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16 Apr 2015

Building an online presence as a business owner can be challenging. To run a successful company on the Internet, an entrepreneur must be able to create a website that appeals to a particular industry or demographic. is focused on making it easy for any online business owner to create an attractive and user-friendly webpage. CyberChimps sells a variety of different high-quality, responsive WordPress themes to suit any need.

About is a web design and development company that was founded in 2011 and is based out of San Francisco, California. The company specializes in creating and selling responsive WordPress themes for smartphones, tablets and computers. Customers from all around the world have downloaded over 1.5 million products from

New online business owners can choose from over a dozen different attractive and user-friendly WordPress themes to spice up their company website. A membership is not required to make a purchase, but paying CyberChimps Plus members receive a 50% discount on all themes along with premium customer support. It costs $9 per month or $69.99 per year to subscribe. Committing to a yearly subscription saves customers over $3 each month, or around $38 every year.

Two of the most popular products sold by are the company’s Responsive Theme and the iFeature Pro 5.5 Theme. Responsive is a theme that adapts a customer’s website automatically and seamlessly to work on any screen, from mobile phones to desktop PCs. Responsive II is free to download and allows a limited degree of customization. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates

For $89.99 a customer can upgrade to Responsive Pro, which is an enhanced version of the Responsive Theme. The Pro version gives customers the ability to heavily customize a CyberChimps theme using colorful skin options, extra font choices, and built in support for popular web plugins.

iFeature Pro 5.5 is a touch-sensitive, drag-and-drop theme that can be downloaded for $89.00. This product has an intuitive interface that allows online business owners to create a professional looking website quickly and easily. Websites that use the iFeature Pro Theme can be controlled on touch friendly mobile phone and tablet screens.

In addition to WordPress themes, also sells web plugins to customers. The iFeature Responsive Slider Plugin costs $49.00 and gives customers the ability to order images using a simple drag-and-drop function, similar to the iFeature Pro theme. For $99.99, the Pro Features Plugin is a handy tool that allows customers to easily manage the installation and activation of certain website features such as metadata displays or responsive videos. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates

The Best Features of offers customers the opportunity to view free demos before they choose to purchase a theme. These demos allow business owners to see the general style, layout and functionality of each product before spending any money. Even if a customer likes the demos and purchases the product, he or she can still return it for a full refund within 60 days. This makes shopping with risk free on the part of the buyer. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates

Customers who want to buy more than one theme at a time can take advantage of several bundle deals that offers. The CyberChimps Club Package sells all 16 responsive themes at the discounted price of $197, while the Power 4 Bundle ($137.98) and the 6 Responsive Theme Bundle ($149.99) include powerful hand-picked themes that can be downloaded at a low group rate. For the price of $199.99, a customer can download every single theme along with the Pro Features Plugin. Both bundle packages and individual themes frequently go on sale for heavy discounts.

For business owners that want help setting up their new website, provides a professional setup service for a one-time fee of $249. The customer can choose any WordPress theme and receive installation assistance from a trained CyberChimps expert. Along with setting up a customer’s website, this service will also install 3 plugins and customize colors and fonts. Customers who pay for the CyberChimps professional setup service receive a complimentary subscription to the Plus membership. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates also offers a logo design service for new online business owners. A design expert works with the customer to create a personalized, professional looking business logo. An attractive logo can help a startup company to gain brand recognition more easily. This service costs $149 and comes with unlimited logo revisions.

For more information about website news, new products or discount codes, customers can subscribe to the mailing list. CyberChimps also operates a blog and is active on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Business owners can find helpful advice and articles posted on the company’s social media feeds. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates

Criticism of

The WordPress themes sold by are high quality and unique, but are also expensive. Many themes are pricier than those of competitors. The website holds frequent sales and promotions, so customers should either subscribe to the company mailing list or check the CyberChimps social media feeds to find out the latest deals. Customer Service

The customer support team can be reached by filling out an email support form through the website. This form is only for issues regarding payments, refunds or member accounts. For technical support such as help with installation or theme customization, customers should visit the forum. Users can ask questions and receive assistance from both CyberChimps staff and other website members. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates

Customers that sign up for a CyberChimps Plus membership are eligible to receive premium customer support. This includes preferential forum support along with access to exclusive and private email support. Customers with websites under development or that are dealing with sensitive data may prefer the discretion of premium customer support to the standard forum support.

Frequently Asked Questions

    [+] Which payment methods does accept? accepts most major credit cards, debit transactions, or payments made through PayPal.
    [+] Can I receive a refund for the website setup service?
    Unfortunately, can only process returns for themes and plugins. Any services, including the setup and logo design services, cannot be refunded. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates

Pros of

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  • Free demos
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Bundle deals
  • Easy setup service
  • Logo design
  • Social media presence
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  • Expensive
  • Only paid email support


Why Should I Use - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates is dedicated to helping online business owners easily create an attractive and responsive website design. The company sells over a dozen unique WordPress themes along with two handy plugins. Customers can even hire a CyberChimps expert to install and set up a website theme. is the ideal destination for new online business owners and beginners to web design. All of the themes that can be found here are intuitive and user-friendly. With the unique drag-and-drop features offered by the iFeature Pro theme and the iFeature Responsive Slider Plugin, even computer novices can quickly create an attractive layout. The CyberChimps installation service is available for anyone that is seeking affordable and professional web design assistance.

The logo design service can also be a handy tool for new online business owners. The design experts at work with customers to create an appealing logo that both parties are happy with. Even those with no graphic design experience can create a unique and memorable company logo. This service offers unlimited revisions, which means that business owners can easily and affordably create a perfect logo. has helped people from all across the globe to set up a successful company website. By using the services offered by, online business owners in every market can build their brand name and increase their profitability. - Free and Premium WordPress Themes and WordPress Templates is a web design and development company, creating and selling responsive WordPress themes for smartphones, tablets and computers. You can choose from over a dozen different attractive and user-friendly WordPress themes to spice up your personal and business websites.


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