Jasper AI Review

Rating: 4.9 / 5
16 Apr 2023
jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

In a world where Artificial Intelligence has taken over almost everything, it’s only logical that it’s also in content creation and marketing.

Jasper AI is software used to create original content for you. This content includes blog posts, social media posts, website copies, and books.

It stands out from other software since it provides several easy-to-use tools that help you write better. Due to its easy interface, almost anyone can use it.

Jasper is one of the leading artificial intelligence tools that enable you to come up with content at a fraction of the time and cost. It provides efficient information from the research and also does so in a concise amount of time.

Is Jasper AI as effective in practice as portrayed, and should you use it? Read on as we take a closer look at this software’s background, key aspects, and whom it benefits the most.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

About Jasper AI

Jasper AI, with only eight employees, was founded in 2020. It was initially known as Jarvis before a lawsuit threat by Disney forced the founders to consider renaming it. The lawsuit’s basis was that the title closely resembled Tony Stark’s Assistant’s name from the movie Iron Man.

The company location is primarily in Austin, Texas. Despite it being such a young company, the traction is quite impressive. The team garnered a significant seed fund of $6 million for this copywriting tool from investors such as Hack VC and Foundation Capital.

It’s advantageous to any highly active content creator as it allows you to establish an efficient routine that you can repeatedly use to release your content.

Jasper can read, interpret and write content in 29 languages making it globally acceptable. Some of its most impressive features include chrome extension. Chrome extension allows you to bring your AI assistant everywhere you go. You are not limited to one specific area and can use it from any part of the world.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Boss mode is a feature that allows you to write long blog posts, emails, reports, and stories for content. Jasper AI also works closely with Grammarly, which helps with all your editing needs.

Another useful feature worth noting is AI art. It allows you to play around with your imagination to come up with images and art that suit your topic.

Other features present in Jasper Ai are Jasper chat, business features, and surfer SEO integration.

How Jasper AI works

This software operates by taking the information you feed it and searching the internet to create content that is relevant to the topic.

It enables you to create new content by picking a format, creating a title, and typing in a summary of what you want the post to be about. It also gives you the option of selecting the tone of the article. The styles range from informational to “Joe Rogan.”

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

The more you use this tool, the more personalized your content becomes. It learns your patterns and forms of writing to eventually create content that is more personal.

Jasper AI uses the web to create content; the more expansive the topic, the more sources are available for it to extract information.

Fact-checking and monitoring the accuracy of your content is necessary while using any AI content generator. Jasper makes it easier for you with its natural language processing (NLP) feature.

This feature enables it to write a surprisingly accurate and factual copy without needing your help.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Why Join Jasper AI?

There are several AI software available in the market. Jasper AI stands out mainly because of the services it provides. These services include:

  • Speeds up your content writing by allowing you to finish your first draft two to five times faster. It writes 80% of the work for you and allows you to edit 20%.
  • Have you ever sat down to create content but ended up blank? Jasper ai helps overcome writer’s block. It enables you to leverage ideas and writes creative copy for you.
  • It generates educational blog articles that can rank for search engine optimization (SEO). They are plagiarism-free and keyword-rich, improving their visibility on Google and other search engines.
jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator
  • Jasper increases sales by boosting ad conversions and writing Facebook and Google ad variations.
  • Jasper helps in writing social media posts. These include tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as comments. This goes a long way in ensuring you grow your engagement on these pages.

When comparing Jasper AI to other copywriting tools in the market, it’s safe to say it has the best momentum. It’s continuously creating new and creative features that allow you to generate content faster.

It’s most suitable for agencies, media sites, generation sites, and bloggers. If you fall under any of these categories, you’d be surprised how well Jasper AI would work for you.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Jasper AI Pricing

One of the biggest selling points for this tool is its price. Its upfront cost is surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the hourly rate of hiring a freelancer.

There are three umbrella packages under Jasper AI, starter, boss mode and business. They both offer the same basic features but at different price points depending on words per month.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

The boss mode starts at $49 and includes limited projects, fifty-plus AI copywriting skills, and five uses. It’s most suitable for small businesses that only require similarly small projects. These can be tweets, product descriptions, and headlines.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

For the $49 price point, you get 50,000 words per month. For boss mode, the highest advertised plan is $600 per month and gives you 700,000 words. For anything above this word limit, you must consult the sales team for custom pricing.

Business starts at $499 per month. It also provides all the features in boss mode but with an additional account manager and five or more user logins. Depending on your business needs, the team will create a custom plan for you.

Writing Modes in Jasper AI

Jasper AI has three writing modes: automatic, research, and manual. In automatic mode, Jasper takes a list of keywords and writes based on that information. You can provide as many keywords as you want, and it will create content from it.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Research mode is quite similar to automatic mode. However, Jasper conducts more research and finds information relevant to your topic to add to your provided data.

Manual mode is the most suitable if you want full control of the article. Here, you provide all the information you want. The only thing Jasper does is format it.

Most other writing modes do not provide different methods you can use, making Jasper AI more convenient. You can choose either of these writing modes depending on what works better for you.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Customer Support and Service

Jasper AI has a support team readily available that helps answer all your questions concerning the software. You can inquire about anything from how to use it to the pricing.

In addition, the software provides links to step-by-step tutorials on how to navigate the tool. These tutorials show you how to type the information you want on the software and how to make edits if needed.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Jasper AI generally has an easy interface meaning it’s easy to use. However, you might have extra questions and can’t find direct answers from the site.

For these, you should contact the customer service available, and somebody will provide all the information you need.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Jasper AI Licenses and Regulations

As is with other sites, you need a Jasper license that allows you to use, reproduce and distribute information from it.

A permissive license allows you to claim ownership of some of the information on the software. However, this does not cover information such as Jasper art or images that anyone can use.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

These images belong to the Jasper AI software and are provided to anyone with relevant content. However, the final product you get from Jasper is solely your own.

With a license, you can prevent anyone from using it as a reference without your consent. It’s essential that you go through the terms and conditions of the software before deciding to use it.

This way, you are able to determine whether it aligns with what you need from an Artificial Intelligence tool.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Final Thoughts

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator

Jasper AI is an innovative and versatile software for content creation. With its wide range of features, it enables you to work faster and more efficiently.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface makes Jasper AI easy to use. You just have to provide it with the necessary information, and the software will do the rest.

Although it’s relatively new, various businesses and companies have already recognized Jasper AI’s value in automating workflow, improving customer experience, and more.

In addition, Jasper AI offers different pricing plans so you can choose the best one for you and your business. Not to mention Jasper AI is constantly learning and improving, so it will only get better at easing your content creation process.

jasper.ai review - AI copywriter and content generator
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