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16 Apr 2023 review - digital assets and tools for video creation

When it comes to creating unique online content, adding music and sound effects are often a necessity. The problem with this is that if you upload a video or other content with music you don’t have the license or permission to, it can get taken down.

The best way to avoid this is to utilize This platform gives users access to royalty-free music and other sound effects that they can use on all forms of media.

If you’re searching for ways to incorporate more music or sounds into your media, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about and see if it might be something you’re interested in trying. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

About is a digital library that features royalty-free music that’s insanely high-quality. You can also access sound effects like footsteps, breaking glass, etc.

People can use music and sound effects for videos, podcasts, and other content. The idea behind Artlist is to allow content creators to create anything they want without worrying about their content being taken down due to copyright infringement.

They offer sound effects for almost everything you could think of. As for the music, you’ll find genres ranging from jazz to pop and acoustic versions. You can filter by genre, the instruments you want to hear, the type of content, and more.

They have a little bit of everything, and content creators worldwide can find something that will fit whatever content they’re working on. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

Top Features of

Plenty of fantastic features make an excellent tool for content creators and other creative minds. Here are a few of the best things I found that are worth mentioning about this digital library.

A Vast Library

When you sign up to use, you’ll be amazed at how many soundtracks and sound effects they offer subscribers. Honestly, it’s almost overwhelming, but having too many options is better than not enough when you’re paying for a service. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

You can preview all of their sound effects and audio tracks before you use them, and they all are royalty-free.

Regular Updates

Something I appreciate about Artlist is that they’re constantly updating their digital library. You can use the same audio tracks and sound effects all the time, but it’s nice that they provide subscribers updates with new tracks that might be a better fit. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

An Easy-To-Use Interface

With so much music and sound effects to go through, it’s necessary to have a user-friendly interface. Luckily, Artlist is very easy to use. You shouldn’t have any issues navigating the platform and searching for what you’re looking for. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

Multiple Formats

When you find a sound effect or song you want to use, you’ll be able to download it in various formats.

Being able to choose the format makes the digital library even more appealing because not everyone needs the same format. Some formats you can choose from include MP3, AIFF, and WAV. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

Unlimited Downloads

Once you sign up for one of their subscription plans, you can download as many audio tracks as you wish. Having unlimited downloads is an excellent feature because similar sites only allow users to download a certain number before they have to pay even more money.

Customizable Video Templates

For those who want to create videos for different platforms or events but aren’t sure where to start, Artlist offers templates. You can choose from TikTok, Instagram reels, weddings, etc. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

From there, the platform gives you the template, which you can customize to your liking. You’ll be able to download music or sound effects to add to your customized video template and have an incredible creation quickly.

Help Center

There are many things to love about Artlist, but it can have a learning curve if you’ve never used a platform like this before.

Artlist has a great help center with various articles to help you get the hang of using their audio, video templates, and more. review - digital assets and tools for video creation Costs

There are a lot of different pricing plans you can consider with They’re broken down into bundles (Artlist Max), music and SFX, and footage and templates.

Their bundles are their most popular plans because it gives you a combination of all their best features. You can try Artlist for free for several days before committing to one of their plans. I highly recommend this to make sure you like the platform and features.

Here are the Artlist Max plans and their pricing:

  • Max Social: $29.99 monthly
  • Max Pro: $39.99 monthly
  • Max Teams: $68 monthly
  • Enterprise: Customer pricing review - digital assets and tools for video creation review - digital assets and tools for video creation

    The music and SFX pricing plans are the most affordable and second most popular besides the bundles. The music and SFX pricing are as follows:

    • Music & SFX Social: $9.99 monthly
    • Music & SFX Pro: $16.60 monthly
    • Music & SFX Teams: $28.20 monthly
    • Music & SFX Enterprise: Custom pricing review - digital assets and tools for video creation review - digital assets and tools for video creation

    Last but not least, we have their footage and template pricing plans. These are a little pricey on their own, but here’s what you can expect:

    • Footage Basics: $19.99 monthly
    • Footage and Templates: $29.99 monthly
    • Footage and Templates Pro: $49.99 monthly
    • Footage and Templates Enterprise: Custom pricing review - digital assets and tools for video creation

    No matter which plans you choose to go with, you can choose to pay monthly or pay the entire yearly amount at one time. Whether you choose to bill to happen monthly or annually, the price remains the same.

    Keep in mind that these prices are current, but they are subject to change due to market demand or promotions that Artlist runs. review - digital assets and tools for video creation Customer Service has an excellent customer service team for those with any of their pricing plans. Their customer service team is there to assist you with any questions you might have or issues that arise.

    Something that makes an excellent customer service team is having several methods of getting in touch with someone. Artlist allows users to contact their customer service representatives via email or on their website through a contact form. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

    Besides contacting a customer service agent, they have a detailed FAQ page on their website. Here you can find other common questions that other users are asking, and you might be able to avoid sending an email altogether.

    They also have a help center with tutorials, guides, and other information that users find helpful when navigating the website and using their music and sounds.

    While they don’t offer a phone number that you can use to get in touch with someone, the email address, contact form, FAQ page, and help center make up for that, in my opinion. review - digital assets and tools for video creation Licenses

    When you sign up to use Artlist, you’ll be agreeing to a standard license agreement. The standard license agreement allows users to use all the music and sound effects in their library.

    Artlist’s standard license agreement also covers several use cases for users. You can use them in films, podcasts, videos, and even in commercial cases if you wish. You’ll never have to worry about the license going invalid as long as your subscription to Artlist is active. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

    When you renew your subscription, you’ll need to sign the agreement again, and then it lasts for the duration of that subscription.

    You’ll need a sync license if you’re interested in using any of their music or sound effects on the radio or television. A sync license isn’t covered under Artlist’s standard license, but you can get it directly through the platform.

    You cannot resell, share, or redistribute any of the music or sound effects, or you’ll be in violation of the agreement. As always, be sure to read it thoroughly to make sure you understand and aren’t accidentally non-compliant. review - digital assets and tools for video creation

    Final Thoughts review - digital assets and tools for video creation is a wonderful platform where content creators and other artists can get access to royalty-free music and sound effects. Whether you want to use them for your Instagram videos, TikToks, create commercials, or something else, you can find what you’re looking for on Artlist.

    When you sign up, you get to try the platform for free before committing to one of their several pricing plans. Overall, is a huge digital library with an audio track or sound effects for every project. review - digital assets and tools for video creation
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