: eShakti helps ensure secure transactions by authorizing credit card payments through All credit card payments get sent through, where information gets encrypted. Payment information also gets sent to your card issuer’s bank through a secure connection. Customers receive confirmation in about five seconds so they know that the transaction went through properly.

Q: What sizes does eShakti offer?
A: Customers get to specify what sizes they would like for bust, waist, and hip. Visit the company’s website to view a size chart.


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Several retailers use the Internet to reach a larger audience of consumers. eShakti, however, is one of the few that have managed to build a strong reputation by offering customized clothing. eShakti started as a company that sold a variety of cotton items. It later decided to use updated manufacturing technology to give women access to highly customized fashion. This was a smart move that benefits shoppers who want to buy quality women’s clothing at affordable prices.

There is some concern about international shipping. eShakti makes its clothes in India. Since items are customized to match the preferences of each buyer, the company cannot keep a warehouse of clothes in North America. Instead, it makes each article to order. That can mean it takes nearly three weeks for customers to receive their orders. If you need a dress for the weekend, eShakti isn’t the right option for you. If you want to fill your wardrobe with items that fit your body perfectly without spending a lot of money, then you should definitely visit A lot of consumers are willing to wait for international orders to arrive when it means they get to save so much money.

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eShakti is an ecommerce company focused on giving women access to affordable fashion. It started in 2001 as a Seattle-based business that sold cotton clothes online. As the company grew, it decided to drop men’s and children’s clothing to focus on fashion for women. It has exclusively sold women’s fashion since 2005.


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